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Chicco Mamma Lullaby Night Light

One for the little ones!

We were given a Chicco Mamma Lullaby Night Light as a gift a few years ago when my second child was born and I found it really useful. You can attach it to a cot and it plays various melodies from classical, new age and nature sounds. I discovered by accident that you can actually record your own voice on there when my daughter recorded me one day and then replayed my voice which calmed her and got her back to sleep. It displays a colourful light show to the rhythm of the music this can be changed to a basic night light with the flick of a switch.

For daytime fun there are big buttons at the front that light up and make noises and a roller which helps your little one to develop hand eye coordination. This is generally recommended for ages 0-6 months although my little one still played with it until she was up to about a year. The music can be controlled manually and there is also a built in sound detector which is a great feature although I would suggest turning this off at night once your little one is asleep as it can be quite sensitive and walking past it to pop to the bathroom at night can trigger it to play. For those that want to use it for children older than 6 months I would suggest using stronger straps as older children are more likely to be able to pull it off the side of the cot. All in all its a fab find, even my eldest who was a year and a half older wanted to get on on the action and have a play and of course look at herself in the mirror lol

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