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I haven’t but oh my, they do vegan pizza!? I need to go!

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Breathing New Life Into Your Dining Room On A Budget
I need to do this. My son is forever dumping his toys in both living rooms argh! Just his stuff everywhere..drives me mad.

Preventing Head Lice
Ugh headlice are awful. Thankfully, despite being at nursery 4 days a week, my son has never caught them. The nursery rarely ever gets breakouts thank goodness. Glad to hear the Vosene works.

Get Your Skates On and Get Fit!
I would love a scooter or skates for my boy but we live in rural countryside with no paths/parks for him to use them 🙁

Did you Cut your Spending this Christmas?
No we don’t use any savings sites etc. We buy SO little throughout the year that it is absolutely not beneficial to use. We also try to do handmade gifts to save money.

Cafe Rouge Christmas 2016
I live rural so we don’t have one near by, but boy am I jealous!

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