Comment on Quaglino’s Restaurant St James by Linda Hobbis.

What a great place. I love Art Deco and Hendricks is my favourite gin so I was sold before you even got to the food!

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Sunday Lunch at Madison London
The food looks so pretty, especially the seafood starter. And great views of the dome of St. Pauls too.

New Cast Members At The Wedding Reception Interactive Theatre Show
This looks a lot of fun. I went to a murder mystery one a few years back which worked well and the local one I want to see if the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience which works the same way I believe. Hope this comes to Cardiff.

What Everyone Should Be Saving For!
Really all of these need to be saved for. We do try to put a bit away each month but it’s hard juggling saving with running a home – and kids!

Miraculous Unboxing
These are new to us but they look good fun. I quite fancy being a crime fighting superhero ladybug!

Movie Night: Stephen King’s IT
You’ve very brave for watching it in the first place. I couldn’t. I still rememer seeing Salem’s Lot (think that might be Stephen King) when I was young and it gives me the creeps even now. I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror films.

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