A First Bike

Mr Squishy is an active little boy.  This little man gets his energy levels from me so is generally super charged most of the time.  It comes in handy as he can keep up with me although isn’t quite so great when I’m having an off day.  This little Duracell bunny loves to run around, play on his scooter and play on his tricycle whenever he gets the chance.  He has mastered the art of riding his sisters pretty pink scooters hilarious if you compare their size to his and he’s recently learnt to use the pedals on his bike.  At the moment he of course has a teeny weeny little bike (tricycle) to allow for his size but at some stage I shall be looking to upgrade as he grows.  I don’t remember my first bike it was so long ago although I do remember riding a neighbours dog (a golden retriever) once in a while which was pretty fun.  Photos from when I was young are limited so I don’t think I have any of me and my first bike which is a shame and something I hope not to be the case with my little ones.


My little man loves riding his bike outside and normally he plays with it in the garden but I hope to get out to the park where he can ride it over a larger more open area as I know he will love that.  You can see the concentration on his face when he pedals around and it’s simply adorable.  My only concern is getting him to leave the park as he loves being out and not so much the leaving and coming back home.

I can imagine my little man on a bmx bike when he gets that little bit bigger.  Do you remember those?  I still see these sort of bikes around which were very popular in the 1990’s.  This sort of bike would be great for my little guy being the little speedster and daredevil that he is.


Having visited Halfords for children’s bikes and also to get my car lights changed when they’ve blown (yes they do that too for a small fee) I thought I would take a look and see what options were available for Mr Squishy.  The bikes start from age 3 and up so he might have to wait a little longer which is fine with me as his little tricycle is just right for the moment.  Halfords have a good range of bikes on their site for boys and girls.  I though these would probably appeal to my little man the most:


He loves bright colours and these bikes look great and what impressed me even more was this that I read on a banner over on their site.


Always reassuring when other mums are in total agreement about products for children isn’t it!

From the bikes selected above I think the one that would appeal to Mr Squishy the most at the moment would be the Paw Patrol bike.  He loves watching Paw Patrol on tv and to have a bike with the characters would really put a smile on his face.  Any of these would make a great first bike for children and give them hours of fun outside.  I don’t think children get half as much outside play as I know I did when i was younger so this is perfect to help encourage that.

Many of the bikes are on offer at the moment so if you need a children’s bike be sure to take a look as you could bag yourself some great savings.

Have you guys ever bought or would you buy a bike from Halfords?

This is a collaborative post.