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Halfords ‘The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016’

Camping can be great fun for children and adults plus it can save you a fortune as an alternative to holidaying abroad.  I remember having gone camping with my school in Wales.  It was great fun and we got to do all sorts of activities but the best part for me was the evenings spent beside an enormous bonfire roasting marshmallows, singing songs and telling stories.  It’s a great educational tool as you can teach children about their surroundings, the local fauna and flora and even basic outdoor survival skills as using dock leaves on nettle stings to soothe the pain!  Sometimes you don’t even need to venture out too far to to make new friends.


Camp sites have come a long way since when I was a child and now you don’t need to worry about taking a trip to the local bush if you need to go to the toilet (I don’t actually remember what we did then), you can now take a shower, you can even plug in a phone to charge or a hairdryer.  Camping is growing in popularity with lone adults, groups and families alike.  I keep hearing more families at my children’s school are off camping to various great locations.


And then there is glamping!

Camping in luxury certainly appeals to me so much more now that I am older than going old school with the modern day perks.

I must admit it’s been a while since I last camped and I wouldn’t have a clue about locations or what I need but thankfully Halfords came to my rescue by sending me all the information I needed via ‘The Ultimate Camping Guide’ which you can download for free from their site ‘here‘.  On the guide you will find everything including information on what gear you will need, tips and recipes (their Campsite chilli con carne sounds yummy!), a great checklist at the back of the guide, information about camping abroad and also great UK camping locations.


One site in the UK that stood out for me was Hooks House Farm Campsite, Whitby.  Apparently this is great for families, couples, cyclists and walkers (not the walking dead kind).  The farm has a lovely scenic location and is working farm!!!!  You’ll be seeing more then the horse in my top photo there.  There are also tips and tricks on their site plus information about the equipment that you will need which is great for the novices among us.  Don’t forget just because you are going camping it doesn’t mean you are stuck making your own food in a field.  If you do your research first you can make a note of good local restaurants that are worth visiting.  That really appeals to the foodie in me as I do like to experiment a bit with food.

Have you ever been camping or is glamping more to your taste?

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  1. I was originally going to remark what a strong tent it must be if it was holding the weight of a horse in the first photo. (It’s early, I need caffeine!). Tents these days are so much better than when I was a kid, they look so easy to put up!

    1. They virtually put themselves up now, how good is that!

  2. I can do a camping guide – Book a B&B lol. Seriously though half of this stuff, like matches, I would never even think of x

  3. I love camping, I hope i get to go this summer again!

    1. If you go have a lovely time Hannah.

  4. Glamping is definitely more my style, but we are going real camping this summer for 2 nights eek!

    1. I bet you have an amazing time Ali, make sure you go glamping at some stage it’s supposed to be fun.

  5. I really should get out of my comfort zone and go camping, the kids would love it.

    1. They will!!!

  6. I used to attend festivals when i was younger, would love to give camping a go when the kids are a bit older

    1. They will love camping and being in the outdoors.

  7. I really want to go glamping and see what it is like but I go to festivals a lot so I camp a lot of the summer x

    1. I want to give glamping a go too!

  8. I used to go camping occasionally as a kid but these days I’m more of a hotel and spa kinda girl… or at the very least a caravan lol Im too claustrophobic for tents unfortunately xxx

    1. The tents they have now can be very spacious.

  9. These sound like some great tips – I haven’t been camping for years, but my parents seem to love it! x

    1. Thanks Sarah, get them to try glamping too!

  10. I have never been camping I think I am too scared of creepy crawlies and cold weather.

    1. There are things you can do to reduce the risk of coming in contact with them.

  11. I absolutely love camping! So much so that next week I am loading my bike up for an epic bikepacking trip through the highlands of Scotland. Such a great way to explore a new place!

    1. Wow that sounds great, enjoy.

  12. I love a bit of camping and glamping … we do both (we’ll be staying in a bell pod at the end of July). I don’t think it matters which one you do it’s all about the weather and how equipped you are to handle it!

    1. The weather is a bit hit and miss in the UK.

  13. I have never been camping or glamping before. I would love to start going camping from next Summer onwards though and make it a family thing x

    1. It can be far cheaper than going abroad and great fun.

  14. Never been camping or glamping before but I would so love go one day.

    1. I hope you get to go at least once.

  15. I love camping in the mountains! Energy bars are a must for me 🙂 and of course, great companions.

    1. Energy bars are handy to take camping but freshly made food is far superior.

  16. I’ve not camped for years – I used to love wild camping, the type where you hike in, and then hike out.

    Gear has definitely improved since I did my DoE in the wilds of Wales.

    1. The gear has improved quite a bit and I love the sound of glamping!

  17. I am off to my first festival next month with the children, and am just starting to plan what we need! Great post. Kaz x

    1. That should be fun, have a lovely time x

  18. I love camping but I do think glamping is probably more suitable for me these days. I do like a bit of comfort 😀

    1. I know how you feel we get a bit more spoilt as we get older.

  19. OH and I have been talking about taking the girls camping for ages now – maybe this will be the summer when we finally take that leap and do it! Maybe… 😉

    1. Go for it!!! Make sure you check out the Halfords link as they suggest some great locations, camping gear and tips.

  20. I am hoping to take my kids camping as we havnt been for a while

    1. Ahhhh have a lovely time.

  21. I loved camping as a child and in my 20s but I would need to go glamping now.

    1. That’s something I would love to try too!!!

  22. What a great camping set! It looks like such good quality!

    1. You can get a great range from Halfords.

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