It’s Father’s Day so I would like to wish all the dads reading this post a Happy Father’s Day!  I wanted to share a fun post with you today that may ring true with many of my parent readers. Children across the UK are taking the time to thank their dads on Father’s Day for their love, support and not forgetting endless taxi services.

Dads have their work cut out for them with all the driving around they need to do to take children to various activities.  Those who are constantly driving their children about could interesting be earning £54.40 a week £13.60 a day if they were charging them according to confused.coms new #DadTaxi meter.  You can check out this fun app to find out how much you would be charging your children if they were paying for your taxiing services. Price based on TFL London minicab tariff –

The research has concluded that dads spend 1 hour 40 minutes and cover 40 miles a week driving their kids around on average.  However, the research also found dads are spending a little less time in the car with their kids than mums, who are spending 2 hours a week doing their share of the taxiing around.  On a usual week, dads cover 40 miles on average dropping off and picking up their kids, with mums travelling 5 miles more (45 miles).

With the amount of time dads are devoting to running their kids around, it is  not surprising that two fifths (43%) say they have had to rearrange their own plans to give a lift to their child.

I’m not planning on charging my children for taxiing them to and fro to after school activities as I am very conscious of keeping them safe in this day and age but the cost does add up the more driving around we do.  If you want to try cutting down costs you can always compare fuel costs online using the fuel price comparison.

I was surprised to discover that 6% of dads from those questioned actually charged their children petrol money – something that my husband and I would personally never consider but then I do understand that in some cases people may not have much of a choice.

To celebrate Father’s Day, is inviting everyone to show their appreciation to their dads for their year round hard work and taxi services with the chance to win a driving experience at Silverstone.  It’s really easy to enter all you need to do is share the reason why your dad deserves to win with on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #DadTaxi to be in with a chance of winning.  Terms and conditions apply.  Entrants must be 18 years old or over – full terms & conditions can be found over at

Good luck to everyone that enters!!!

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43 thoughts on “Dads Taxi”

  1. My partner moans about being dads taxi but I can’t wait to pass and be mums taxi, I was meant to have my test on Thursday but its been moved to august 😢 xxx

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  2. I only learned how to drive at the age of 25 so I wonder how much my dad could have made driving me around for 25 years! Haha! Although I did move out pretty early on but he still has to come pick me up from the airport whenever I fly home so…

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  3. Haha my Dad was totally my taxi when I was younger, he was always driving me from place to place, I think he was glad when I finally passed my test so he could have a break.

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  4. Such a great post I remember my dad was always my taxi before school and after school sometimes he drive for me if I’m going to my friends and fetch up after

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  5. Haha my parents made me cycle a lot which I actually preferred as it gave me more independence. But they did spend a lot of time in the car picking me up from things and still do as I now live abroad and so they make many trips to and from the airport.

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  6. hahaha, great post. my dad used to drive me anywhere and he would also do now… But when I was 18 he truly forced me to take my driving license! i didn’t want but he insisted. Also if he wishes he can still me drive no matter where, he wants to make me independent!

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  7. I don’t have kids yet, but totally understand your pain as my dad practically drove my everywhere all my life even now at 27 if I’m with him i still get the ‘dad taxi’!

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  8. I know what this is like first hand… But not for my daughter yet. Instead, I have to drive my wife to and from work as well as myself. I work in the day, she works in the evenings and weekends… I spend, on average, 4.5 hours per day in the car during the week…

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  9. I’m certainly happy to have a partner who can drive! If I counted up all the miles he’s taken the kids and myself somewhere I wonder many thousands we’d get to!

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  10. My dad always used to taxi me and my daughter around until he had a stroke a couple of years ago. I dread to think how much I actually owe him in fares!! Haha

    Louise x

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  11. Neither of my kids drive but I would never think of charging them. The joy of getting them safely from one place to the other is good enough payment to me. Hope all had a wonderful, stress free Father’s Day!

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