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Simple Ways To Ease The Boredom Of Commuting

If there’s one thing worse than having to commute by train or tube, it’s being bored while you’re doing it.  Is it just me or is it one of the most boring things you can do!!!  Sure you can take a newspaper or book with you or even put on headphones and listen to music but the monotonous nature of commuting by train can get a bit tedious.  The worst part is that this time spent is wasted time.  But, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some ideas that can help you claw back some precious time and make the commute each day work for you and feel a bit less boring.

Create A Meal Plan

What’s for dinner?  Deciding what to make for dinner for that evening or even the whole week can help save you some time trying to decide what to make later.  As long as you have a rough idea of what you’ve got available to use at home and what you’re going to have to buy, you can soon pull together the perfect meal to look forward to.  Doing this can also help you write your weekly shopping list to help minimise food waste.  If you’re on an especially long journey, why not work out your method and even presentation too if you are having guests.  It might leave you drooling and feeling hungry, but at least it will distract you from boredom!

Recipe here 

Sort Out Your Finances

One thing that we all need to keep on top of is our finances. It’s all too easy in this day and age to overspend and think to yourself “it will be alright”.  Log onto your internet banking and go through everything that comes out of your account each month and decide whether you really need to be paying for it.  For example; that magazine that you have delivered each month, is it worth the money? The sooner you get rid of unnecessary expenses, the better.

Another thing you can do see if you can make existing expenses cheaper where you can so that you have more money to play with at the end of each month. You could compare utilities with Money Pug and save money on your household bills from the comfort of your seat using your mobile phone, laptop or tablet!  Imagine being able to return home later that day and inform your spouse that you’ve saved yourself enough to pay for a nice holiday the following year!

Learn Something New

If there’s one thing that spare time is good for, it’s to learn something new. Ever wanted to learn a new language? Well now you can do it completely online. All you need is a set of headphones (so you’re not disturbing other passengers) and access to the internet.

Alternatively, you could learn a new skill such as knitting, or learning to cook something new. Take advantage of the time you’ve been given to learn something new and distract yourself from the boredom of travel and any travel anxiety!

Download & Play A Game

Many people download games on their phones with the intention of using it at some point. But then, when it comes to times of boredom they find themselves simply browsing social media aimlessly. Download a range of games and play them, it’s great fun. Games like Homescapes, Rider, and Plague Inc are all great examples of games that will have you totally hooked. So hooked that you will forget about the journey and before you know it you’re at your station. Experiment with games that you enjoy the most and give yourself plenty of options so that you don’t end up flicking back to social media!

Find Some Meditation Apps

Not everyone likes travelling by train. For those that feel anxious meditation apps might come in useful. There are plenty of free versions available and it can help calm your mind and even relax your body. Some apps come with a handy little timer too so if you do fall asleep, they can alert you when you’re close to reaching your destination. Why not take a look at these anxiety meditation apps and give them a go!

Video Call A Friend Or Family Member

You’ll probably agree that the time spent commuting really should be spent doing more important things, but with today’s technology, you can still do many things even when you’re travelling. Why not catch up with a friend or family member by video call. Of course, this is another instance where you should take headphones with you so that the other passengers don’t have to hear your whole conversation. Perfect for those instances where you don’t have time otherwise to catch up with them. Build bridges and have a natter while you’re waiting for what seems like an endless train journey to end. Skype is a completely free service to use, so why not consider it the next time you’re bored on a train journey.  This of course will depend on the reception available.

Write A Blog

A really effective way of distracting yourself when you’re on a long train journey is by writing a blog. They’re easy enough to set up, and once you’ve gotten going you could be potentially making yourself some money on the go! The great thing about blogging is that you can blog about pretty much anything that interests you.

Earn Some Money

Last, but not least, we touched on sorting out your finances earlier, so why not take the time to make yourself some money too?  Aside from blogging, there are other ways to make money online too.

  • Take online survey. You can earn up to £25 per survey on some sites.
  • Do some freelancing work on UpWork. You’ll be surprised at how much you could earn.
  • Cash in your grocery receipts for either money off your next shop.
  • Sell that bag of clothes that’s been in your wardrobe for months.

You might not be able to spend hours doing this every day, but everything that you do will add up eventually, possibly making you a few hundred extra pounds each month!

How do you ease boredom when commuting?

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  1. These all sound like great ideas to keep my mind off the journey to work and home again. I need to start meal planning.

    1. It’s a good idea to plan meals as it saves time thinking about what to cook, allows you to control what you are eating better and also to control your spending that bit more.

  2. I hate commuting. I get so bored. These are great tips.

    1. Glad you found them useful Anne.

  3. Loved the ideas mentioned! We always make it a point to utilize our travel time as much as possible.

  4. When I lived in Tokyo I would ride the train everywhere, I kind of enjoyed it because it gave me time to read for 20-30 minutes each morning and afternoon. Now that I am back in the US I have to drive everywhere so I listen to news radio or audio books.

  5. These are great ideas. But I love the one about sorting out finances. Would give you a great perspective while just sitting there idly on a train or bus.

  6. Such a great lists to overcome boredom of commuting. Playing a game apps and listening to a good music are such a nice way to do to overcome your boredom.

  7. There are so many ways to ease your boredom even if you have a long commute. I really appreciate all your suggestions. I think it’s nice to do something productive. It’s totally going to be worth the time you spend.

  8. I’ve never really gone on a long commute but these are great tips. If I had, i’d probably read a book or even savor the moment of being alone , which is rare these days for me, as a mom. lol

  9. Meal plans and a new game can occupy you for ages when commuting! I have done it myself, love the other tips to!

  10. Well seeing that I think about food all the time nothing sounds better than easing the commute with a good ol’ meal plan. For some reason I really fancy a mac and cheese right now. Very healthy aha!

  11. This is a great blog post and one that makes sense too as you want to use your time wisely when traveling!

  12. My husband often commutes by train and he takes audio books, or catches up on emails/work on his laptop. I admit that when I commute I listen to podcasts.

  13. I know commuting can be the most boring thing to do, but honestly, I’d rather be sitting on the train than driving and having to get stressed with the traffic and wayward drivers. What do I do to pass the time? I play games on my phone. I love my crossword puzzle app! Sometimes I take a book with me to read.

  14. These are some great tips. When I was working in Dubai and sometimes had to use the metro when husband had to travel for work, then I used to take a nap during the 40 minutes journey. I hardly use public transport in the UK (have used taxi 3 times in the last 3.5 years, if that counts) but will remember these ideas next time I need to commute via public transport.

  15. I used to love my time commuting, it always gave me the chance to catch up on my latest book!

  16. I always spent time listening to Personal Development Courses while commuting. Might as well be learning while riding.

  17. These are all great tips! But unfortunately for someone one like me suffers from motion sickness, I simply cannot concentrate without getting a headache/feeling sick! 🙁

    Oliver x

  18. These are awesome ideas. I found when i was commuting a lot I was reading a lot more as my mode of distraction.

  19. These are some great ideas. I always spend my time commuting listening to music or playing a game, it’s always packed where I live and travel to/from so these are the easiest options for tackling boredom without becoming stressed x

  20. These are actually great tips! I just love them. I think this is something I need to start doing as I am travelling!

    1. It does help ease the boredom.

  21. While I don’t commute, I still find many of these ideas helpful. Thank you for sharing them!

    1. No problem, I’m glad you liked the post x

  22. 1Haha i love this post. As a londoner myself…I can relate to the long tube/train journeys. When i commuted to uni (1hr+ journey) I would read a book or my bible devotion, play games, SLEEP. So much to do!

    1. Sleep is a good one if you can do i. I never get enough.

  23. I used to spend a lot of time in commuting while we used to live in Tokyo, and my favorite things to do while in the train were watching shows on Netflix and preparing my meal plans and respective shopping lists. 😀

    1. Good to here. Preparing meal plans can help with knowing what to buy next time you go to the supermarket.

  24. I always find that listening to music helps a lot

    1. I totally agree! It’s a great way to distract from travelling.

  25. Those are really good ideas to ease your boredom during commuting. Commuting sometimes it gives you a lot of fun and sometimes its not but I think its really help me to play a downloaded games from my phone during my travel to ease my boredom.

    1. Games can be a really fun way to pass the time.

  26. My commute is spent in the car, but I always think it’s a great excuse to listen to some great music undisturbed for at least an hour everyday x

    1. That’s a great ideas as it’s a relaxing way to travel.

  27. very good and useful article..

  28. Love this article! I am a commuter myself, and often find myself bored on my long journeys (which are set to get longer when I start my new job in a few months!) – I have never tried meditation though, will have to give that a whirl 😉 x

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