Fairytale Shoes Fit For a Modern Day Princess

Many of my most recent fashion posts have featured boots.  Of course that is due to the awful weather we have been having and my need to stay dry and keep my toes feeling toasty but today I will break with recent tradition and feature some elegant shoes that are perfect for going out.  Now the weather has been a little kinder to us recently and some of us have been donning our going out clothes finished with some dazzling shoes and a gorgeous handbag.  Shoes can make or break an outfit and it is important to pair the correct shoes with our clothing choices.  My aim is always to combine style and sophistication when creating an outfit and it’s amazing how the right jeans for example can be spiced up with some ‘wow look at me shoes’ to make one look simply fabulous .  I always go for sleek, feminine styles personally and this is reflected in my outfit and shoe choices.

I have always loved the Wizard of Oz, why might you ask would I even consider mentioning this in a post about shoes, have I really lost the plot?  Well of course all the best people have (slight rewording from Alice in Wonderland there, my goodness lots of fairy tale story references today what’s happened).  Anyway back to the shoes.  You will all recall Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the book / movie and that was exactly what I thought of when I saw these stunning women’s shoes on the JD Williams site.

Don’t they look magical!!!

Now I must say when I first saw these I was overly excited, I mean who wouldn’t be, they look gorgeous and really glamorous.  These court shoes work with a large range of dresses, trousers and jeans to add a wonderful sparkle.  Not ones to lend to friends as you many never get them back these sure are a wardrobe stable and are guaranteed to never go out of fashion and can make any outfit look eye catching.  Totally drool worthy and the heels are the perfect height and a bargain at £30.

Now when you are on a site looking at shoes it’s not easy to stop at the one pair.  I’m not sure if it is because I saw Into the Woods recently with my girls but these precious pewter peep toe shoes caught my eye.  I’m sure many a fairytale Princess would own shoes like this and so can we for just £18 (I really hope you were sitting down when you read that).  The price is shockingly reasonable so I would suggest if you love these as much as me get over to the site fast because they are bound to sell out quickly.  They look simply fabulous whether worn in the day or evening and glow with feminine sophistication.  Again the heel is a good size so you are less likely to loose your shoe if you find Prince Charming isn’t so …. well charming and you need to make a sneaky quick exit.  These feel really soft to the touch which is perfect for me being a very tactile person.

Both styles of shoe can be worn with a range of clothing including blue skinny jeans, the gorgeous cold shoulder day dress pictured below, black slim leg jeans and also various types of evening wear such as the featured Carolina dress which is perfectly coloured to suit both pairs of shoes.  All the outfits featured below are from the JD Williams site and I do regret not having looked there sooner.  They have a great range of clothing and footwear and also a surprisingly good price range too so they have something to suit every pocket.

Have you discovered / shopped from JD Williams yet?

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Disclaimer: A sample of the product was sent for my consideration.

A dress for all Occasions

After an extensive search through my wardrobe in preparation for some press events it dawned on me that it might be time to invest in a nice sophisticated and flattering dress that would be perfect for evenings out over the Summer.  As far as i’m concerned you can get away with wearing the same dress again and again if you go to different places and of course mix and match accessories so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Turning on the computer I browsed the internet to looking for a dress that would be suitable for a range of occasions.  My salvation came when I had a quick glance through the George website.  I had recalled a friend had mentioned they had found a nice dress at George so I thought it was worth a look.  Popping over to their site I was impressed at the range of dresses they had available (we all know from my weekly Majique London posts that I simply adore dresses).  I spotted a dress that looked perfect.

dress a


The fit was good and allows more for size 10-12 which is great if you are having an off day.


Naturally one can’t purchase a new dress without the obligatory new pair of shoes.

shoes 4


These super cute sparkly shoes are just what was needed and can be mixed and matched with dresses, jeans and even leggings.

And, well, as I was at it,  I selected a bag too!


bag 2

Ordering online was simple thankfully and within a few short days, voila:


I selected this dress as I loved the style and cut and it really is a flattering design.  Blue makes a nice change from black although let it be said ‘one can NEVER have enough little black dresses’!!!!!  Or shoes, or bags lol.

The bag was perfect as it went well with the dress and shoes and it can fit everything you could possibly need.  I likened it to the bag Mary Poppins had that fit everything including the kitchen sink although with a more stylish appearance.


Te bag also expands if required to.


  There is a little pouch for lips gloss/lipsticks/keys and also a zip pocket for valuables.


The bag seals at the front with a clasp with a strap that covers the top so that your belongings are safe which is great if you are out and about in the busy streets of London (or anywhere else) like myself.

The items all work well together and can be mixed with others to create a whole new look.



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Hotter Shoes – Bag Review

I love shoes and bags, what fashion conscious woman in her right mind doesn’t?  Having discovered a company called hottershoes.com I simply had to tell my readers.  I will begin by mentioning this is NOT a sponsored post, I was not asked to write about the company but when I come across a company selling a great range of GOOD quality products it is my duty as a blogger to tell all!!!

Don’t worry I am not going to go on and on spouting their praises I shall do something far better, I will show you!

Firstly they are called hotter shoes for a reason, check out these:

shoe 1   shoe 4

shoe 5  shoe 2

shoe 6  shoe 3

Many are available in more than one colour like the first photo with the open toe that also looks amazing in black, my advice buy one of each, you can never have enough shoes and these are long lasting as they are well made!

There is also a great range of men’s shoes, jackets purses, handbags and gift available.

I love this particular bag and have one in black:

bag 2

The bag is made of gorgeously soft leather and is a great size for daily use.


How lovely does that bag look!

It also has an additional strap for easy use.


Inside there is plenty of room to fit all your essentials and also some handy pockets for keys, phones, travel cards so they can be found easily.


Want to see more?  Then make sure you pop over to the Hotter Shoes website.