Comment on The Stable Whitehapel (Restaurant Review) by Tanya Brannan.

Those pizzas look amazing! I love the fact that the toppings are different to all the other pizza places out there! I go to Whitechapel quite a lot so I look forward to giving these a try x

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Sutton and Sons Islington
Oh my God! Suttons and Sons sounds out of this World. I love the look of the Whitebait and the Tuna, however you can’t beat a fabulous bit of battered fish, chips and mushy peas.
I would so devour that sticky toffee pudding too!!!

Welly Merck – Classic New York Watch in Rose Gold
What a fabulous looking watch. I love the rose gold style and whilst it is quite simple looking, it makes it feel very sophisticated x

Preventing Head Lice
Oh I remember the hell of head lice really well. My daughters hairs were past their bottoms and it used to take hours to check through. I am so glad that there are products that can help with this chore!

Pairfum Reed Diffuser – Innocent Vanilla
I did not have a clue about VOC’s so thank you for educating me. Also thank you for the review as I now want to get rid of my normal diffusers and buy this one instead! Xx

Bunny Jump from University Games
What a fun looking game! I love the games that enchant children and get them giggling and wanting to play more, which this looks like it does xx

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