Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise (includes a FAB competition)

A little while back we introduced you all to Lalaloopsy.  Lalaloopsy have a range of fun, brightly coloured toys for little ones and one of them that you may have seen advertised on children’s tv recently is Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise.  Now of course the second my girls saw this they wanted to have one, who wouldn’t it’s a doll that poops!!!!!!  I’m really excited about this particular toy because it has arrived at around the time that the mini man is more conscious about trying to go to the toilet and this has coincided with him actually using the toilet.  I think that seeing the doll and his sisters go to the toilet and not wearing nappies has really spurred him to wanting to be a big boy and using the toilet.  My little man has started stripping and running bare bottomed to the toilet although he can’t quite get on it without help just yet.  It’s hilarious, he has totally perfected the stripping part it takes him seconds and before you know it you have a toddler running starkers around the house, it’s pretty hilarious I must say!  Not so much when we have an accident on the floor though but we will work through that.  Anyway back to Lalaloopsy.  As you can see this doll is cute with her large dark button eyes and my girls love her.Lala1

 In the box you get the doll, 3 different coloured foods, a bowl, a spoon and a potty.  And of course importantly it’s super easy to use.

Using the spoon to portion out some food.

There are various shapes and the kids loved discovering new ones in the potty.

Both my girls and Mr Squishy love playing with this and the great thing is that no matter how many times they have left the lid open the food which is like kinetic sand does not seem to dry out, good to know as we all know what children are like.  The food pot lids and the potty are all nicely decorated which I liked and this is one of those super toys that you don’t need to get batteries for making it a great gift as that’s one less expense and thing to remember, bonus!  A lot of thought that has gone into this toys presentation which is great.  When we were first playing with this I did notice when the doll wasn’t used properly the poop didn’t form a shape so be sure to follow our instructions above or via our YouTube video:

How much fun is that!

Now like all parents, grandparents, loving aunts and uncles we want to get our hands on these great toys but also where possible want to save ourselves a few pounds in the process.  With that in mind I did a quick price comparison and found the doll being sold by numerous shops for over £30 except for one!!!!  I am pleased to tell you I have found probably the bargain of the month for those needing to by something like this as a gift.  I found Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise was being sold for just £14.99 in Argos stores so if you want one hurry and get ordering online as once the deal sites get wind of it this they will sell out!!!!  You heard it here first lol.

 I am going to add some more good news to that.  We have a super duper competition for one of my lovely readers to win a Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise Doll!!!!!

Isn’t that fabulous!

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Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewelery Maker

The Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls, but, when their very last stitch is sewn they magically came to life.  The dolls each have their own personality which comes from the fabric they are made with.  The dolls live in a whimsical world full of fun and surprises.  Lalaloopsy have been putting smiles on little girls faces for years but it is only recently I discovered how larger their range of products actually is.

 The adorable dolls are available as dolls, little figures (mini Lalaloopsy), playsets and accessories and a new addition is their dance with me doll.  I was invited along with my little ones to join in a Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party but with other things already arranged for the same day we couldn’t make it.  Devastated didn’t come close to describing how we felt to miss out on a great event but the very kind people at the press office sent us over a Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewelery Maker to review instead!!!!

DSC03828This great playset comes with 4 Lalaloopsy Tinies.  The gold one is a special edition Tinie so you can imagine the smiles on the girls faces when they I told them.  With the words “you can play with them when you get some homework done” ringing in their ears they literally ran to find their books and pencils.


The playset comes as a ferris wheel and there are 5 different coloured beads that can be used to make necklaces, bracelets, rings and also hair pieces and anything else you fancy.  You can add your favourite Tinies too.  The set isn’t just for jewelery making as the design also allows for creative play which is a bonus for me as it is great to let kids use their imagination in play and not just have them sitting in front of a screen whether it’s that of an ipad, computer, leap pad or tv as their form of entertainment.
The playset is simple to use, just select the coloured beads you want then pop them in the dome.

Thread the needle with the plastic string.

DSC03874Press the button.

DSC03872 Just like magic the beads begin to thread themselves onto the string.

DSC03870It did jam a few times but if that happens simply turn it off by pressing the button again and move the needle from the side.

DSC03924We wanted to make a bracelet so after a few beads had been threaded we added a Tinie.DSC03894Then reattached the thread and added some more beads.

DSC03897After this you need to measure to make sure the size is correct for what you want it to be.

  Cut the string and tie.

DSC03904And you have a cute little Lalaloopsy Tinie bracelet.

DSC03907Or necklace.DSC03941I found that the plastic string wasn’t very easy to tie as it undoes itself so I used normal string.

DSC03931I would suggest substituting plastic string to elasticated string to this product as this would make creating great jewelery easier but all in all it’s a lovely item for little ones that gives them hours of fun and would make a great birthday, or Christmas present as would the prize I am about to tell you about!!!

For those that love to dance It’s time to share your best dance moves with your very own Lalaloopsy™ Dance with Me doll (RRP £59.99). Lalaloopsy™ Peanut Big Top™ is ready for her best performance yet as she sings and dances with you! Wear the magical bow so that Peanut can recognise your movements. When you dance fast, she dances fast and when you dance slow, she does the same. The Lalaloopsy™ Dance with Me doll has three play modes. She will mimic dance speed, play Freeze Dance and will Dance and Sing – giving little performers the chance to dance and sing with Peanut as she teaches them step-by-step.

Lalaloopsy Dance DollThis is your chance to win a Dance With Me Doll to show off your best moves.

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