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People give pizza a bad rap but it can be a healthy food choice when done carefully with a thought to eating just enough of it with a salad on the side and a small dessert. I like the one with arugula on top.

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Manitoba Tigella Italian Restaurant Review
Just reading your post made me very hungry. I would go for the desserts in a big way and would love that pesto based sandwich with veggies stuffed in them. Yum!

Needlite: A Great Source of White Light All Year Long
These lights would be perfect for me in the cold, dreary winter season in my area. I have read about them and would consider giving them a try.

Dads Taxi
Neither of my kids drive but I would never think of charging them. The joy of getting them safely from one place to the other is good enough payment to me. Hope all had a wonderful, stress free Father’s Day!

It’s Time To Take Your Finances Seriously
Learning to manage our finances is very important and especially for women who earn less income. I wish they would teach this in schools from an early age.

Preventing Head Lice
I’ve only one experience with lice and I never want to experience it again. I think it’s awesome that we now have products like this to rely on!

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