Comment on Quaglino’s Restaurant St James by Patrick.

Great review! Looks likes a possible new favorite for you,maybe? I liked the mixed nuts idea at the bar,plain peanuts are cheap and over done.

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Helping Fussy Eaters Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet
I’m a bit of of a fussy eater but I wish I was a LOT more fussy about the bad food I tend to like more. I need to start re-taking my mult-vitamins.

Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser from Skin Chemists

just no.

No way Jose

You are a braver soul then me!!!

Foodies Festival Alexandra Palace 2017
Looked like a action packed and fun festival. I have never seen anything like this where I am.

Getting Rid Of Old Gadgets Responsibly
What is overlooked is these companies make these products with a short-life spans. Repair shops for gadgets are far and between because TVs,computers and phones are made to be replaced,not repaired.
And that affects the amount of e-trash we generate.

Fighting Hair Loss with Products that Work!
Good thing you cleared that up on the bright yellow color,that would have scared a lot of people.
Sounds like a good product to restore your head of hair…

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