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The Indian Orchid Restaurant

Located in North London, Finchley on a busy high street one could quite easily walk past without realising the delicious food that this restaurant has to offer.


Come along in the daytime and it isn’t particularly busy but in the evening it’s a totally different story.  For this reason I decided that a day time visit would be best so along I went with a tasting assistant in tow.  This is an Indian restaurant with an East Indian influence so they offer something a little different to the Anglicised Indian restaurants that are common in the UK.  They do offer the types of dishes we are all familiar with but also have other interesting items that you should try!


As we sat and studied the menu we munched on some nice crispy poppadum’s with some yummy dips that included coriander, spicy tomato and raita – a mint and yogurt dip.


The Coriander dip was lovely, full of flavour with a lovely kick of heat.

The Chili dip has a gorgeous tomato flavour again nice and hot.

The mild one of the set the Mint dip is lovely and refreshing, it’s cooling and a great contrast to the other 2 helping to reduce the heat that builds up in your mouth from the chili oil.

We also used these dips with some Mogo chips.


Mogo chips are made from cassava.  We asked to have them crunchy on the outside but not to crunchy, with a yummy soft centre these went well with the dips and it’s sooooooo easy to polish off a whole bowl of these.

P1130770  P1130776

Next were the Fried Chili Wings, succulent and tender these were gorgeous, not a single one was left.  You can see from the picture above how juicy they were yet perfectly cooked!  The coating was nice and crispy and there was a delicious mix of spices although the were not excessively spicy.  These were not overly oily either, make sure you try them!


I hate it when restaurants use small poor quality prawns or just a couple of the large ones, these guys don’t.  Their prawns in the Prawn Biryani are large and juicy, there is a generous number hidden amongst the rice and the flavour of the dish is good and not particularly hot so a good dish for those that like milder dishes.


I chose a portion of the Chicken Tikka Masala so that my readers would have a dish to relate too.  This commonly eaten dish is available everywhere but at varying levels of quality.  Their particular version was not bad at all. The amount of chicken was good within the dish, I have had deliveries of Chicken Tikka Masala arrive in the past and been disappointed about the amount of chicken but I was pleased with this.  The photo really doesn’t do it justice to be honest as there was chicken hidden under the sauce.  This is mildly spiced tomato flavoured sauce with a touch of cream.


Last but not least the Chili garlic prawns (starter) which we decided to have with the mains.  Full of aromatic spices and chili this is dish with a nice heat to it perfect to warm you up in this awful cold weather.

The service was fast, the portions are a good size for the prices and the food is good, this is a restaurant that I would love to return to with friends, although I might have a whole portion of those chili wings for myself!

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  1. Oooh the food looks amazing :):) shame I don’t live in london!

    Meimei xx

  2. you can actually see how juicy those chicken wings are omg *drooling*


  3. sounds like a great restaurant. thanks for a thorough review

  4. Love Indian food, reading this made me want to try this restaurant right now!

  5. fab review! love Indian Food

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