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DGJ Organics (Daniel Galvin Junior)

With all the pollution we are exposed to whether it’s environmental or through our diet it is always a good idea to use organic products where possible. Not everyone realises that their hair colour and appearance can be greatly influenced by its levels of exposure to sun and pollution, and by your diet and lifestyle. I was recently sent a bottle of both organic shampoo and organic conditioner for brunettes from DGJ Organics to try.
On the first application I treated it like any other shampoo and conditioner but was surprised to find that both seemed to be quite highly concentrated meaning that I didn’t actually need as much of the shampoo to clean my hair as I did with some others.  It left my hair feeling smooth and soft and that was before I had even put on any conditioner.
The conditioner was fantastic, it made my hair feel and smell great.  Again, a smaller amount was required.
Both the shampoo and conditioner work to help amplify the rich tones of colour in natural, highlighted and coloured hair.  I did notice after using these combined that my hair looked healthier and the colour was more vibrant and the hair more shiny.
For anyone interested in trying this lovely product for themselves it can be purchased from waitrose.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. Please see Daniel Galvin Jr’s official website page and read the statement in relation to DGJ Organics, Medichem International and Tom Allsworth as Daniel Galvin Jr is no longer involved with these hair care products. They have been manufactured under the names Daniel Galvin Junior, the DGJ logo and King of Colour without Daniel Galvin Limited’s consent.

  2. Thanks for that, I found the statement that you mentioned although I would like to add that I have tried the item mentioned above and irrespective of what it is called it still is a great product.

  3. I discovered DGJ Organics Honeydewmelon Hair Juice while on a trip to England this spring. Forgetting my shampoo was one of the best things I ever did for my hair. I adore how soft it made my perpetually frizzy hair!
    I’m currently searching for an online source, so I don’t have to wait until my January trip to London to buy more. I’ve written to the official website and am awaiting a response regarding international shipping. Maybe I’ll try the shampoo and conditioner for brunettes as well.

  4. They have great products, make sue you try the hangover hair ones, amazing!!!!!!!!

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