Daywear Holiday Wish List

As you know I love to write my fashion posts when I get the chance to and I am very excited about this particular post.  Why?  Because it’s is a daywear holiday wish list and the mere thought of going away makes me excited.  Of course one cannot consider going on holiday with the correct attire it simply wouldn’t do.  This time my search on the net took me to a company called Love the Sales.  What attracted me to the site?  The dresses (we all know I have a love affair with dresses) the decision was made, my focus site for the post had been found.  How simple was that!!  Love the sales is a great site that is perfect for shopaholics as they find all the sales from 500 of the biggest UK retailers and put them all on one website saving us not just money but also time.  Lovethesales displays clothing from various sites with their sales items including; Ted Baker sale, Phase Eight sale, Tommy Hilfiger sale, Hugo Boss sale and Ralph Lauren sale to name but a few.  I was excited to see that you can get sale alerts specific for your size!

In this post I shall try my hardest to select a mix of items and not just dresses to share with you, wish me luck!

Ok, so luck wasn’t really needed.  Quite honestly I could have easily just copied and pasted the majority of this site onto my blog but I don’t think that’s allowed.  Maybe a revisit post with a different topic may be required further down the line.

So what are my top holiday daywear items from Love the Sales?

I’m going to work from the head down so first up a hat.


This floppy hat from Accessorize is now selling at £10.50.

This hat also attracted my attention available from Accessorize and on sale at £17.50.


Although I am fully aware the best colour to wear for hot climates is white these black hats really do appeal.  They are feminine and pretty and look simply fabulous on!  (You can’t argue with that.)

Working down from there no self respecting intelligent woman would be caught dead in a sunny climate without eye protection and these Max Mara sunglasses are just want we all need.


The style and colour will suit all face shapes and hair colours.  These sunglasses are just so pretty I know you won’t be able to resist.  You can also save a massive 40% off the price as these are now down to £126, not bad for a beautiful pair of sunglasses that you will want to live in all summer long.

Now for the dresses!!!!!!!!

I have tried my best to not overdo it.  My advise though would be do not EVER give me your card and send me to this site unless I am personal shopping for you as I may max out your card.  With so many fabulous dresses to chose from you could be forgiven for spending a day just browsing the site.  Here are my favourite 3, no 4 make that 5 dresses.


(1) Nautical Stripe Sundress Navy/White (ASOS) 59% off now £19.50

I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it.  The v neckline flatters and the light weight material makes it great for daywear although it is labelled on the site as an evening dress.  Hey why not break free and rebel a little.  I could see myself wearing this on holiday with some cute sandals and a handbag to complement the outfit.

(2) D-G Twist Neck Sundress (Figleaves) 60% off now £16.00

What an adorable dress.  The description says it is designed to flatter!  They’re not wrong, the dress hangs rather than clings and the colour is perfect for the summer and it will look great with a tan (from a bottle only as we know natural tans are a sign of skin damage).

(3) Denim & Supply – V-Neck Sun Cap Sleeve Dress (Very) 25% off now £90

I love the deep v neck, cut and overall style of the dress giving the wearer a fun, feminine look.  This is perfect for everyday wear and to compete the ensemble a pretty pair of sandals.

(4) Rosalie Maxi Dress Vert (Zalando) 20% off now £26.00

What a beautiful colour to start with, this lovely flowing dress again covers well to flatter the figure.  This maxi dress is perfect for a comfortable yet feminine look.  Again a pretty pair of sandals or even wedges would complement the outfit.

(5) Broderie Anglaise Sun Dress – Cream (ASOS) 36% off now £35

Simple, feminine and comfortable, the perfect combination for a day dress that is a great colour to reflect the heat whilst looking beautiful and stylish.


We can’t forget the bags, this Spikes & Sparrow from Zalando is a beauty and is has 20% the original price making it £115.99.


The bag is a great size to keep all essentials but it’s not too large to carry around either.  It’s the perfect day bag and looks great with a range of outfits.

Last but not least the sandals.  I’m going to be honest and say I got distracted.  When I was looking for shoes to feature an hour just vanished like magic, I wonder what happened there.  I was amazed at the number of shoes listed, my goodness there are so many to chose from you are literally spoilt for choice.


I managed to get my choices down to just 4 from about 20.  These were my favourites.

(1) Dolla Leather Sandal (Guess) 30% off now £91.00

The sole allows for the size of the heel so even though they add height to the wearer they do not overly stretch the arch of the foot making them easier to walk in.  The style is one of sophistication perfect for the girly girls among us and simply stunning.

(2) Walker Romatic (Sarenza) 20% off now £43.00

Lovely everyday summer shoes that will suit most outfits.  I love the cross over at the front these are a wardrobe staple for the summer.

(3) Red Capri Sandals (Schuh) 83% off now £27.99

Although they barely add height I love the pretty feminine design of these sandals to allow for daily comfort over the summer.

(4) Safiya Soft Knot Platform Sandal 30% off now £34.30

I love these cute, comfortable looking sandals.  These are the soft of sandal you get in a few colours as they are a must have looking great with almost anything.

All the sandals chosen would look great with dresses, jeans and shorts.  I loved the range and there are some great bargains to be found in a range of sizes.  The Lovethesales website made my holiday wishlist simple to put together so now I know where I can get some lovely clothes if I go away.

Why not take a look and see for yourself.

Have you heard of Lovethesales before?

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My Favourite Floral Dresses from Asos (for Summer 2016)

The Chelsea flower show may be over but our love for the beautiful floral summer dress is still very strong.  Search any clothes boutique or clothing store in general and you will not find it hard to find their floral tribute to the summer season.

There may be an abundance of floral designs but unfortunately not all get it quite right.  I love floral dresses but must admit I am super fussy when it comes to clothing that will adorn my womanly physique.  Dresses must look feminine, sophisticated and pretty but not with out of place floral designs that have been put together for the sake of creating a ‘floral dress’.

ASOS is a great site with so many styles and sizes to fit all shapes and heights.  They have an enormous selection of dresses and I thought where better to find the perfect floral dresses for the summer of 2016.  I must admit it took me a while to go through them all but after a considerable amount of time I have found my favourite 5 and here they are:

This Little Mistress Plunge Front Chiffon Maxi Dress in Floral (£68.00) is simply beautiful.  The colours work well together and the style is flattering to the female form especially with the thigh high split.  The shirred stretch back adds to the comfort of the dress as do the moulded padded cups.


ASOS Tall Salon Maxi Dress (£85.00) with Embroidery & Floral Print with V-neckline is a stunning dress perfect for tall ladies.  Again a white background which makes the colours of the printed flowers stand out nicely.


The ASOS Scallop Neck Skater Dress (£50.00) has a pretty scalloped bardot neckline.  The dress flares at bottom giving it that swirly, flowing feel.  This is an ultra-chic and feminine dress that I for one would love wearing.


ASOS Tall Salon Soft Bandeau Midi Dress in Floral Print £65.00 is not only a great style of dress but the colour is also lovely especially with a tan (from a bottle only please).  The dress is fully lined and the bandeau neckline has inner grip tape to ensure a secure fit.


I think the Little Mistress Tall Floral Printed Halter Maxi Dress with Wrap Skirt (£65.00) is simply gorgeous and is a very flattering style.  Again I was drawn to a white dress with a colourful print but these dresses always seem to stand out and look perfect in the summer.


Floral dresses will always be in fashion and as long as you are careful in your selection you will find you have a dress you can wear for years to come.

Love floral jewellery?  You can win a Forget-Me-Not necklace and Earrings ‘here’ pictured below.


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Sophisticated Mens Christmas Jumpers for 2015

Having written a post about sophisticated ladies Christmas jumpers I then thought I couldn’t really neglect my male readers as it wouldn’t be fair so for those either wanting to follow Colin Firth in the style of the Bridget Jones Christmas jumper (which was a bit like this one from Topman priced at £30),

mens christmas jumper 1or wanting something a bit more manly and sophisticated.

Looking for something simple, stylish but not excessive? this snowflake jumper from House of Fraser is perfect (£55).

mens christmas jumper 2This playful Christmassy and not excessively gaudy jumper from ASOS is a bargain at just £22.

mens christmas jumper 3Another from ASOS this time with a snowflake design this knitted jumper is guaranteed to keep you warm.  It is more expensive at £65 but I doubt you will need many layers when you are wearing it!!!!

mens christmas jumper 4ASOS has beaten the other jumpers yet again and made it onto the list with this snow texture jumper for £110 the most expensive of the jumpers featured.  A jumper you can get away with all year around?  I think so, don’t forget we are in the Uk!

mens christmas jumper 5Want to go a little more Christmassy but not way overboard then take a look at this from Topman, not bad for £30.

mens christmas jumper 6Love Christmas?  Then THIS is the jumper for you. Available from ASOS for £19.99 it is bound to make people smile.

mens christmas jumper 7And for those wanting to look like Christmas has well for want of a better word vomited all over them this will probably do the trick (ASOS £25) although franky I have seen far worse.

mens christmas jumper 9Last but not least for those that really really hate Christmas you will LOVE this for £19.99 from ASOS!

mens christmas jumper 10Love this post?  I must admit it was fun to write.  Please do let me know how much you liked it by popping a like below or even leaving a comment.

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Sophisticated Ladies Christmas Jumpers for 2015

Wow it’s 45 days until Christmas.  How exciting!!!  It might seem like ages away but now is the time to get that Christmas shopping started if you haven’t already.  Christmas jumpers appear to be getting popular although to be honest you wouldn’t catch me dead in one.  With that said I thought it might be nice to help those that want to track down a great Christmas jumper to save them the leg work (aren’t I lovely) so here are my top 10 Christmas jumpers available for ladies.

I wasn’t expecting to say this but I take it back, not all Christmas jumpers that came up on my search were excessively garish.  With that in mind I have decided to make this post about the more sophisticated Christmas jumpers for ladies available to buy in in 2015.  I could actually see myself wearing some of them like this Emmy Santa’s Coming Christmas jumper from Boohoo, who doesn’t like the film Elf and what a great idea for a jumper and a bargain at only £15.

Ladies christmas jumper 1This simple John Lewis star jumper gives off that Christmassy vibe perfectly when worn at Christmas yet you could wear it anytime of year thanks to the great design that doesn’t exclude it from general wear.  A bit pricier at £49 but this isn’t just seasonal wear.

Ladies Christmas jumper 2Next up this cute long jumper from George, it’s festive yet simply adorable and well worth £16.

Ladies Christmas jumper 3This ASOS Christmas jumper with embellished snowflake is very pretty and looks really warm too.  An inbetweener pricewise at £38.

Ladies Christmas jumper 4Also from ASOS this star embellished dress is another flexible piece that can be worn throughout the year and is therefore a bargain at £45.  Ok, so it’s not a jumper but it can be worn as one.

Ladies Christmas jumper 5This jumper found at both Littlewoods and Very for £25 looks great and works well with jeans and leggings.

Ladies Christmas jumper 7I’m sneaking in another dress which looks great as a dress.  This piece that can be found at both Littlewoods and Very for £35 is guaranteed to sell out fast so you had better grab one soon!

Ladies Christmas jumper 6This Christmassy yet very understated jumper from ASOS is only £22 and combined with some leggings or dark skinny jeans and a bit of sparkle this has the potential to be part of a great outfit.  I love the colour of it and the cute bows give it that hint that it’s a Christmassy jumper but don’t scream it’s Christmas!!!!

Ladies Christmas jumper 8This jumper dress priced at £20 from prettylittlething gives you the option of wearing it as either.  With a festive colour and message this can be worn with long boots or with bootcut jeans or leggings.

Ladies Christmas jumper 9Last but not least this knitted jumper with a faux fur trimmed hood from Lipsy priced at £38.  Feminine and warm it’s the perfect thing to weather on a cold winters day.

Ladies Christmas jumper 10I hope you all liked my jumper / dress (lol, I couldn’t help myself) choices.  I am so impressed by what I found that I may be getting some of these myself.

Happy shopping.

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Let’s Go Bring Back Summer

I hate to say it but in the blink of an eye summer will be over.  In fact this last week has been more like winter.  I’m living in hope that September might be better but let’s face it it’s looking unlikely at the moment but you never know we could have an Indian summer.  I’m thinking positively so this week’s post is going to feature two pieces that remind me of summer with some clothes to match.  So in the immortal words of Olaf from Frozen (like you didn’t know) ‘let’s go bring back summer!’

The first item of jewellery is a ball chain, worn silver necklace with two birds.  The lobster clasp makes it easy to put on and take off and the length can be varied depending on the height of the neck of the dress / top that you wear it with.  Each bird has a sparkling crystal eye and the silver body seems to glisten in the light.  It’s perfect for casual wear and would look lovely with the right dress or top with jeans/ shorts.


I thought it appropriate to style the necklace with something blue in a selection of sizes to cater for all.  The clothing was all from the ASOS website and featured necklines that would work well with the length of the necklace.

 With this beach dress I’m probably pushing my luck a bit as I doubt it will be warm enough to wear one of these again this year.

dress 33The denim dress would be slightly warmer than the one above and worn with a cardigan would be a great little outfit.dress 34I love the colour of this dress and it’s cut is very flattering.dress 36The duck shell blue colour, cut and sleeves on this dress really make it stand out.  It’s stylish looks so great on that it can be worn out for numerous events.dress 35The higher cut neckline of the dresses work as a background for the necklace and the colours make it stand out and they go well with the silver.

This pretty pink semi-precious stone elasticated bracelet could be styled with each item except the duck egg blue as the sleeves would this gorgeous bracelet.

DSC01810This floral split front maxi dress would look beautiful with the pink bracelet.  It’s the perfect pairing to welcome back the summer.

dress 37Come back summer I’m ready for you.

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The stars and the Moons

As summer rapidly approaches I think it is probably about time I started preparing my wardrobe with beautiful, feminine jewellery and clothing that will have me looking and feeling great.  I do like to have a mix of clothing but as you may have noticed from previous posts I am partial to dresses.  I’ve always loved the boho hippie style dresses and skirts and finally I have the perfect pieces of jewellery to match them with in the form of two bracelets that are available from Majique.  These cute pieces are highly versatile and go with most outfits.  The first piece is this worn gold finish metal bracelet.


It has a strong lobster clasp to allow for its weight although the bracelet isn’t particularly heavy, it is always a good thing to know that a piece of jewellery isn’t going to fall apart on you when you are out and about.


I love the varying sized gold coloured discs on this, they remind me of moons which is why I thought that featuring it with this second bracelet would work beautifully.  This pretty silver tone star bracelet is lovely.  It is stretchy so simple to put on and is one of those pieces that is easy to wear on a daily basis.



When styling these with an outfit make sure that the sleeves are not too long as you don’t want to cover the bracelet.  Think about what colours you will wear them with as some are more complementary than others depending on the colour of the piece of jewellery you decide to wear.

I love these outfits from ASOS to match with the Moon bracelet:

dress 7

dress 8

dress 9

Various shades of green, red, orange, black and white go perfectly with this bracelet.

The silver bracelet is a bit more flexible in relation to what it will go with.  I think that it would look great with these dresses (again from ASOS).

dress 10

dress 11

dress 12

Alternatively, style with some skinny jeans and a pretty top to create the perfect outfit for an evening out with friends.  Both bracelets would make a great gift for ladies that love jewellery which is just about everyone.  Make sure you visit Majique to order yours.

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