Ferrero Rocher Price Comparison Christmas 2016

I tend to buy Ferrero Rocher each year as a little thank you gift for people either as a small gift or to include as part of a larger gift.  Before I go to make my purchase I do make sure that I do my research before parting with my hard earned cash.  I don’t always use price comparison charts but I do look up local supermarkets of which there is a good variety where I live in London and compare the product I want on each or look to see which I will be passing on a specific day it would be convenient for me to stop off and make a purchase and see which shop had them at the best price.

I did this again this year and though as many of you will also be looking to buy Ferrero Rocher as a gift I would list the prices from the various shops I looked at so you too can see the price differences too.

The one that I compared was the 24 piece box 300g.


Morrisons £5.00 (this was an in store price, it says £6.00 online)

I phoned Morrisons to confirm this today 14/12/2016 but I suggest you hurry if you want them for that price in case they do increase it as it did say £5.00 a few days ago on the website.

Tesco £5.50

Sainsburys £5.50

Asda £6.00

Co-operative Food £6.00

Ocado £6.00

I bought 12 boxes so made a pretty good saving (£12), I could go and get another two boxes lol.

Whilst I was looking at the chocolates on the Asda website I noticed someone had done a whoopsy!

Can you spot the mistake?


Have fun shopping xxx

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November Fab Finds

Now that November is truly over and well are well into December I am going to tell you all about the Fab Finds that I came across last month.  In my Fab Finds features I will include products that I have either come across when out and about shopping, samples of items that I have tried and loved and also products that I have been sent for consideration that I have liked.  My first every Fab Finds feature included some items that I discovered in September that I really liked, October was super busy for me and I didn’t find anything particularly Fab so I skipped that month, there is no point wasting anyone’s time telling you about pointless items now is there.

This month my Fab Finds post seems to have been taken over by items for foodies.

One of the items that I was introduced to in November which I found handy was a healthy Italian alternative to sweets.  My girls love sweets and when they get them from anywhere be it birthdays at school where they get a sweet of some kind, birthday parties, their grans, friends or uncles houses they will secretly squirrel it away somewhere in their bedroom out of my sight.  I know they do this as I find sweets lying around and sweet wrappers carelessly disposed of on the floor next to the bin (come on kids really, you somehow missed the bin by 2cm).  I find that if a sweet craving is hijacked by a healthier sweet item being introduced such as whole pieces of fruit – not always a child’s first choice or something like dried fruit then the craving is satisfied reducing the need for sugar and rummaging through their room to find their hidden sweets when mummy isn’t looking.

Noberasco the Italian masters of dried fruit have a selection of fruit cubes which can be found at the Ciao Gusto Italian Shop on Ocado.  They have a range of flavours including Plum,  ‘Red Fruits’, Apricot and Pear.  The Fruttime packs are great for adding to lunchboxes and also for adults wanting a convenient snack that doesn’t include the hydrogenated fats and cereals that appear in so many snacks these days.  The products do not contain pectin, colours, gelatinizing agents, apple juice, added sugar, artificial flavour or preservatives just 100% fruit.  The pouches are a handy size making them easy to transport and they are resealable so you don’t need to finish the whole pack in one go.  Just a reminder though that although they do not contain added sugar the product will contain natural sugars from the ripe fruits used and also will not have the fibre that comes with the fruit.  I have been using these as an addition to whole fruit, it’s great as an after school snack on the way home or on the way to the tutors.


Another item that I thought was rather good especially for children was Puds in a Mug.  These are a recent addition to the Dr Oetker range.  There are times where the little ones or I get a craving for cake and and nothing else will do.  Dr Oetker has 3 products in this range:

Dr. Oetker Pud in a Mug Sponge Puds are available in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco and Co-op.

Dr. Oetker Pud in a Mug Velvety Desserts are available in Asda.

The MRRP is £0.79.

I made tried the rich chocolate dessert which really did have a rich chocolate flavour.  Although not the same as home made it helps when you need cake straight away and is not bad at all when eaten whilst still hot with vanilla ice cream.  It’s super easy to make, you simply add milk and microwave.


I use coconut milk quite regularly and recently I came across a new coconut milk pouch in Asda.  The pouch contains 200ml of coconut milk where as the tins have 400ml.  Normally I use tins and reduce the milk as it isn’t always thick enough and there is a touch too much so the pouches make a fabulous alternative, these simply need pouring over the food you have cooked and heating through which takes a matter of minutes and adds a gorgeous creamy coconut flavour to your dish.  The coconut content is high too, this is one of the better quality products on the market as it contains 60% coconut extract where as many other have less and don’t taste as good.  I am looking forward to experimenting with some more vegetable pasta dishes so keep your eyes peeled for some yummy recipes coming soon.  This is high in fats but should be fine when eaten as part of a balanced diet.  In many instances you will be combining it with vegetable which will contain fibre and will actually trap some of the fats within the fibre strands helping to eliminate some of them from the body.


Have you discovered anything Fab recently that you would love to spread the word about?

Gorgeous Desserts from Christmas 2015

Don’t have a dessert to serve for Christmas day yet?  If you are making a Christmas cake to serve on the day then you will have made it by now and if you are not serving a fruit filled cake then you will have most of the ingredients ready for whatever you are baking.  Not planning on making your own and still undecided about what to get.  You may have cut it a little fine but don’t panic just yet.  I have searched the internet and sourced the most easily attainable and decedent cakes available to most depending on the supermarkets in your area.

Firstly let it be said that I have NOT tried any of these desserts although I would love to try them all. Dessert for me is the best part of any meal especially at Christmas as I don’t eat much of the meal apart from a little veg and some pigs in blankets, I’d rather eat cake.  I like to make or buy a selection of desserts for guests to have a choice as my family are quite fussy plus it’s more fun to try a few rather than just the one cake.

This Gu milk chocolate Christmas slice available from Morrisons looks great and combines flavours and textures.  It says on the website that it serves 10 or 8 greedy slices.  I would assume that the 10 slices would be viable if it was a diet group meeting but if you want cake look at cutting into 8 slices or less.  I normally do Greek slices which are normally on the generous side.

dessert 1This triple layer cappuccino cake from Marks and Spencer sounds like it would be delicious and it looks pretty good too!  It serves 14 unless of course I cut and then it would serve less.  It also has a mix of coffee and chocolate sponge with a coffee buttercream, yum!!!

dessert 2For the traditionalists this fabulous looking Christmas pudding from Aldi will surely delight and is a winner Quality Award winner 2015 and approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.  It contains orange liqueur, brandy and port for that little extra flavour.

dessert 3The Irish cream profiterole gateau from Iceland sounds fabulous and if it tastes as good as it looks the you may find yourself cutting Greek slices too!!!

57159 Irish Cream Profiterole Gateau_170.pdfNext up an extra special (Asda) Belgian chocolate layer cake that looks pretty and has different layered spongers to add to the excitement!!!  It’s not just a chocolate cake with its layers of Madeira, caramel and chocolate sponge.

dessert 5Icelands luxury chocolate and orange choux garland sounds like a great combination of textures and flavours and looks good too (it’s a shame the picture isn’t larger).

59690 Luxury Chocolate Orange Choux Garland_Angle_118.pdfThe Morrisons signature chocolate truffle cake coated in ganache and hiding a salted caramel centre may not look as great as some of the other cakes but the combination sounds like it would taste just as good.

dessert 7I love chocolate and hazelnut combined so had to include this from Asda, the chocolate and hazelnut praline cake.  It’s large enough for 10 or so they say and is definitely on my must try list!

dessert 8I am hoping to try a number of different decedent and extremely fattening cakes over the Christmas period and I am really looking forward to it.  I am a firm believer of homemade cakes being best and have proved it to friends and family on numerous occasions but there are times that you really would like to have cakes made for you that look and taste just as good.  I would hope that some of the above cakes would do the trick.

Happy cake hunting!

Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot

We are a nation of chocoholics, let’s face it, in many instances we turn to our dark and delicious friend for comfort before sharing our pain with partners or friends.  The challenge is to keep the various forms of chocolate interesting to appeal to our changing and generally super busy lifestyles.  I have been known on occasion to make hot chocolate as they do in France with pure chocolate melted into hot milk.  My goodness what a pain that is to do as it can be quite time consuming and rather frustrating especially when you have a baby running into your heels with his walker and two little Princesses wanting this and that.  Powdered chocolate needs a blooming good stir or else you get lumps, and even when you do stir it in well or at least that’s what you think, you get a chocolatey mass at the bottom that never quite mixes in!  Many of you reading this will feel my pain as I am probably describing a daily routine that you too experience at least with the chocolate powder.  You will be pleased to hear I come baring good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, so I am overly excited but did you know …….you can get liquid chocolate to make hot chocolate (Choc Shots)?  I know it’s like the invention of the wheel all over again.  This can be used in drinks and on foods and is available in different flavours including: Plain Chocolate and Chocolate with Orange Spice, both of which are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Co-op and Ocado at the hot chocolate shelf RRP£3.59.  They will also be introducing a Chocolate with Coconut (launching 31st March at Holland and Barrett).


  • 100% natural
  • Sweetened with our magic ingredient, award winning Sweet Freedom
  • Only 14 calories per teaspoon
  • Low GI / GL – no energy highs and lows
  • Suitable for diabetics as part of a healthy diet
  • NO artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • GM, dairy & gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Made in the UK

The little ones and I sure did know what to do!

Step one

Open packaging excitedly.


Step 2

Show mummy what was sent to review.


Step 3

Open the first choc shot and sample.  Once approved go to step 4!


Hang on mum we need to make sure, out come the spoons.


Step 4

Make a dessert!

Chocolate Coconut / Chocolate Spiced Orange and Banana Puffs


Wipe children clean then take a block of puff pastry and roll it out and cut into 4.


Place banana slices diagonally over the middle and then drizzle with the choc shot of your choice.



Fold the first side in and remove the excess pastry in the middle.


Fold second side in and place on a baking tray that has been lined with foil and sprinkled with flour.


We made half with the coconut one and half with the spiced orange.


Cook for approx. 25 minutes at 190 degrees in a fan oven 200 degrees in a conventional oven.

Having let the little ones loose on this they did squeeze quite a bit of syrup on the bananas, well who could blame them.  If you are making this at home put about a tablespoon and a half just in the middle part as this will bubble up and through the ends when cooking.

Don’t they look good!


Everyone was so excited about trying them that I didn’t get to add my last minute touches so if you do give these a go give them a little sprinkle with icing sugar once they have cooled and a small drizzle of the chocolate sauce on the top and serve.

Step 5

You will need a drink to go with it!

An obvious treat to make with the choc shots is hot chocolate.

Just make sure you remove the seal before using lol, I hadn’t done this when I gave the bottle to my youngest daughter with hilarious results.



Check to make sure you have used enough.


Step 6

Serve and enjoy.


Both flavours were sweet and chocolatey.  The coconut flavour really came through in the coconut shot and the warm orange spice in the orange shot.


A great treat for adults and super simple and self-explanatory:

Strawberries with chocolate sauce


As well as chocolate Sweet Freedom also make two different sweet syrups that are made from carob, apples and grapes. These syrups have multiple uses.

syrup 1  syrup 2

The original tastes and sweetens like white sugar and the dark like brown sugar.

  • 100% natural
  • Made from 100% fruit; apples, grapes and carob
  • Only 13 calories per teaspoon
  • Use 25% less gram for gram
  • Low GI / GL – no energy highs and lows
  • Suitable for diabetics as part of a healthy diet
  • NO artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • Produced using a water process with no chemicals or enzymes used
  • GM & gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Made in UK
  • 16g of fructose per 100g (sugar is 50g, honey 40g, agave syrup 90g)
  • Branded products called ‘fruit’ sugars are made from sugar beet and are 100% processed fructose

I popped some over some yogurt for breakfast.


Hubby at the last banana or that would have gone in too.  This tastes similar to honey and was really nice and sweet (I have a sweet tooth).

I also found it a great alternative to golden syrup on pancakes.


The products have won Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards for the last three years and quite rightly so as they do taste lovely.

Sweet freedom is better for you than the sugar we see sold in the shops this sugar alternative has a low glycemic index so when you use it instead of the sugars we are accustomed to as it helps avoid the sugar highs and lows that one would normally experience.  It is only recently that the risks of excessive sugar have been brought to the public’s attention.  Whatever form sugar is in it should be taken in moderation.  Excessive consumption of sugar in any form although more so of refined sugar (white sugar) can result in tooth decay, premature aging, obesity, types 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease as well as other conditions so it is best to control your daily intake especially as it is highly addictive (I should know I’m a sugar addict!).

How lucky are you guys!!!! Sweet Freedom have said I can give away 6 of their NEW Choc Shot Orange Spice.

Want one?

Just fill in the Rafflecopter form:

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Bio-Oil Bump Tracker Pregnancy App

I love Bio-Oil.  I started using it many years ago when I was pregnant with my daughters all over my body and also sometimes on my face and even on the ends of my hair.  For those unfamiliar with Bio-Oil it’s one of those products that every woman really should have a bottle of in the bathroom cabinet.

Bio-Oil helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks by maximising skin elasticity when used regularly.  It contains nourishing, healing and skin improving ingredients such as Vitamin A and E, Rosemary, Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender oils as well as a unique ingredient PurCellin Oil.  This unique ingredient helps the ingredients absorb through to the second layer of the skin were they can produce the most beneficial results whereas most other creams are oil based and only penetrate the top layer of the skin so are not as beneficial.

Clinical trials have shown Bio-Oil to be beneficial in helping with:

Scars – improving the appearance of new and old scars.

Stretch Marks – helps with the prevention of their formation and improve the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Uneven Skin Tone – whether the cause is hormonal fluctuations or excessive sun exposure it helps to improve its appearance.

Ageing Skin – improves the appearance of ageing skin by improving tone, sagging and wrinkles.

Dehydrated Skin.

Bio-Oil knows how special a time pregnancy is and that the nine months can literally fly by.  To help us remember this special time and enable us to share the excitement with others they have developed and launched a free new app: Bio-Oil Bump Tracker.

tracker 2

The Bio-Oil Bump Tracker enables mums-to be to track their changing bodies from the early stages of pregnancy straight through to the birth of their baby.  Once the first picture has been taken the app will create a ghost background image so that their bump profile is perfectly aligned for photography each time.  The app will even set a reminder each week which is great for those of us suffering from baby brain allowing them to record their pregnancy completely.  Once you have taken a few pictures the app will put them together and play them in quick succession in a time-lapse video so you can see your bump growing.


Once your little one is born you can then take a picture of yourself holding your little bundle of joy to complete your pregnancy story.  You can then enter the baby’s name, date of birth and weight and share the video of images with friends and family.

The Bio-Oil Bump Tracker is a free app available for Apple users that creates a unique keepsake that you can treasure forever available to down load from https://(nofollow) or http://(nofollow) (remove “(nofollow)” part to follow the link).

I have some great news for Bio-Oil lovers and those who are just discovering this fantastic must have beauty product!!!!

Bio-Oil have kindly offered me 3 60ml bottles which retail at £8.95 each to give as prizes to my fabulous readers.

Bio oil

Bio-Oil is available in Superdrug, Boots, Tesco, Primark, Amazon, Asda, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Sainsbry’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Savers and many more places.

60ml £8.95

125ml £14.95

200ml £19.95

I would recommend Costco if you are a member as it seems to be the best priced for the large bottles.

The enter to win one of of 3 60ml bottles please complete the rafflecopter form:

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