Baylis & Harding Linen Rose and Cotton Range

Recently I wrote a post about Baylis & Harding’s Limited Edition Pink Prosecco and Cassis Range.  This range was truly fantastic. I really did love the aroma and it was one that was popular with many of you too.  With that in mind I decided to make sure I featured another product that I discovered that I know you will also love this time from their Linen Rose and Cotton Range.  This range features a lovely mix of products many of which make fantastic gifts although you might decide once you have bought something from this range that you want to keep if for yourself.

The range is nice and varied to cover many tastes and budgets including diffusers, candles, different toiletry sets all of that are beautifully packaged.  I loved the look of the Linen Rose and Cotton Tin which features some lovely large bottles which anyone would be over the moon with once they smell the fabulous fragrance.  This is perfect for a pampering session and includes a 300ml Body Cleanser, 300ml Bath & Shower Crème, 125ml Bath & Shower Gel and 125ml Body Balm.  With Mother’s Day coming up this would make a great gift for mum to thank her for all her hard work this year as let’s face it mums do sooooo much and we can never really say thank you enough.  We must remember mum’s also need a little relaxation and pampering time for themselves and this is perfect for that.  The toiletries come in a pretty tin which will of course come in very useful for mum as it could be used to help store other toiletries when these all empty and would also look great in the kitchen to home jars of herbs and spices and if mum is green fingered she might even like to plant some herbs for the window sill or flowers.  A pretty heart design is displayed on the tin as well as onthe items nestled inside making this the ideal gift for one that you love.

 Now you know me if I can find this on offer for you I will so you will be pleased to know that although the RRP is £30 but, mummy here has gone and found it for the bargain price of (quick sit down!!!!!!!)

£9.99 at Argos.

OMG didn’t I do a great job there.  You will find it at Asda for £15 and Tesco also has it for £15 until the 26th March.

Another of the the products featured in that range that caught my eye was their;

Linen Rose and Cotton Large Wick Candle

How pretty is that in its silver coloured glass jar.  This candle has the same great delicate fragrance as the products in the tin and will help keep a room smelling gorgeous and it also looks great as a centre piece on a table or mantelpiece or even for those like my husband that enjoy taking a bath by candlelight  (you might want to get two or three in that case).  Almost everyone loves candles, there are very few that don’t now days an this is a great one to be given as a gift.  The wax is a baby pink colour and the 180g candle has a total burn time of up to 25 hours.  This has a RRP of £15.00 and can be found at OCADO £7.50 another bargain!!!!

There are many more in this range but I also wanted to include a product from the Pink Prosecco and Cassis range for a two reasons, one that it smells so amazingly fabulous that you should all be aware of it (okay so I’m stating the obvious there) the second reason, well I’m not going to tell you just yet you will need to read on to find out!!!! – Trust me you want too.

Pink Prosecco and Cassis  Diffuser Set

 Not only does this look pretty it gives off a lovely aroma to have any room smelling wonderful.  As with the other products from this range the packaging features the pretty rose gold.  The 200ml diffuser will last for up to 10 weeks.  The RRP is £15.00 but this can be found at Asda for £10.00.  Keep reading, you can win one of these below! (reason two).

What did you think of these super products from Baylis & Harding?

I have always been a fan of the various ranges that have been available and love discovering new ones.  For this reason I want to help one lucky reader discover two of the products / fragrances featured in this post.

Whose interested?

The prize is a lovely one that I would enter for too if I could but that wouldn’t be very fair.  One lucky reader will win a Linen Rose Cotton Large Wick Candle AND a Pink Prosecco and Cassis  Diffuser Set thanks to the lovely guys at Baylis & Harding.

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Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise (includes a FAB competition)

A little while back we introduced you all to Lalaloopsy.  Lalaloopsy have a range of fun, brightly coloured toys for little ones and one of them that you may have seen advertised on children’s tv recently is Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise.  Now of course the second my girls saw this they wanted to have one, who wouldn’t it’s a doll that poops!!!!!!  I’m really excited about this particular toy because it has arrived at around the time that the mini man is more conscious about trying to go to the toilet and this has coincided with him actually using the toilet.  I think that seeing the doll and his sisters go to the toilet and not wearing nappies has really spurred him to wanting to be a big boy and using the toilet.  My little man has started stripping and running bare bottomed to the toilet although he can’t quite get on it without help just yet.  It’s hilarious, he has totally perfected the stripping part it takes him seconds and before you know it you have a toddler running starkers around the house, it’s pretty hilarious I must say!  Not so much when we have an accident on the floor though but we will work through that.  Anyway back to Lalaloopsy.  As you can see this doll is cute with her large dark button eyes and my girls love her.Lala1

 In the box you get the doll, 3 different coloured foods, a bowl, a spoon and a potty.  And of course importantly it’s super easy to use.

Using the spoon to portion out some food.

There are various shapes and the kids loved discovering new ones in the potty.

Both my girls and Mr Squishy love playing with this and the great thing is that no matter how many times they have left the lid open the food which is like kinetic sand does not seem to dry out, good to know as we all know what children are like.  The food pot lids and the potty are all nicely decorated which I liked and this is one of those super toys that you don’t need to get batteries for making it a great gift as that’s one less expense and thing to remember, bonus!  A lot of thought that has gone into this toys presentation which is great.  When we were first playing with this I did notice when the doll wasn’t used properly the poop didn’t form a shape so be sure to follow our instructions above or via our YouTube video:

How much fun is that!

Now like all parents, grandparents, loving aunts and uncles we want to get our hands on these great toys but also where possible want to save ourselves a few pounds in the process.  With that in mind I did a quick price comparison and found the doll being sold by numerous shops for over £30 except for one!!!!  I am pleased to tell you I have found probably the bargain of the month for those needing to by something like this as a gift.  I found Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise was being sold for just £14.99 in Argos stores so if you want one hurry and get ordering online as once the deal sites get wind of it this they will sell out!!!!  You heard it here first lol.

 I am going to add some more good news to that.  We have a super duper competition for one of my lovely readers to win a Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise Doll!!!!!

Isn’t that fabulous!

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Good luck everyone!

Princess Bedroom Ideas

Last week I wrote a post featuring some products that I thought were great for a Pirate themed bedroom.   This week I am at it again!  This time I am featuring a Princess themed bedroom.  What little girl doesn’t dream of being a Princess with gorgeous dresses, tiaras, shoes talking pets and everything else that makes their childhood a special time.  Having scoured the internet, I have come up with some products that I think are perfect to transform a basic bedroom into one that will go to making any little girls dreams come true talking pet included.

First up where would a Princess be without her grand and beautiful bed.  I whittled it down to 2 beds as I couldn’t decide between them as both are great in their own right.

First up a bed from Noa and Nani costing from £219.99 with slide, tent, tower and tunnel (mattress not included).

Princess1Next up a bed from for £199.99.


Don’t they look amazing!!!

A Princess needs the right bedcovers and the Disney Princess duvet cover from would look great and is a bargain at £9.99.  To brighten up the room and continuing with the theme why not add a lovely Princess sticker with everyone’s favourite Princesses from Dotty Frog Decor priced at £14.50.  Don’t forget the nightlight.  I love the one I found over on The website it’s even pink!!!!  Ideal for allowing little ones to see their way through a dark room to the bathroom and to scare away shadow monsters.  It’s £45 but something they will use for years.  Every Princess needs a vanity table and the one over on the site is adorable it is gorgeous and is reduced to £124.99 and will give a little Princess and her friends hours of imaginative playtime.  I know my girls would love one of these. Princess7Anyone that has children is more than aware that you can never have enough storage no matter how much you have.  This Disney Princess toy box from Argos fits in perfectly with our theme is a fair size for your little Princesses shoes, dress up clothes and you can save 10% as it is now down to £34.99.


Princesses love to pamper themselves of course and what better than a Princess Nail Set from What2buy4kids (£11.50).  Whose up for a Princess manicure party?


Debenhams has the perfect talking companion for any Princess.  Dreamy says over 20 cute phrases and is priced at £30.  Reasonable for a talking toy that will be buy your child’s side for many years.


Last but not least this personalised Princess poster from priced from £10 is a great addition just to let everyone know exactly which special little Princess this special bedroom belongs to.


How did I do?  There are so many items on the market for Princess rooms it’s hard to know where to stop plus there is not point for excess as this just creates clutter.  Other items that would also go well with a Princess theme include a Princess or pink rug, a themed clock and mirror, a thrown/chair and more.

Pinypon: The Fun Interchangeable Dolls that Kids will Love!

For those that have never come across Pinypon before they are a range of mix and match dolls that will literally keep your little ones entertained for hours.  So it’s hardly surprising that Pinypon is the no1 mini doll collectable in Spain and is expected to be a top seller in the UK too.  Pinypon have a new range of their highly collectable dolls hitting the shelves now at The Entertainer and Toys R Us and these will also be available from Argos in July.

DSC02844These super cute, brightly coloured dolls, suitable for ages 4 and above which are simple to pull apart and all parts can be swapped around including the hair, heads with different expressions, clothes and fabulous accessories to create a different doll, perfect for young fashionistas that love to be creative and have fun all at the same time.  There are male and female dolls and even pets that come with some of the sets.  These dolls are the perfect pocket money toy with the blind bags costing just £2.99 and each comes with a collectable doll and accessory.

Pinypon 1It’s not just the dolls that your little one will want, check out this adorable Pinypon Royal Carriage fit for a little Princess.  We loved playing with this and my girls especially loved the fact that there are loads of mini accessories that come with the set, perfect to fill up the treasure chest at the back of the carriage.  Well a Princess needs to have the perfect accessory to go with her outfit for royal engagements.  Inside the carriage there is a dressing room with a lovely big mirror to make sure one doesn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions as that simply wouldn’t do.


Love the new Pinypon characters?  You will find that The Entertainer is giving fans 25% off selected items until the end of March good to know if you have a birthday coming up or need bribery tools to get good results at school.

   Coming soon to the Pinypon range are fairy tale characters that we all know and love including little red riding hood, Rapunzel, Mary Poppins and more.  A fabulous Tales House with a Cinderella figure will be available to buy from June so not long guys!  We loved the Princess and the Frog box set and the girls and a great time taking them apart and putting them back together in different ways.


My girls are looking forward to the Pinypon fairies that we know will be flying off the shelves when they arrive in stores later this year.  Each fairy comes with an adorable little unicorn.

There is even a Pinypon magazine to keep little ones busy.  “Love from….Pinypon” magazine from Kennedy Publishing is on sale now and is packed full of great craft activities.  The magazine also comes with some lovely gifts that little girls are bound to love.

We thought that as we had such a lovely stash of goodies it might be nice to share some with friends and also our lovely readers.

We have put together a hamper of Pinypon goodies for one lucky Melanie’s Fab Finds reader.

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