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You had me at Afternoon Tea!

Thistle hotels invited me a long to their fabulous blogger event this Sunday and when I heard what they were getting up to wide horses couldn’t hold me back.  The email read:

 ‘Hi Melanie,

 You’re invited to a London bus tour with a difference this Sunday 7th June.

 In an event organised by Thistle Hotels, you’ll board a traditional red London bus for a tour of the best sights of our capital – but you’ll be sipping on afternoon tea during it!’

I was tempted to respond ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m all yours’ but displayed a degree of control and responded in a, well let’s say more reserved and professional manner.  The group met the lovely Haydy who had been involved in organising the event and the very sweet Tom from Thistle Hotels who was not at all intimidated by the hoard of women that had arrived at South Bank just near the London Eye.  From there we were collected by a classic London Routemaster bus.  This bus tour is run by the BB Bakery based in Covent Garden and they even have a boat tour available.


Through the window we could see beautifully displayed finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries as we stood outside excitedly awaiting the ladies that were running the tour to direct us to our seats.



Up to the top floor so we were ushered so we would have a great view of the city sites.  Each booth like seating area had its own table and tantalising afternoon tea laid out.  Once seated, we set off to tour some of London’s most popular tourist attractions.


Perched on the top floor of the bus one could say we had a birds eye view of the various sites that we passed (posted in the order they were seen).



Harrods, always great for a spot of shopping.


Such a tour enables you to discovered other attractions too that are only available to visit for a limited amount of time like the Natural History Museums Sensational Butterfly House back again for its seventh year.  This is just a short walk from The Thistle Park Lane and Kensington Gardens Hotels.


Thistle have a hotel that is situated approximately 3 minutes (by foot) from Marble Arch.


The group was having a fantastic time and two of the bloggers so engrossed in the moment began to belt out ‘I Want it That Way’ by the Backstreet Boys!  My camera threw a wobbly after when I tried to download the video of this and appears to have eaten it, how gutted am I!


We were clearly having an amazing time and the food looked so good that you could see others on ‘normal’ (and let’s face it not as exciting) tour rides looking through our windows enviously.



As we took in the views of the various sites we nibbled on such quintessentially English delicacies as the classic afternoon tea staple ‘cucumber sandwiches’ and ‘ham and cheese sandwiches’ each with a little something extra added to give a delicious, moreish and interesting slant (you’ll have to try them and see!).  Little mushroom quiches, sandwiches and salmon blinis also graced the selection (these were gorgeous too).   The mini custard doughnut and chocolate macaroons were my favourite out of the sweet treats.  Everyone was fast to take photos of the delicious spread before them so they could tuck in.


Heads turned as we drove by and waved at the tourists scurrying around busily (or maybe it was just me waving but I quickly gained an audience who proceeded to wave back), some would take selfies in front of the bus as we sat in traffic.  Drinks consisted of a range of teas, water, orange juice, coffee or hot chocolate and I opted for the latter and sipped it out of the bottom heavy travel mug.  I discovered part way through that the plates were stuck down with suckers which explained why I hadn’t knocked mine over (good thinking guys).


Part way through the ladies came and served scones with jam and clotted cream which were just as delicious as the rest of the food.  Myself and the lovely Clare (a blogger too) who I was fortunate enough to sit with discussed which way we liked to eat our scones.  This is how I like mine having had years to experiment.  I find the cream sticks better when added first (the Devon Way, apparently those from Cornwall eat it the other way around) how do you eat yours?


It was lovely to get to see the various London attractions that one would expect a Londoner such as myself to have seen (well I have now!).  As we toured I also made a mental note of the locations of the various Thistle hotel sites as they seemed to be well located for those wanting to not only visit the sites but also experience the hustle and bustle and of course shop until they dropped.  Want to explore London?  Here are the Top 10 London Attractions as collated by Thistle Hotels.  Thanks so much for inviting me guys I had a Fab time.

This is Not a sponsored post.

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  1. Jam on the bottom topped with cream! That looks such a fantastic experience.


    1. It really was, everything was so yummy!

  2. Ha! – Now that is my kind of bus trip! – They need to bring something like that up to Leeds ;0

  3. The bus trip sounds great. Jam on the top of my Scone my try this myself

  4. It was lovely to meet you on the bus I had fun though I do not remember any of the sites I definitely remember the food and the entertainment.

  5. oh my gosh this looks absolutely amazing. I love visiting London! And the afternoon tea tour bus looks like a lot of fun. I loved going on the London tour on a double deck. Proper British afternoon!

    Kirsty xx

  6. What a lovely treat x

  7. This post has made me so hungry with all this delicious food

    1. Thanks Eva, I love afternoon tea and this one was great.

  8. I’ve wanted to do this afternoon tea on the bus for absolute ages but it’s just finding time that me and my friend can both do x

    1. It’s a really good one. I hope you guys find the time to go x

  9. Looks amazing. Though I’m not big on eating and travelling but maybe I could make an exception for those scones!!

    1. This is great as it combines an afternoon tea with a tour of London x

  10. I love the look of this!! Looks so much fun and a great way to explore the area. And well, CAKE!!! Perfect!! 🙂

    1. Ha, yes lots of cake which is great!

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