Going on holiday can be a fun time for us all.  I love to travel to warm sunny destinations where I can sit and relax by a pool or on the beach whilst the children frolic in the water and a gentle breeze gently caresses my factor 50 covered skin.  But, what if you are travelling with an individual that hasn’t got full mobility and needs a little extra support to do things.

Some of you may be aware that earlier this year one of my children became ill.  Totally unexpected but it resulted in numerous trips to the local A&E’s and also a number of hospital stays too.  My daughter lost the ability to walk and a child that was very active became one that could do very little for herself literally overnight and for many months to come.  In the hospital I would move my daughter around in a wheel chair, at home I could carry her not having a wheelchair of our own.

Now luckily for my daughter she has recovered albeit not fully.  Her immune system needs a boost to keep her strong enough to walk by herself.  Since this occurred she seems to be more susceptible to catching colds and these affect her physical ability to do things.

I recently came across the #FoldAndGo campaign by Fenetic Wellbeing.  This is a company that exists to provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs.  Having looked at their range of products for those with limited mobility if my daughters mobility does take a turn for the worst, heaven forbid, at least I have a company to turn to that would be able to provide the right products to ensure that we can have her whizzing along even if it is with a walking aid or electric wheel chair.

Now as holiday season is about to land on our doorsteps very soon I thought that a holiday essentials guide when travelling with loved ones who need a little extra help with mobility might be of value.  There are many conditions that affect mobility in the young and old and sometimes we need that pre written check list to help us decide what essentials we need to take.  In many cases the items on the list will be the same as the able bodied with a few extra additions.

It goes without saying that in these sorts of cases prior to booking the individual booking the trip will need to make sure that the holiday location is prepped for people with limited mobility – supports in bathrooms, lifts etc.

Limited Mobility Holiday Checklist

Factor 50 suncream – what can I say I am an advocate for safety in the sun.  Make sure this is sealed well or in a bag with other items that contain cream or fluids so that you avoid any leakages.  If you are travelling on your own grab a smaller bottle. There is no point adding extra weight or taking up much needed space.

Small bottle of disinfectant hand lotion – no need for explanation there.

A walking aid where required.  One that folds can save a considerable mount of space.  I noticed on the Fenetic Wellbeing site there are light weight options available.

Wheel chair, electric or not depending on needs and budget.  These make travelling, around an airport especially so much easier.  There are some great folding wheel chairs that make travelling so much easier whether you are going by plane or somewhere more local and driving- the space saving aspect can really help.  The beauty of the folding wheelchairs means that even I can put them easily and lift them into to the back of the car as they weigh less than my daughter and far less than the ones we had to use in hospital – which are as hard to manoeuvre as supermarket trolleys!!!

Inflatable head rest – to make waiting in the airport and the flight so much more comfortable.  These are pretty tiny and you simply blow it up when needed.

Shower cap.  If your mobility is limited it’s hard to avoid wetting your hair depending on the washing facilities at your destination so these are extremely useful and if you use the thin plastic ones take up virtually no space at all.

2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, or small bottles are great way to reduce luggage weight and save space.

My friend uses vacuum compressed bags. These free up so much more space and are reusable.

Use your shoes!!! I know it’s a genius space saving idea and if you stuff your socks, underwear, small tops in them you will find you can add in more shoes and other things to your packing should you so wish!!!

Rolling clothes can save space compared to folding them, they also wrinkle less which is an added bonus- give it a go and see for yourself.

Travel adaptors and light weight power banks are handy if you are taking anything that needs electricity that needs to be plugged in for use or charging.

Something that many overlook but can make a really difference is having a lightweight roller bag, making it easier to use and affecting your luggage allowance less too.

How did I do?  Is there anything else that might be handy to help save space when packing?

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16 thoughts on “Holiday Checklist For Those With Limited Mobility”

  1. Thanks for sharing your checklist which I am sure is going to help a lot of people who have limited mobility. I hope your daughter fully recovers as well.

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  2. Love your holiday packing tips. It’s hard enough packing everything for a holiday when everyone has full mobility, let alone when someone has limited mobility x

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  3. Such a great checklist and it will definitely help a lot of people out there. I always carry small bottles of shampoo and conditioner because of that weight reason

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  4. There are some brilliant ideas here, Mel. I have limited mobility and need a special water pillow to sleep on or else my entire neck and shoulders seize up, so what I do is drain the water out to pack it, then fill it up when I get there. It makes my case a lot heavier but it’s worth it so I can actually enjoy my hols and not be in absolute agony 🙂

    Louise x

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