I am still working on what you could say is my New Years Resolution which is to eat my way around as many London restaurants as possible.  Recently I visited a Korean restaurant called Kimchee which was lovely and I really was taken back by the location as they really have done a great job on redeveloping the area.  On a visit to review another restaurant in the area I went to see the bird cage again but this time it seemed as if the swing had been removed which was a shame as I never got to have a go on it.  Goes to show you shouldn’t put things off but should seize the moment when you can.  There are numerous restaurants in the Kings Cross and my next venture there led me to The Fellow.  Grab a tea of coffee and sit back and have a read about my latest find.

The Fellow pub has recently been full refurbished and has a great new stylish look.  Along with the new look comes a brand new seasonal menu.  Venture upstairs and you will discover the Black Door Cocktail Bar and a secret rooftop terrace.  The pub is named after the Cheltenham Gold Cup winning racehorse and is a stones thrown from King’s Cross Station making it simple to get too.  It is popular with the locals and commuters and was pretty busy when I arrived at around 7 on a Tuesday evening.

We dined in the main ground floor bar area which has been designed with comfort and style in mind. There we discovered a mix of high and low tables, pommel-horse benches and wing-back leather chairs.  Service was quick as staff flitted from table to table serving drinks and food.  As one table became empty I noticed it didn’t stay that way for long.  The atmosphere is lively yet relaxed and patrons ages range too which is a good sign.

There was a very varied wine menu to suit all tastes and pockets and that included great descriptions for those that need them.  The food is also varied but the second I saw it on the menu I knew I had to try the:

Ox Cheek Mac n Cheese with a Horseraddish Crust (Starter)

Ox cheek is very popular with chefs as it is full of flavour and is something I have been wanting to try for a little while so when the opportunity arose I was swift to take it.  Considering the size of this and the amount of meat this is good value for money.  The whole bottom layer of the dish was packed with the meat and the portion was extremely substantial in its entirety.  This is very filling and to be quite honest accompanied by a side salad would be quite sufficient as a meal.  The crust wasn’t crunchy as one might expect and the horseradish flavour didn’t really come through.  The mac n cheese was nice and creamy and is a great contrast to the meaty ox cheek which had a strong flavour and is finely pulled so you don’t need to worry about facing ages chewing.  The meat has a rich gravy and there is more gravy at the side if you want it but I found this wasn’t really needed.  The dish is full of flavour and nice and moist.  The only criticism I would make is that the chef was a little too generous with the salt for the meaty part of this.  This is a nice twist to a classic dish and I did quite enjoy it although I was worried I might not be able to eat the rest of the food when I was close to finishing this.


Pan roasted Chicken, Pearl Barley & Suffolk Chorizo Stew, Squash Creme Fraiche

This was big!!!  It’s a great size if you have skipped the starters and have ventured straight over to the mains but combined with the particular starter we had chosen you need to be able to put away quite a bit to be able to finish this too.  There is a good mix of ingredients with generous sized chunks of chicken, squash and chorizo which make this a really tasty dish.  Again a little heavy on the salt but that aside a delicious and filling meal that you will find you will want to return back for.

Cheese Burger, Iceberg Lettuce, Gherkin, Ale Onions (plus Bacon and Avocado)

OMG this is a whooper!  When it first arrived I have to say I was a little concerned.  Firstly, how on earth was I going to get it in my mouth to get a bite of each layer and secondly how was I going to eat the whole thing.  I tried to squish the burger first of all but it didn’t go down much as it was enormous.  I knew I could never fit the whole thing in my mouth, well it’s simply not that big, although my dad might disagree as I can talk for Britain given the chance – probably why I took up blogging.

I decided to approach the burger in a different way and discarded the bun (well parents always say eat the meat and leave the bread if your starting to fill up – sound advice I must say).  The burger itself was nice and juicy with a pink centre.  The avocado went well adding its gorgeous soft smooth creamy flavour which was a great contrast to the saltiness of the bacon and the meaty burger.  The lettuce was fresh and crisp and there was a good amount of avocado.  The ale onions were yummy and added a great addition to the flavour of the burger.  This really did hit the spot as I had been craving burgers for a few days leading up to this visit and I was so much happier having had it.

I was quite enjoying having sparkling water with this meal but thought I might try and be a little more adventurous so decided to ask for a small glass of the Col Vittorio Prosecco Superiore.  This was one of my best decisions of the evening it really did go down well with its lovely sparkle.  The Prosecco was not too acidic and had a lovely green apple flavour.  I decided to stop after the one as of course it’s not easy to review a meal adequately if you have drunk too much and the perfectionist in me wouldn’t allow that.

Baked Vanilla Cheese Cake Rum Cream

My friend loves cheese cake so she wanted to try this.  The combination of the vanilla cheesecake and rum cream sounded very appealing.  It did work well and the cheesecake was smooth and creamy.  The rum cream was just right and not too heavy on the rum.

Blood Orange Chocolate Mousse

The mousse was in a word fantastic!!!  It had a gorgeous rich chocolate and orange flavour that comes through beautifully.  It was smooth, creamy light and moreish and a dessert you really should try.  If asked to find something negative to say about this I’d come up short it was that good!

I had a lovely evening at The Fellow and would thoroughly recommend it as the food and atmosphere were very good.

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Do you like to visit gastropubs?

Disclaimer: I was invited along to sample the food but as always all views are my own, I wouldn’t have it any other way x

59 thoughts on “The Fellow (Pub) – King’s Cross”

  1. All around this sounds like a lovely meal at a wonderful place. The ox cheek mac n cheese is such a different dish but it does sound very good aside from just a bit too much salt. The pan roasted stew looks divine and I just can’t believe the size of that burger! The Fellow looks like a wonderful spot to have a fab meal x

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  2. All the food looks and sounds amazing, I was in the Kings Cross area a few weeks ago, if only I had known about this place. I will definitely be looking out for it if I go there again x

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  3. Every bit of this looks amazing, I can’t imagine how hard it would be deciding which item to get. They all looks so good. I love hamburger and that one looked so big!

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  4. I am a fan of gastro pubs and I like that everything was such a big size because I don’t do small portions lol. I like the sound of the baked rum cheesecake mmm x

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  5. Oh wow I have never had ox cheek, I can’t imagine what it was like but it all sounds amazing! Oh and the chocolate mousse too, one of my favourites!

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  6. You had me drooling at those photos. The burger would be my first choice, followed closely by that slice of cake. Looks like a good place to have a good time with friends. I’m checking if they have any branch near our area.

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  7. Sounds like a popular little place. We love sitting on wing-back chairs as they are so comfy. The food sounds yummy, even though the chef was a bit to generous on the seasoning. The mousse is right up our street!

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  8. The food there really looks good – huge portions though. Out of interest do you believe in ever asking for doggie bags when you do your reviews…just to see if they oblige. It’s sad to see food that isn’t eaten go to waste especially when the portions are so big?

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    1. We have managed to eat everything or most but I’m not sure what’s happened recently I can’t seem to eat quite as much or portions are getting bigger. I don’t normally ask as the food types left are not always ones that work well eaten after – in this case a bit of bread and some chips.

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