Comment on The New Summertime Supper Club at Royal Festival Hall (London) by steph c.

Looks like a great place. I’m i love with the blue stemmed gin glasses

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Fun Feminine Dresses (Above the Knee)
I love the Navy dress. The other dresses are lovely but the for me the navy one outshines them all

Breathing New Life Into Your Dining Room On A Budget
Our dining room is the last room we need to tackle. its the room with the backdoor so when we’ve had other things done it’s become a mix of the dumping ground / door works people have used (I tried so hard not to put trades mans entrance)

We have pine furnature which must be 30 + years old and there is the urge to keep them although they really are too big for the space. We want to make the room a second siting room and dining room so we know we need a smaller table but it’s hard to let go

Manitoba Tigella Italian Restaurant Review
Looks delicious and I love the idea of making your own sandwiches. I’d have probably been happy with just that and the bread is so pretty

Rossopomodoro Covent Garden
It looks lovely, I’ve recently had a really disappointing meal at Gino’s in Manchester this looks 1000times nicer. I need to find a decent Italian in manchester

Gorgeous Pre Loved IWC Watches for Men (Mostly)
These are great. I love 3 & 5 best. My dad is a watch-a-holic and i’m sure he’d love all of these

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