Yankee Candles Festive Selection

There are loads of Festive Candles about but some of the most popular this year will be those from Yankee Candles.  Yankee always seem to get scents spot on which is one reason they are so popular.  They also have a wonderful range available.  From their festive collection they have three that are absolutely divine.


All Is Bright

This is one of those fabulously addictive fragrances.  I think most of us have lifted the lid to a candle and thought wow that’s gorgeous, resealed it then gone back to take another sniff or thirty.  This IS one of those candles.  The scent is not excessively sweet and it has the most amazing fresh citrus and musk aroma that you will adore, I really loved this snowy white candle.

Festive Cocktail

Another winner this lovely berry and pine combo has a deliciously fruity fragrance from pure natural extracts.  With a lovely rich red colour this looks lovely and is aptly named with its beautifully festive fragrance.

Macaron Treats

This has a heavenly sweet aroma just like vanilla and almonds (or quite simply put vanilla macarons) and smells good enough to eat.  The scent will leave you drooling, another that you will find simply irresistible.

Yankee Candle have up to 50% off on their site at the moment so you can get some great bargains on their various scented candles.  I have searched a few other sites looking for bargains for these candles and interestingly many of the offers have been been snapped up just proving how popular Yankee Candles are.  If you are keen on getting some of these great candles keep an eye on the House of Fraser site as they have some great offers on them too.

Have you bought any Yankee Candles this year?

Pr samples are included.

Top 5 Tips for Black Friday Shopping – Written for Kiss FM’s Melvin Odoom

It’s Black Friday and I was listening to Kiss FM as I drove back home after the school run and a quick supermarket visit.  Melvin Odoom came on to tell everyone his top tips for Black Friday savings which I must admit was a bit disappointing.  Melvin seriously – just get out there doesn’t cut it so I have decided to write a quick post with my top 5 tips for those like me that felt they needed a bit more guidance, Melvin sweetheart, you can pay me later.  Let’s hope the lovely Pandora on Kiss will read this out for everyone.

Tip 1

Prioritise, you need to decide the main thing you are after to avoid being disappointed and distracted by all the deals that you come across ooooo look the gift set I wanted is on offer – see it’s easily done!  You have more rights if you buy online than instore so it may be better in some cases to shop from home and not to mention safer.

Tip 2 

Compare discounted prices – they may be cheaper elsewhere, make sure you check for warranty length and delivery charges.  Also see if you can get store points with your purchase for an extra bonus.  Keep in mind some stores will price match when deciding where to buy from but they will need proof of prices so keep a hold of ads.

Tip 3

Check the terms and conditions.  It’s easy to be swept up in the moment and get a little carried away buying items on offer but check what the refund policy is before buying that lime green pair of boots, heaven forbid they clash with your electric pink body con dress and you can’t change or exchange them!

Tip 4

Make sure your phone is full charged so you can priced check whilst in stores.  You don’t want to hear a friend bought the same item for much less.

Tip 5

Shop in a team.  It’s more fun with friends anyway so if you are braving it and heading to the shops you can spilt up and halve third, quarter etc. the work of getting the items you are all after.  Kids don’t count and will only slow you done so leave them with a responsible adult.


Don’t forget if you are buying Christmas presents ask for a gift receipt.  Shops are issuing them I should know I got some from House of Fraser a few weeks back during a mini spending spree.

Have fun!

I hope you all find some great bargains.

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For the Love of Dresses

My little girls have taken after me.  Just like mummy they love to wear dresses so when I went to do a shop in the West End and saw these gorgeous Yumi Girl dresses in House of Fraser I knew they would love them.  At first I did consider getting them the same dress in the same colour until I discovered that it also came in white too, how exciting.  Knowing the girls would be over the moon to have them I quickly found their sizes and purchased them without a  second thought.  By the way they were on sale, which was great as I had more shopping to do.

As predicted the girls loved their dresses and here they are wearing them.

They were very excited about the prospect of a photo shoot for the blog and had great fun posing for the camera.






Here is a closer look at the pattern:


These dresses are perfect for day wear, parties and other occasions.

How you shopped from House of Fraser recently?

Choosing the Right Jean Style for your Body Type

When you go out in jeans whether they are styled to be casual or a bit more glam you really want to wear the most flattering jeans for your body type.  Sounds simple enough, yet many get it so wrong.  This post has been written to give advice to those unsure of what style of jeans will suit them best and not to tell people what they can and can’t wear as that wouldn’t be fair as we all have our own tastes.

Before I go through the different body types and jean styles I wanted to include a little arm candy that would look wonderful with all the styles of jeans whether you are going casual or glamming them up.  This pretty crystal stretch bracelet from Majique is just the piece to finish off any outfit and the crystals sparkle nicely to make this not only eye catching but also a jewellery box essential.



What you need to know before you can choose the right jeans for your body shape is that the ‘rise’ of a jean is the measurement from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam.  High rise jeans sit under your bellybutton covering the hips and bottom.

Pear Shaped

Seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Pear shaped women are smaller on top and have curvier hips, bottoms and thighs.  A high rise flare, bootcut, skinny or trouser jean would look great as they make your legs look longer and help give the appearance of slimmer hips.  Trouser jeans look similar to trousers (simply put).  These are generally found in dark washes making them more suitable as workwear.  They fall in a straight line from the hips and take attention away from your middle area.

Boot cut and flare jeans will help you look thinner but it is important to remember that you should always go for a darker colour (dark blue, indigo or black).  Don’t go for jeans that fit too tightly as they will accentuate bulges.

Straight leg jeans can look like skinny jeans on a pear shaped body.  Go for a dark colour to flatter your figure the most and make sure the fabric of the jeans is a heavy one so one that falls rather than squeezes.

 Draw attention to the upper part of your body either with bold colours, eye catching patterned tops, long tops and or a chunky / sparkly necklace.


Seen on the likes of Kelly Brook and Salma Hayek.

This figure is best suited to a wide leg jean with a mid rise to show off your curves yet keep you looking slim in the right places.  The styles of jeans are the same as with a pear shape.


Apple shaped celebs include Elizabeth Hurley and Jennifer Hudson.

Apple shaped ladies are larger across their mid-section generally with slim legs and are best suited to straight leg jeans with a dark wash to complement their shape although bootcut and flare will also look good.  Go for a mid to low rise jean.


This Straight up and down figure is seen on the likes of Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz.  This means your bust, hips and shoulders are the same width.

Mid rise bootcut and flare jeans look great on this figure although you can get away with most styles.

Whatever size you are make sure your jeans have some lycra in the fabric to help the jeans retain their original shape.

Trouser Jean

(from Banana Republic)

Banana Republic Trouser JeanBootcut Jean

 House of Fraser Bootcut jeans 1

House of Fraser Bootcut jeans

Skinny Jean

House of Fraser Skinny jeans

Straight Leg Jeans

House of Fraser Straight cut jeans

Flared Jeans

Next Flared Jeans

As worn by Michelle Keegan available at Next.

I hope that you found this useful.

All jeans featured are from House of Fraser unless otherwise stated.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

House of Frasers’ The Fashion Undateables

Browsing the net I came across a fabulous competition on the House of Fraser blog aimed specifically at bloggers.  The likelihood of me actually having a hope of winning this is extremely small especially as it will probably end up being a popularity contest out of the bloggers selected (rather than on the clothing selection) but then my view as always is ‘you have to be in it to win it’.  It’s 12.10am on the morning of the 7/08 and I have until 12pm to get my post written.  With that in mind is set about reading through the brief provided ( albeit quickly).

 “Melvin and Jarrod need your help! These fashion undateables are searching for ‘the one’ but have so far been unlucky in finding the right date. We’re looking for bloggers to offer top styling tips to help the boys find their happily ever after.”

 Sounds fine so far until you see the boys!!!!



Yes, we are in agreement, they really are undateables, or at least at the moment anyway.  With my work cut out for me and neither being my type I decided to toss a coin to decide which of the two I would style with items chosen from the House of Fraser menswear range.  The winner was Jarrod.

From the picture and information given about him Jarrod appears to be outgoing, very confident and from the photo he has a good physique which makes him quite easy to work with once we lose those awful sunglasses (he clearly has a sense of humor).  From his current attire one would naturally assume that he would wear an outfit that it smart, yet casual and tight fitting over the upper body.  The date would probably be at a trendy bar / restaurant like the Gilt Bar where the food and cocktails are great and you can watch football on their large screens depending of the time of day (football watching allowed after a few dates).



Before we even consider an outfit our man needs to shave, well you never know, he might get as far as a goodnight kiss and stabbing your date with stubble is generally not advisable.

Outfit choices can make or break a first date so it is of the utmost importance that your choice of outfit is spot on.  Otherwise, you may find your date using their friends to initiate an emergency rescue (as in the romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in Blended) and giving an excuse such as an avalanche in their backyard to escape!

 I thought that I would start from the top and work my way down so firstly let’s ditch the hat and sunglasses.  A hat can be added 4 to 5 dates down the line if necessary but sunglasses indoors are a no no.  Also make sure that clothing is clean on before the date as clothing smelling cooking is sure to put the majority of women with a functioning sense of smell off.   Another important factor to consider is that your outfit shouldn’t be made up of more than about 3 different colours, you don’t want to dazzle them with colour as it generally has a negative effect.  Most women like a well-toned appearance and to flatter Jarrod’s I selected this slim fit Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt.  The blue will go well with his skin colouring and the sleeve length would accentuate his biceps.  These polo shirts in a range of colours would serve him well.

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Working our way down to his wrist I would add this sleek and sophisticated Emporio Armani watch so that he can make a good first impression and be on time.  The colours of the watch work well with the rest of the outfit and it’s not offensive to the eye in any way.

Emporio Armani Watch

Next up a black belt with a silver buckle from Tommy Hilfiger.  We may not be able to see the belt as it will be tucked under the polo shirt but we sure don’t want to see any signs of boxer shorts!!!

Tommy Hilfiger Belt

These Ben Sherman boxers are stylish although we don’t want to see them from above drooping jeans, but it’s always good to have nice underwear just in case.


Being held up by the lovely belt are these Diesel Larkee straight leg jeans.  I went for a darker jean to complement the rest of the outfit.

Diesel Jeans

Socks must be worn with shoes!!!  These Hugo Boss socks are perfect and help Jarrod stay within his colour spectrum.


Shoes are a biggie and no I’m not talking about size.  Make sure that when selecting shoes they are not overly detailed and most importantly of all they are clean.  These Bertie Radius in brown would finish the outfit perfectly.

Shoes 5

I wonder what Jarrod would make of the outfit I selected for him.