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Sicily, a multicultural island home to a stunning collection of architectural splendours, interesting, fresh and delicious cuisine and engaging activities that are guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime.  I can just picture myself relaxing in one of the beautiful villas in Sicily surrounded by the vast sea.  In my eagerness to find out more about the island, I came upon wishsicily.com which had everything I needed all on one site – accommodation (including a vast selection of Sicilian villas), flights, car rentals and details about various points of interest.


Visiting Palermo is somewhat an adventure because although this may be a large city the rough beauty of the place is a mystery that sparks the imagination. It is a vibrant place but the untouched areas and the historic environment are reportedly still very Baroque.  There are a number of cathedrals, museums, monasteries and castles that I would love to visit.  The old and mythical feel of this place will certainly give the atmosphere of the medieval splendour.

Mount Etna

A very popular destination. A trip to Mount Etna is said to be rather fascinating. It is the dominating attraction in the East and it is still an active volcano which inspires me to take one of the many scheduled tours.  This legendary mountain has food stalls, picnic spots and fabulous panoramic views perfect for those that enjoy beautiful natural scenery and getting close to nature.


If I get to visit Agrigento I would like to visit both the Valle  dei Templi and Scala dei Turchi which are both UNESCO Heritage Sites.  Valle dei Templi or Valley of the Temples is one of the grandest works of Greek art and architecture. The surrounding olive groves and almond orchards mirror the magnificence of this amazing place.  I would also love to include the beaches of the Scala dei Turchi which are just a stone’s throw away from the temple site.


This picture ­perfect place is popular among travellers. It is bustling with life which makes it appealing for day excursions. It overlooks the Ionian coast and it is filled with shops, markets, restaurants and beaches that will fill a day’s tour. I hear the cuisine is one of the best, too, perfect for a foodie like myself.  Syracuse is one of the historic cities of Sicily.  It is a collection of Greek culture, art and architecture.  It is the birthplace of Archimedes, a legendary mathematician which makes it all the more interesting. The magnificent Greek and Roman amphitheatres are located here as well.  It also includes Ortigia and the ruins of the Temple of Athena, an ancient UNESCO heritage site worth seeing. These are just a few of the many towns, islands and parks in Sicily that I would love to visit.

For those travelling with children why not visit Etna Land.  This is a theme park, dinosaur park and water park so is bound to keep little ones happy.

Have you ever been to one of these places?  Where did you go and what exciting things did you see?


72 thoughts on “Places I would Love to Visit in Sicily”

  1. Sounds like you have a plan! We’ve love to visit Sicily, we’d be a bit too scared to visit Mount Etna though! Be too worried it might erupt!

  2. I am so lucky to have been to Sicily – Taormina is just beautiful and Mount Etna is awesome – I walked around the mouth of it. Kaz x

  3. I used to have this friend in primary school who was from Sicily and she always said how beautiful it was. I would love to see for myself x

  4. Would love to visit, ever since i watched the Godfather! perhaps one day i will actually make it!
    Glad that you enjoyed researching it and shared with us 🙂

  5. Oh I would LOVE to visit Sicily!! It’s on our list, just not sure we will ever get round to it until the children are much older!!

  6. I’d love to go. My wife has been, to a village called Ciminna. The villa was at the top of a high, steep hill, and the view went for miles and to the sea. It was hot but pleasant. Now I want to go!

  7. We’re visiting Messina in a couple of weeks on a cruise. It will be my first time in Sicily and I’m really looking forward to it.

  8. Sicily is on my list of places I’d love to visit too, but the list is so long and I really hop I can make it happen soon. Mt. Etna sounds fascinating. x

  9. I’ve been to both Taormina and Palermo twice! LOVE them and you should definitely go – I’m sure you’d love them too 🙂

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