Germ Scientists Approve 5 Second Food Rule!

Have you heard of the 5 second rule? I think most of us have nowadays and not only that, most have also used it especially on sweets and chocolate.  I mean really that would otherwise be a total waste right?  For those unaware the 5 second rule literally means that food dropped on the floor if picked up straight away (within 5 seconds) is normally safe to eat.

(Pictured above Horseradish, Cheddar and Smoked Salmon Toasted Sandwich)

I’ve generally worked with this of course depending on what and where food is dropped.  Anything dropped in the streets is a no go but in the home especially when I have just cleaned it is generally okay.  It also depends on the food dropped.  Spilt soup or melted chocolate will not be licked off the floor but cleaned and then the floor sprayed with dettol and given a wipe.  We don’t wear shoes in the house which helps keep it that much cleaner thankfully.  My thoughts have always been that a few germs won’t kill you and if anything they will help improve the ability of our immune system.

Today the 5 second rule was given the all clear by scientists.  This is thanks to germ expert Anthony Hilton from Aston University.  Although it can never been entirely risk free as it depends on the floor in many cases and an obviously filthy floor should never been eaten off – basic common sense.  Going with common sense you will of course also check the item you have dropped prior to eating it to make sure there are no obvious signs of dirt.  In many cases it is safe to eat a dropped sweet from a clean floor although it has also been shown that germ transfer can occur within less than 5 seconds.  As a rule I would say only do this in your own home when you know you have cleaned the floor very recently (we only have wooden floors and stone tiled floors which are far easier to clean.).  Do not eat off wet floors as this can speed up germ transfer, this rule also applies to moist foods.  If you have pets it all goes out of the window, don’t eat anything off the floor as they walk inside and outside spreading a large range of bacteria as they go that you really don’t want to welcome any of those into your body to cause havoc.

What do you think?

Have you ever used the 5 second rule?

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