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Malibu Factor 50

I use a high sun factor on my face most of the year.  In the summer I am guaranteed to remember to apply my factor 50 but in the winter I will admit it is a bit more hit and miss.  The sun has finally decided to show its face and I have had to stock up on sun protection to have enough to last myself and the children and not forgetting the hubby the duration of the summer period.

As well as the level of sun protection I can also be influenced the scent of a product when making my purchase.  Last year I discovered Malibu had the most amazing scented sun protector offering UVA and UVB protection that is supposed to last for the whole day (8 hours), has a SPFof 50, is water resistant, has a dry feel and is photostable.  It is as if they have bottled the aroma of a tropical holiday, I simple do love it as do my daughters who now refuse to wear their children’s factor 50 in favour of this product.

I normally reapply every few hours if I am visiting a hot climate to make sure I have as much protection as possible.  It is also suggested that the product is reapplied after swimming in case any of the product has rubbed off.  The product soak into the skin well and gives a light sheen but isn’t greasy to the touch and leaves the skin feeling silky soft too!


Do you use a high sun factor on your skin?

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  1. High factor suncream is so vital. I hate sewing poor kids red raw because a parent hasn’t reapplied. The one problem I have in certain climates with Malibu is the fragrance as I found it attracted mosquitoes.

    1. I’ve not really noticed that but they normally come out at night by which time i plan to have washed it off luckily.

  2. Love the smell of malibu

  3. I need the most suncream in our house as go beetroot after 10 minutes outside!

  4. I with you on this
    I don’t use anything below factor 30
    Malins has a wonderful scent

  5. I do use it but not half as much as I should. It’s amazing really, we are all really careful making sure are children our protected against harmful sun rays we often forget about ourselves…which is really silly.

  6. Yes I do, I had Chemo last year for breast cancer ( I’m fine now 🙂 ) , but it has made my skin very sensitive to the sun so I have to use a factor 50 cream or I burn ! .x

  7. I cover my kids in suncream throughout the day why would you want to put your child in such pain is beyond me

    1. I agree plus they will be thankful when they are older as their skin should look great too.

  8. sounds fantastic! i hate greasy sunscreens. and i can imagine the lovely smell of this sun cream too 🙂

  9. This sounds lovely, I’d love to smell all tropical while lying in the garden..! A spray is so much easier for me also as I have problems with my arms and find spray a lot easier to get all over skin x

  10. Sounds great, I might check it out, so hard to find good sunscreens 🙂

    1. It is a lovely one, with a great aroma.

  11. We all use factor 50, I never buy anything else

    1. That’s great to hear, I think the higher the protection the better for looking after our skin.

  12. I’ve never used this brand before but I do use factor 50 my skin burns do easily.

  13. I love the scent of Malibu products, I also don’t mind a high SPF factor unlike others, it’s a good idea to get water resistant SPF products 🙂

  14. Protection our skin is very important but I still see so many people not protecting their skin. Lovely post.

  15. I always use factor 50! It’s so important to look after your skin in the sun.

  16. Sun cream is so important – I use factor 30 on my body, but aim for 50 for my face because it’s such delicate skin!

  17. I’m a factor 50 girl, too, as I burn so easily! I’ve never tried Malibu, will have to pick a bottle up next time I run out to see just how good it smells! 🙂

  18. I was looking at sun cream the other day and I was totally lost with what number to go for, I went for 30 but maybe I should of gone higher?

  19. I love Malibu suncream! I’m trying to apply sun cream every day even when it’s not that hot, to protect my skin x

  20. I am a Factor 50 girl as well and wear SPF of some sort every single day, not just when it is sunny x

  21. I like to use factor 50 on my face and 30 on my body. Once my body has got used to the sun I do tend to lower the factor near the end of my holiday to get a bit more tanned!

  22. I burn quite easily so this is always the type of sun cream that I use. Anything with a pretty high factor protection on it x

  23. God I LOVE this stuff. It smells like pina colada! 😉

    1. It does smell really nice doesn’t it 😉

  24. I always use a high factor when we go on holiday, it’s better to be safe then sorry

  25. That’s a really good find. I mind a bit of gloss, but a dry feel is more versatile, so this sounds appealing.

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