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Dieting in it’s Simplest Form

From my own experience I know only too well that in order for an individual to lose weight they must exercise and control their food portions.  It is very easy to slip into bad habits if you are not strict with both but in relation to the food control part I appear to have found a solution.  Diet pills, crash diets etc. work in the short term but for long term weight loss and to ensure that the results stay stable the key is almost like a reconditioning of our eating habits.  Many of us have a love hate relationship with food.  We love to eat it, we enjoy the flavour, the texture etc. but we are not so great at controlling the amount of foods that we consume and we hate the weight that we then seem to pile on.  It appears we are following the American trend with our increasing portions and waistlines.  More and more Britain’s are being diagnosed with obesity and this is leading to an increase in conditions such as heart disease (a big killer in this country), diabetes etc.

A simple solution in regards to portion control comes in the form of a plate.  Diet Plate® from a company that makes plates tailored specifically to help people lose weight put their product through vigorous testing and the plates have undergone clinical trials to show the efficiency of the various plates.  Use over a wek wikk give you a weigh loss of 1-2 pounds which is just right as excessive amounts of weight loss each week are not healthy.  When piling up your plate if food slides over the rings or tapes shown on the plates then you have served too much and the excess should be removed.  Using the plates as they have been designed to be used will increase your chances of shedding those extra pounds six times more than those trying to ‘go it alone’.  The best part is nothing is off the menu so if you are partial to a curry or sweet and sour chicken you can still eat them.  Simply moderating the amount eaten is the key to your success.

Diet plate

In fact their plates are so effective that diabetic patients had reported a need for reductions in their medication!!!!!  As male and female dietary requirements are different there are plates specifically for each and also included in the range is a plate for children.

Male Plate

male plate

Female Plate

female plate

Childrens Plate

childrens plate

There are even bowls for calorie counting breakfast, soups and desserts and a self-hypnosis set that can help inspire additional motivation.  So to take your first steps towards getting rid of that excess weight order your plate today!

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  1. These are a really interesting concept I might have to look into these because i’m really struggling with my weight loss at the moment! x

    1. The main thing is that you are prepared to try something to lose the weight these plates are perfect for it why not give them a try.

  2. what an interesting concept, I certainly need one or two of these plates at home to remind me of portion control. It’s quite easy to forget it when you are devouring delicious food. thanks for sharing. R

    1. No problem Rosana, thanks for your comment. They do family sets and the male and female plate can be purchased as a set of two which is handy.

  3. Very nice and genious plates, I might have to read more about this xx

    1. Enjoy your research, you will find that if you do a search there are lots of positive comments for these.

  4. nice mel

    1. They are a great idea arn’t they James.

  5. These sound like a fab idea! Nathan is always moaning that his plate is too big so he eats more than he should 😉

    Louise x

    1. It’s such a great idea and makes dieting easy.

  6. These do look great, I have seen them before online, I wasn’t sure if they wre just a gimmick, I do know though that the normal dinner plates in sets are too big for portion control, and usually use the smaller plates I the sets these days for my “diet” meals.

    1. They portions need to be level so that they are correct although it can vary from person to person.

  7. The idea with plates is amazing but I am not sure if I would follow that? I eat what I want and when I want and maybe not best way but having such a ”stopper” would even make me want to eat more 😉

    Anna http://www.dontcrampmystyle.co.uk

    1. The plates are designed for those that are serious about their weight loss and need a bit of guidance with it. If you are finding that your way works well for you then that is great but unfortunately it is not always the case for some people so it’s nice to have a bit of help with portion control.

  8. What a clever idea. I can see how this would work, and I totally agree with you: keeping the weight off means adopting new eating habits and doing exercise – lots of it! Tx

    1. Yes exercise is also important but many find that when they exercise their demand for food increases which is where the plates can really help.

  9. I bought the male, female and cereal bowl in 2001 and had them sent to me here in Australia. Fourteen years later they are still as bright and shiny looking as when I got them. I don’t use them daily now, but do get them out every so often when I feel I need reminding of portion sizing, and also since getting a new dishwasher (double drawer type) they don’t fit in, so I hand-wash them – but they are dishwasher (and microwave) safe. I hadn’t looked at the website before but following your link here I see the designer has added to her range with the child’s plate and a book/let.Top notch stuff.

  10. Good idea, but I want to know where does the chocolate go?! Joking of course the children ones would be great to encourage healthier eating, in fact it gives you a good idea of portion sizes.

  11. these would be a great help indeed

  12. fab idea to have what you need in front of you looks great x

  13. this would be a great help as my portion size is too much !!

  14. Great idea, need to loose the pounds put on , on holiday

  15. awesome simples

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