Panasonic Outdoor Camera

We all expect to be safe in our own homes don’t we?  But what happens when someone threatens that safety and it could have been easily prevent.  I wanted to share a post about home safety.  Why?  Because recently it has been a topic for discussion between myself, my neighbours as well as within our household.

Within the last month and a half we have had two break ins on our street alone and I heard there have been others on roads nearby.


I’m going to be straight up, I am a teensy bit scared, more so because I have young children and frankly you never know whose outside if like me you have a great big wooden door with no windows to see out of.   The worst part is that the second break in was whilst there was someone in their own home.  Apparently someone knocked on their door, they of course went to open the door and 4 large men pushed their way in.  Fortunately they just stole from the poor woman but as we all know it could have been a far worse situation.


Since then I have been more than a little nervous about opening the door and if my husband is around I get him to do it.

What we clearly need is some form of security camera system to enable us to see who is outside and then decide whether we want to open the door to them.  It’s also handy for avoiding door to door sales people and Jehovah ’s Witness’s who like to come calling just when I am in the middle of something.

My parents have recently installed a system which is brilliant so no matter where they are they can see both outside and inside of the house either on their phone or tablet.  By coincidence I had an email land in my inbox from Panasonic about a Panasonic Outdoor Camera, seriously how on earth did they know!  With the concern as to our home security firmly in my mind I did not hesitate to take a look at their site.  Amazingly there on the screen was the exact item that would help disperse my fears, an outdoor security system.  Like the device my parents have it streams live footage to both smartphones and tablets.  There are built-in visual and infra-red sensors, a microphone so you can communicate with those outside your front door which is great if you are out shopping when the delivery man arrives as you can ask them to drop off your parcel to the neighbour.  Pictures can also be recorded to the SD card in the system’s hub and there are various SD cards with different amounts of memory to choose from.


It’s great for safety and I must admit if you also get the indoor camera it is also quite useful for those with young children as you can pop babies, toddlers to bed and go and do the washing, cleaning, cooking, have a cup of tea but be able to see them easily via your device of choice.  The cherry on the top ……. there are no monthly fees!

Take a look at this great video which really sums up everything you need to know plus the house in the video looks fantastic so it’s worth having a look at that too.

It sounds great doesn’t it and has to be something I will strongly consider using at home to keep my family safe especially with Christmas coming up and the increase in break ins that generally happen around that time.

Would you consider having a home a Panasonic security system in our home?

In collaboration with Panasonic.  All views are my own.

It’s like having your eyes lasered without the lasering!

Many years ago I had laser eye surgery.  The first thing I noticed after the procedure was the clarity of objects from the lines on people’s faces to the leaves on the trees, which in the past had merely been a blur.  It’s amazing now how you can get almost the same effect with a tv!  Ok, granted it’s not quite the same thing but technology has progressed considerably over the past few years and a stroll through the home entertainment department in any electrical retailer will highlight this.  Brush aside the full HD (1080p), it’s history now that the next generation of tv is here!!!


The Smart Viera LED 4K from Panasonic with 3840×2160 resolution consists of four times more pixels than full HD.  Bring on the super vision!  With greater detail, depth and clarity you simply won’t believe your eyes.  This also boasts higher frame rates 50p/60fps (images / frames per second) bringing with it sharper images, perfect for fast action movies (she says reaching for a copy of ‘Fast and Furious’).


No drop in resolution here thanks to the Intelligent Frame Creation (IFC) Motion Engine.  This is more than just a tv, with the Swipe and Share feature you can view photo’s stored on your smart device on the big screen, viewing your photo’s at a totally new level of sharpness, clarity and detail.  Alternatively, use your camera’s SD card to enjoy your photo’s in 4K resolution (3840×2160).

With Smartviera there fun doesn’t end here, there is great potential for hardcore gamers especially with the higher frame rate the results can be simply astounding.  It is of course also a smart tv so apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube etc. can be accessed and additional apps downloaded.  You can also surf the web and stream videos from the comfort of your sofa or bed.  What more can you ask for in a tv!

This is a sponsored post.