Fab Boots from George!

When it was announced on the radio (whilst I was on the early morning school run) that temperatures in the UK may plummet down to -14 degrees if felt a cold shiver run down my spine.  These are temperatures I have sought to avoid all my life and I was thankful that I live in London where it is unlikely to get that cold here although it is more than cold enough at the moment.  I decided now was the time to wear my new pair of boots from George at Asda.  I initially saw some similar boots at a George press event last year.

DSC02092These are great, they look good, go with various clothes from jeans, legging and even jumper dresses.

DSC00813 DSC00812 DSC00803The boots are fully lined which makes them feel soft and very comfortable just like you are wearing slippers.  You can wear them with the faux sheepskin fleece trim showing or not either way they look good and I have been complimented on them quite a few times already.  I have also noticed so far that they seem to have a good grip too as I have yet to slip on the icy footpaths whilst taking the little ones to school.  I love these boots so much I am evn considering getting a second as a spare.  Make sure you grab some before they sell out!!!!

10 of the Cutest Girls Christmas Jumpers 2015

Last but not least in my Christmas jumper line up; here are my top 10 Christmas jumpers of 2015 for girls.  George got my attention with their penguin jumper (£10), isn’t it lovely?

girls christmas jumper 1Again from George is this bunny jumper (£8) that isn’t strictly for Christmas wear only and I know my girls would adore it as they loooove bunnies.

girls christmas jumper 2Next has this super cute reindeer jumper available that looks great as well as nice and cosy.  The price varies from £13-£18 depending on size.

girls christmas jumper 3For little girls that still love Frozen then this light up jumper from Matalan (£16) will make them smile.

girls christmas jumper 4As will Matalan’s light up reindeer jumper (£12-£14) ideal for little ones full of Christmas spirit.

girls christmas jumper 5M&S have a nice selection of girls jumpers including these two both priced at £14-£16.  My girls would love both of them!

girls christmas jumper 6girls christmas jumper 7It wouldn’t be fair to include this sort of jumper just in the boys Christmas jumper list so here is a Mrs Claus jumper (£14-£16) for the girls.

girls christmas jumper 8M&S is on a roll with their jumpers this year and these last two (both £16-£20) help confirm that.

girls christmas jumper 9 girls christmas jumper 10In case you missed them I have also written Christmas jumper posts for ladies and men.  I hope this post helps you save time searching for the best jumpers available for girls.  Feel free to pop by anytime and pop a like or leave a comment as both are appreciated.

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The 10 Cutest Boys Christmas Jumpers of 2015

We have the ladies and gents covered (literally) with a range of Christmas jumpers that are to put it nicely at bit more sophisticated than some but now it’s time for the children.  I think that proper Christmas jumpers as in the types with Santa, his reindeer, elves etc. look so much better on children than adults.  Rather than throwing all the children’s jumpers together in one post I decided to split the posts between girls and boys so this post will feature boys jumpers.

 The first is from George and an absolute bargain at just £6.  How cute!

boys christmas jumper 1The George range have quite a few nice Christmassy jumpers for little boys which is why I have also included this one.  These look great on little ones, they look adorable in them and there are a few other choices to choose from on their site.  This jumper is just £9.

boys christmas jumper 2 The next jumper that caught my attention was this from another supermarket.  I loved F&F’s super cute jumper and starting from £5 it is the cheapest I have featured so far too.

boys christmas jumper 3This cute and funny jumper again from F&F priced between £10 and £12 is great for little ones.  The attached Christmas lights (pompoms) are a great idea and make this a bit different from all the other Santa falling down the chimney jumpers.

boys christmas jumper 4This fun festive jumper from Matalan is just £5!

boys christmas jumper 5Again from Matalan this googly eyed reindeer jumper will be a firm favourite with little boys (£7-£8).

boys christmas jumper 9As will this (Matalan) dual purpose jumper, it looks cute on kids and the bells warn you they are getting closer lol!!!

boys christmas jumper 10Marks and Spencer have this great Olaf jumper that can be worn all year around (£14-16).

boys christmas jumper 6These reindeer jumpers from Next are adorable. (Red £17-£22, Blue £15-£16)

boys christmas jumper 7boys christmas jumper 8Having searched through a whole range of companies from designer to supermarkets I can safely say these are the 10 cutest jumpers that I found available to buy for Christmas 2015.  I hope those looking for boys jumpers find it useful.

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Sophisticated Ladies Christmas Jumpers for 2015

Wow it’s 45 days until Christmas.  How exciting!!!  It might seem like ages away but now is the time to get that Christmas shopping started if you haven’t already.  Christmas jumpers appear to be getting popular although to be honest you wouldn’t catch me dead in one.  With that said I thought it might be nice to help those that want to track down a great Christmas jumper to save them the leg work (aren’t I lovely) so here are my top 10 Christmas jumpers available for ladies.

I wasn’t expecting to say this but I take it back, not all Christmas jumpers that came up on my search were excessively garish.  With that in mind I have decided to make this post about the more sophisticated Christmas jumpers for ladies available to buy in in 2015.  I could actually see myself wearing some of them like this Emmy Santa’s Coming Christmas jumper from Boohoo, who doesn’t like the film Elf and what a great idea for a jumper and a bargain at only £15.

Ladies christmas jumper 1This simple John Lewis star jumper gives off that Christmassy vibe perfectly when worn at Christmas yet you could wear it anytime of year thanks to the great design that doesn’t exclude it from general wear.  A bit pricier at £49 but this isn’t just seasonal wear.

Ladies Christmas jumper 2Next up this cute long jumper from George, it’s festive yet simply adorable and well worth £16.

Ladies Christmas jumper 3This ASOS Christmas jumper with embellished snowflake is very pretty and looks really warm too.  An inbetweener pricewise at £38.

Ladies Christmas jumper 4Also from ASOS this star embellished dress is another flexible piece that can be worn throughout the year and is therefore a bargain at £45.  Ok, so it’s not a jumper but it can be worn as one.

Ladies Christmas jumper 5This jumper found at both Littlewoods and Very for £25 looks great and works well with jeans and leggings.

Ladies Christmas jumper 7I’m sneaking in another dress which looks great as a dress.  This piece that can be found at both Littlewoods and Very for £35 is guaranteed to sell out fast so you had better grab one soon!

Ladies Christmas jumper 6This Christmassy yet very understated jumper from ASOS is only £22 and combined with some leggings or dark skinny jeans and a bit of sparkle this has the potential to be part of a great outfit.  I love the colour of it and the cute bows give it that hint that it’s a Christmassy jumper but don’t scream it’s Christmas!!!!

Ladies Christmas jumper 8This jumper dress priced at £20 from prettylittlething gives you the option of wearing it as either.  With a festive colour and message this can be worn with long boots or with bootcut jeans or leggings.

Ladies Christmas jumper 9Last but not least this knitted jumper with a faux fur trimmed hood from Lipsy priced at £38.  Feminine and warm it’s the perfect thing to weather on a cold winters day.

Ladies Christmas jumper 10I hope you all liked my jumper / dress (lol, I couldn’t help myself) choices.  I am so impressed by what I found that I may be getting some of these myself.

Happy shopping.

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