Christmas may be the peak of the gift buying season, but the festive period is not the only event worthy of celebration in your household. Before we know it Christmas Day will be a distant memory and it’ll be time to start shopping for all those other special occasions. If you’ve got birthdays or anniversaries coming thick and fast in the New Year this year-round gift guide will help you choose perfect presents with minimal stress.

For The Fashionista

If you’ve got a fashionable friend or your partner is always on the prowl for new additions to their wardrobe there are so many fabulous gift options available to you to choose from. Buying clothes is a great idea although it can be risky. Fashion is subjective and it can be hard to cater for somebody else especially if you have a very different sense of style.  My mums taste is very much different to mine when it comes to clothes and I learnt early on not to buy clothes as a gift for her. To ensure you see nothing but smiles when the paper comes off vouchers make a great option.  I have done exactly that for a friend this year not knowing her size but knowing where she shops. It might be fun to organise a shopping trip with a brunch / lunch or something a little bit different like a subscription to a glossy or lifestyle magazine. Alternatively, if your loved one has a collection or a penchant for specific items such as retro bags or trainers you could look for a piece to add to their collection (you can never have enough right!).

For The Foodie

If you know somebody who loves to cook or bake or you have a friend or family member who is always trying out new restaurants (that’ll be me!!!!) then why not use their love of food or drink as a source of inspiration for your shopping trip. You could get in touch with cooking schools or restaurants that hold classes and courses, or put a personalised hamper together, or even order items like luxury chocolates or vintage wines online. Another option is to buy vouchers for a restaurant (I’d love this hint hint!!!!!) or an experience like chocolate or cocktail making or gin or wine tasting.  Apparently cocktail making is great fun according to my sister.

For The Globetrotter

If you’re buying for a travel fan then there are some fantastic gift ideas out there. If you’re pushing the boat out you could book a trip such as a city break in Rome, Venice, Reykjavik or Krakow or a holiday in Spain, Portugal, France or Mexico, or you could buy a voucher so that your friend or other half can select the destination they’d love to visit. If you’re looking for something a little less extravagant why not consider travel accessories and gadgets or go for a gift with a personal touch such as customised luggage tags.

For The Bookworm

If you have a relative or friend who always has their head in a book then of course a voucher is always a great idea or better still the book that they’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had the chance to get hold of yet.  Getting this signed by the author can make this gift that bit more special, or buying a first edition or a limited edition. Search online and contact some vintage stores to see what’s available. You could also consider items like E-readers or gadgets like book lights that enable you to read in bed.

Christmas is synonymous with buying gifts, but present shopping doesn’t stop after Santa has squeezed down the chimney. Hopefully, this gift guide will make buying perfect presents easy all year-round.

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12 thoughts on “Year-Round Gift Guide: Because Presents Aren’t Just For Christmas”

  1. These are all brilliant ideas. I’m a foodie and would love a personalised hamper or a cookery / tasting class. I’ll have to drop hints when my next birthday is coming up.

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    1. Oh dear. He might be ignoring them? You might like to try placing passports and a credit card infront of a computer with the page open for were you want to go. Fingers crossed.

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  2. Foodie experiences are a brilliant idea! And oh, how I’d love to be given restaurant vouchers as a gift, as long as they also came with babysitting vouchers 😉

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