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The Stable Whitechapel Spring / Summer 2018 Menu

For those that haven’t been to the stable before it’s a chain of restaurants with sites all over the UK that serves a range of dishes although they are know for their yummy handmade sour dough pizzas, pies and almost endless choice of ciders.

Cider tasting experiences hosted by their cider masters are offered for keen customers and are very popular.  The experiences range from cider only (60 minutes, taste 10 ciders – £15 per head), cider and supper (100 minutes, same as the cider only with pizzas thrown in half way – £22.50 per head) and my favourite of all, the ultimate cider experience (150 minutes, taste a range of ciders and apple aperitifs, taste high-end single varieties, dine on handmade sourdough pizzas, feast on cheeses and charcuterie, and enjoy cider brandies with delicious chocolate brownies for dessert. £30 per head).

There are some great menus available aside from their main menu.  Go for lunch and you could be tucking into wraps, a selection of pizzas and fresh, tasty salads for just £7.  Go along on a Tuesday for their Tuck in Tuesday deal which includes selected pizzas a side salad and drink for £10.  On certain evenings there is also live music.

Of course, on our visit we sampled some cider because it would have been rude not too. We tried the cider tasting board with a selection of some of the sweet ones available, our favourite of which was Lilleys Beesting.


Purple Haze (Vegan)
Shredded red cabbage, sweetcorn & sprouting broccoli with fresh chilli,
pine nuts & cherry tomatoes topped with cumin seeds, fresh coriander
and a citrus vinaigrette.

A lovely fresh salad which works great as a starter and has a good mix of ingredients which are all fresh and combine well together.  Some of the ingredients were raw and others had been lightly cooked.  The cumin seeds add a strong flavour addition but works well here.  The perfect dish for vegetarians, vegans and salad lovers.

Sladesdown Duck (NEW)
Smoked duck salad with blood orange, pomegranate seeds and
pine nuts, tossed with watercress, red cabbage and a black garlic,
balsamic dressing.

The duck was moist and tender and makes this a great salad for the carnivores amongst us.  The balsamic vinegar marries the flavours together to create a dish that is not only different but also deliciously healthy (when the duck fat is removed).  The duck wasn’t just on the top of the salad, chunks were also found hidden within this savoury and sweet, crispy, crunchy, juicy treasure trove.

Mains & Side

Pizzas were being served to dinners all around us and we simply couldn’t resist ordering some ourselves.

Ali Baa Baa
Lamb kofta, feta, mozzarella, oregano and red onion finished with cucumber
ribbons and honey & mint yoghurt.

The size of the pizza was good and the oregano worked well with the lamb which I also noted was lean meat no fatty chunks in site.  The pickled cucumber worked well here as did the feta which added a creaminess and saltiness.  The flavour and texture of the pizza dough was also very good which adds to the overall pizza.

Rosemary and Thyme Potato Wedges

This side was a healthy sized portion and we just about managed to finish the whole thing.  The wedges were extremely large and infused with rosemary.  They were not all all greasy which I was pleased about.

June Special (Whiechapel)

Marinated spiced lamb rump on a tomato base with red onion, roasted peppers and mozzarella finished with Lebanese slaw, feta. rocket and garlic Shawarma sauce.

 There was a nice heat left in the mouth after each mouthful and there was just the right mount of topping to give a good mix of flavours.  The rocket and cabbage gave a nice freshness and crunch, a different combination of ingredients to what many of us are used to but also one that worked exceptionally well.  There were pomegranate seeds hidden amongst the other toppings adding a sweet burst of flavour and juiciness which helps balance the heat, the roasted peppers gave a deep rich flavour that adds more layering to the already existing flavours. The pizza was really good and I loved that it was unique!


Chocolate Brownie
With salted caramel sauce & clotted cream.

Served warm with a light drizzle of caramel sauce this rich decadent dessert was to be served with clotted cream but when given the choice between that and ice cream we opted for ice cream.  The warm rich chocolate brownie works well with the caramel and the ice cream which helps balance the richness.

Cider Poached Pear With Almond & Vanilla Cake (NEW)
With crème fraîche.

Again served warm, the size of the sponge was far larger than expected and had a good flavour.  The only disappointing part was that the sponge was too dry although the creme fresh helped here.

Overall Opinion

The portion sizes were good as were the prices.  Stable clearly source good quality ingredients for their dishes as was apparent when they arrived at the table.  The presentation was good and everything looked inviting.  You have got to go and try their pizzas!!!  Out of the two new additions to the menu the vote was unanimous, the duck salad won hands down and is another dish you really should try if you eat meat.

Which dish from those featured do you find most tempting???

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I was invited to The Stable to try out the Spring / Summer menu. All opinions are my own.


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  1. OOh that duck looks absolutely lovely and I don’t think I could ever refuse a chocolate brownie, especially when it looks that good!

  2. Oh I love a good cider, and the deserts look so tasty I’d love to have that brownie right now x

  3. What an amazing looking place to go for a bite to eat. I am absolutely loving the look of that pudding as well, delicious.

    1. The food here is lovey. Make sure you pass by and try their food – you will love it!

  4. To be honest, I could not take my eyes of the food! The spread from Stable Whitechapel looks so amazing and delish! I also love cider so would have enjoyed tasting the different varieties.

    1. It’s a fun night out especially if you do the cider tasting!

  5. What a great concept for a restaurant, I don’t think I have heard of anything else similar. The food looks delicious, and as for the cider!…

    1. It’s a great restaurant. We’ve been a few times and the food never disappoints.

  6. Yum! I’d LOVE to try out one of their pizzas – they sound absolutely delicious!

  7. It looks like I need to make a quick trip for those desserts! Cider poached pear WITH vanilla cake!

  8. Everything looks super delicious! Wow! And they seem to offer a great price as well <3

  9. everything looks incredible here- i would def love to try it out sometime!

  10. That duck salad sounds incredible! I think I need to hear more about this black garlic balsamic dressing…that sounds like the stuff of dreams, tbh.

  11. What a beautiful place to visit. The food looks amazing 🙂

  12. This looks like such a lovely place. I really like the vibe of the decor it has a homely English feel to it. It looks like a gorgeous place to visit with delightful food.

  13. That pizza and chocolate brownie look to die for!

  14. Looks like a wonderful place to eat! So glad you enjoyed a nice night out!

  15. I love the fact they had vegan options and that brownie looks AMAZING…. I’ve only been to the stable once but really enjoyed it and would love to return.

  16. I am a pizza lover so I will have to say pizza! Although everything else looks delish too!

    1. The pizzas here are yummy!!! They have a great choice too.

  17. I will have a look for these restaurants to see if there is one local to me, I love going out for a lovely meal, the food looked amazing and good prices too. I would of chose the duck salad too, they wasn’t skimpy with the duck. A lot of places that serve duck you get a tiny little amount.

    1. They have generous portion sizes and a good amount of duck in that salad.

  18. It all looks pretty amazing there. The food looks fabulous. And the sourdough pizza just sounds incredible. I would love it.

    1. I am sure you would it’s very good there x

  19. This looks like such a great place to enjoy. I love learning about new summer menus and places to dine and enjoy some beverages. Glad you shared this location.

    1. It really is. They have a number of sites – might want to check if there is one near you x

  20. WOW this is my kind of place! I love cider. There is a cidery near my house that I like to go to sometimes. This place is totally on my bucket list.

    1. It has a really good cider range, you will be impressed.

  21. mmm that pizza looks SO good, is it bad its not even 10am and I want to eat that right now? x

    1. Ha, I don’t blame you these were very tasty.

  22. This restaurant has a knack for plating food meticulously. Every item looks healthy and fresh to eat for your family.

    1. The food here was lovely and fresh. It was good they have healthy options on the menu.

  23. I love the food choices. It is just perfect and well-thought of. I am considering this for our next weekend get together. Thank you for the brilliant idea.

    1. No problem. Enjoy your meal x

  24. Ooh that looks so good! What a great menu! I’m a big fan of duck so would definitely go for that dish.

    1. The duck salad was really good. I fancy trying to make it at home x

  25. This looks like my kind of place to enjoy a bite or sweet treat! Everything looks delicious!

    1. It was a lovely evening out with good food and entertainment.

  26. I like the sound of the vegan options. It looks like there is a good selection on the menu. What a lovely place to dine at.

  27. Ok I want to eat there like right now. It all looks and sounds fab.

    1. They have some great dishes!!

  28. I am so ignorant. I never knew that there are things like cider tasting. I would surely love to experience it even just once 😀

  29. The pizzas look yum (never had cucumber on a pizza before!), and the £10 deal is really good value – will defy be going!

  30. We love our local Stable restaurant too! Do like that if you leave the review after your visit you get a 10% off code/a voucher. We won a £25 voucher by doing the review so our next visit was free!

    1. That’s great. Makes you love it even more 🙂

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