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Recently I narrowly avoided a car accident.  I was on my way to take the children to school and the road ahead was blocked by cars on either side and oncoming traffic.  The driver in front of me turned onto a drive on the side to let the cars coming in the opposite direction to pass so that we could clear the blockage.  I also moved into the space to allow cars to pass.  The second they had done so the car in front started reversing.  The driver clearly hadn’t looked or couldn’t see from his high up perch as it was a four by four type vehicle and it didn’t look like it was going to stop.  Checking behind me I noticed that there was room to reverse so I did so narrowly avoiding the careless driver infront of me reversing into me.  Another car was coming from the other direction and went through the gap stopping next to me as he was also blocked.  The careless driver then swing the back of his car out into the road hitting the car the that had just passed and again had clearly not checked to see whether anyone was behind him.  Honestly it was ridiculous and also concerning.  Had a parent with a child been trying to rush through a gap between cars, I’ve seen that many a time, one or both of them could have been severely injured or killed.  Luckily in this case no one was hurt and the driver who was hit didn’t seem too aggressive to the careless driver from what I could see from the safety of my locked car with closed windows (I wasn’t taking any chances as you never know with some people).  The driver was clearly driving recklessly and in my opinion had a vehicle way to large for him to handle.

We see it all the time people venturing down the narrowest of roads with the most enormous cars that they haven’t got proper control of and it really is concerning but for today’s post I will concentrate on something super useful especially for those that may not have had an accident in the past

What to Do If You Are In A Car Accident

Some of you that drive may have experienced a car accident and for those those that have yet to do so would you know what to do and do you have the necessary information that you need on hand?  Firstly it is a good idea to have the relevant information handy in case it is required.  For any of you that are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident you will need to do the following:

Try and move to a safe place where possible you don’t want to cause another accident.

Depending on where and how bad the accident is get out of the car.

Check to see if others involved are okay.

Call the police and if required ask or an ambulance too.

Take a photo as this can be used as evidence if required. Most of us use our phones for photos and they come in handy for something like this especially.

Collect information from the other driver(s) involved including their name, contact number, address, vehicle registration number, insurance details and also get details from witnesses as you never know when someone who is at fault will change their mind and story.  Note down the time and location of the accident.  You will need to note down the weather conditions and also the damage as this may also be required.

Report the accident to your insurer asap.  Policies vary and the longer you take the higher the chance that your claim will no longer be valid.

I hope this post has been useful to many of you or it is something you can pass on to friends and loved ones especially new drivers.

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Drive safely!

52 thoughts on “What to Do If You Are In A Car Accident”

  1. You really did narrowly avoid that accident, the driver was certainly reckless and not paying attention! Thank goodness no one was hurt and that you were able to avoid being hit. No one plans to be in an accident but it is always good to be prepared on the chance that you are, and your tips here are spot-on.

  2. Sounds scary and near scape.Fab tips that hopefully help others. It can be difficult when in shock etc x

    1. Thanks, I hope that for those that haven’t had an accident will read this and keep their details at hand and will know what to do.

  3. Oh this is a nice and informative post! Everyone must be cautious and have some knowledge about this. I’ll definitely share this one!

  4. It’s always important to take photos and exchange information as you never know when you might need that info. I’m glad you managed to avoid an accident, some drivers are so oblivious x

  5. I was on my pre-driving test lesson and was hit by a lorry and it has scared me for life from getting behind the wheel, I now just won’t do it x

  6. Sounds very scary but I am glad you avoided an accident! I try to stay super cautious on the roads, as it is not always your driving that can lead to accidents, most of the time it is other people! Thank you for sharing this post, very informative!

  7. Although I’ve been driving now for 13 years I’m lucky I’ve not been in an accident before. But it’s good to know what to do if I was in one x

  8. Ah this reminded me when someone did that to me in holland, so stressful! and great advises here, will bookmark this for future!

    1. It was more annoying as the two cars were left by their owners in the middle of the road whilst they exchanged details.

  9. I have a dash cam now because the people round where I live drive like lunatics we have had a few near misses one of the near misses I had the kids in the car and the guy pulled over so I got out my car and went mental at him he and his mates then started being very rude and abusive. Great tips x

  10. It sounds like you had a very lucky escape there! I was in a quite serious accident a few years ago, despite knowing what I should do it’s amazing how shock and adrenaline make you forget every thing you know.

    1. It really does have different affects on people I’ve seen some completely panic and not know what to do where as others take control of the situation and get everything sorted very quickly.

  11. I really do have a fear of car accidents I suppose when you l Aw a close family member in one it’s hard to shake the fear , my husband also had a small crash over a year ago and it shook him up still x

  12. It’s always chaos outside my kids school, I’ve witnessed countless accidents at a crossroads where cars pull out without looking. Many times cars have crashed right next to where we are walking. Scary!

  13. Wow…so glad you were okay! I’m hearing these scary stories nearly everyday now – it’s almost getting like the wild west on the roads nowadays..proper scary 🙁 My other half was about fourth car back in a ‘convoy shunt’ last year so had no way of getting out of it. Luckily he was fine (the car wasn’t) but the worst thing was – the car infront that he unavoidedly bumped into tried to claim all sorts (even saying there were 3 passengers in their car that got whiplash, when it was really a lone driver – thank goodness their was CCTV on the road). Anyway he now uses a dashboard mounted camera in his vehicle like those cyclists use of their helmets as he doesn’t trust people so much now.

    1. Wow it sounds like he was lucky in that there were cameras that’s really cheeky of the other driver. Glad to hear he wasn’t hurt.

  14. Great advice. I have been in a minor bump in the past but fortunately didnt need to even swop details.

  15. It’s so scary how many near misses there are! I wish I didn’t have to drive so much as I think that our roads are too congested but public transport is not a viable alternative where I live

  16. It is so stressful to be a driver. I know many people who are stressed only when they are driving, because there are so many that are in a hurry or not respecting the rules.

  17. What an idiot, some people shouldn’t have licenses, glad he missed you, my partner had a bump two weeks ago, because he was rushing he lost her details and didn’t take photos, but he knew they lived local and managed to find the car later on to take photos, and it was a good job as she tried saying it might be a write off Even though there is no damage to her car, I have my test in august, they moved it from june and I’m dreading idiot drivers on the road xxx

    1. Tell me about it. I do think I should get a dash cam sometimes and report these people. Oh no I hope he was okay. Good luck with your test 😉

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