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Those of you that read my Blogging Goals for 2017 post will be aware that one of my goals was to eat my way around more London restaurants.  I have of course be revisiting old favourites but now have a new restaurant under my belt to tell you all about.  My friend and I recently braved the cold weather and ventured out to a restaurant located in Covent Garden called Spaccanapoli.  There seem to be a cluster of restaurants in the area where this particular restaurant was which all had large floor to ceiling glass windows making them look very inviting.


The restaurant we visited had two tables occupied on our arrival and during the time we spent there only one other group of guests come along to dine.  The seating was comfortable, roomy yet the restaurant was small and there was a nice relaxed atmosphere.

This particular meal was prepaid by us online, it was a deal found on the groupon site.  The offer was for the following:

Choice of starters includes: platter of Napoli prosciutto and salami | Toasted bread with tomatoes, garlic and basil | mixed grilled vegetables.

Choice of mains includes: gnocchi | lasagna | penne Siciliana | pizza margherita with tomatoes, olives, capers, anchovies and oregano | pizza Americana with salami, tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan and basil | pizza vegetariana with tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, courgettes & mozzarella).

Apolina, a white or dark chocolate Italian treat will be served as a dessert.

Deal also includes a glass of house red or white wine each.

The waiter seemed friendly enough and flitted from table to table assisting the customers before vanishing off into the kitchen.

The menu was varied enough for the price and should you prefer you can swap your wine for a soft drink.

The House White


This wine was palatable and went well with my meal although it did look more like a half glass than a full one.

The Starter

Platter of Napoli Prosciutto and Salami


The cut was very thin and the Prosciutto was pretty fatty as you can see from the picture.  The bread was warm on arrival which was nice.  I would have preferred if the salami used looked a bit more appealing and less anaemic the picture gives the salami a redder colour then it actually had.  You can get such a lovely range of salamis that are not expensive from the supermarkets that look more appealing than those we were served.  The portion size for a starter was more than adequate.

The Main



The lasagna came out sizzling and looked very nice.  The portion size was good and there was plenty of mince inside but the lasagna itself needed more flavour.


This was extremely disappointing.  We would have liked something a little more substantial and we were not given the option of white or dark chocolate.  Instead we were given a glass that had something that we were told was caramel dessert which tasted a big like angel delight but with a thinner runnier consistency.  It was edible but I would have preferred a glass with tiramisu.

Spaccanapoli4For £19.95 for two people this wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t venture there again for this particular meal but the pizza did look good so maybe I just chose the wrong thing.  The price is reasonable and I think that if I was to venture there again I would probably go for the Bruschetta and a pizza.

Have you tried Spaccanapoli yet?

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104 thoughts on “Spaccanapoli Covent Garden”

  1. This sounds like a bit of a disappointment though as you said perhaps the other items are better. The price for two is good, but when you leave not happy with your meal sometimes the price doesn’t matter that much. The dessert certainly does look portion is awfully small and doesn’t look very appetizing, though it’s hard to tell what it is just by looking at it.

  2. Such a shame that the desert was so disappointing and that they were meager with their portions of wine. Still at least the menu was varied x

  3. Oh my, that does look delicious. I’m not a fan on pizza, or lasagne for that matter, but that picture has made my mouth water.

  4. This is such an amazing review! I’m in awe of how thorough you were. You should definitely go back at some point and do a “re-vamp” of this post. I’d love to see if you have a better experience with the pizza!
    XO Char.

  5. Yey! Congrats on this! I too make it a point to try different restaurants and dishes once in a while. In that way we go to taste different cuisines. There might be a wow moments but don’t forget that it can be sometimes disappointing. Be ready for that.

    1. The choice is good although they did compromise on quality. They should have increased the amount a bit and provided better quality food.

  6. I’ve not tried Spaccanapoli before but it looks fab, I’ll have to give it a go next time I’m in Covent Garden but try the pizza x

  7. Im such an Italian lover. The platter at the start is so me and something i would have chosen myself, yum. I don’t tend to pick Lasagne when Im out and im not sure why as I love it, yours looks so good 🙂

  8. I hoped for good things from the menu but the salami does look a bit lack lustre! The lasagne looked a bit more lively at least! X

  9. I’ve been here and loved the pizza, maybe you just picked the wrong thing, although the lasagne does look lovely too. Jo x

  10. I have never thought to look on voucher websites for a good meal deal. The food looks really tasty shame about the dessert I personally would of complained about this x

    1. It was disappointing but then by that stage it had been a pretty long day so we were ready to get home and get some much needed sleep.

  11. One of the reasons I use Groupon is to find out if a restaurant is any good without paying a fortune. I have had some fabulous meals and some not so good. It sounds as though you came across one of the not so good examples. I will avoid this one next time I’m in London.

  12. The price was pretty good for two people, and I’m glad it had quite a few nice vegetarian options. Would have been ice to have a choice of at least two puddings though

    1. Yes, I think that might have been a better idea. The price is good but then the food quality was compromised a little too much unfortunately.

  13. This place looks lovely but too bad you weren’t that impressed! Although I’m glad a meat platter was on the menu for starters, it’s very rare to get something like that near me!

  14. Looks lovely, shame it was a bit of a disappointment but it’s really good value so might be worth a return visit to try something else. The menu looks pretty good

  15. I would like to visit this restaurant purely for the name! Love it! However its a shame you didn’t enjoy your meal, perhaps you did make a bad choice and it would be worthwhile trying something else xxx

  16. It is so rare we go into central london to eat as we have so much on our doorstep,but that lasagna looks amazing, shame it didn’t taste so good.!

  17. It sounds like you had a few disappointments that evening. I would have been disappointed by that dessert too, no doubt about that! You’d also expect lasagne in an Italian restaurant to be bursting with flavours! Thanks for sharing this honest review.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mel. I think it’s good to see reviews of restaurants before you go so hope to write as many as possible.

  18. It’s such a shame that this wasn’t quite what you hoped for. I LOVE caramel and probably would have ordered that dessert too, I think I’ll have to stick to regular Angel Delight ;)!

    1. Unfortunately we weren’t give a choice although there was a choice on the menu. The waiter brought it over to us without mentioning the chocolate options.

  19. It looks like a lovely place, shame the food wasn’t up to par! There’s so many great restaurants in Covent Garden but I’ve not come across this one! xo

  20. I haven’t heard of this restaurant. The menu sounds ok, but it seems a bit pricey even for central London. Maybe if I’m really hungry I’ll try it.

  21. That lasagne looks absolutely divine. It’s making me hungry right now, shame it wasn’t as good as you hoped.

    1. It isn’t in the main part it was a little further out but there were about 8 or so restaurants there and it looked like a busy area.

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