Comment on Pizza Express Summer 2017 Menu by Kacie.

Pizza Express is so much better than the other pizza chains I know of – it’s great you got to take your food home with you afterwards too!

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Recreating Emma Stone’s and Ryan Goslings Red Carpet Look
Sounds like you had a fun time. I would love the opportunity to create my own red carpet look!

Choosing the Right Sink for Your Kitchen
I’ve never bought a sink as I have always lived in rented accommodation – although I am lucky to have a fairly big kitchen!

Simple Storage Solutions For Every Room
My home is so cluttered because I live in a shared house so my room is the main place where I can store all my stuff – lots of it is under the bed!

Fig, mozzarella, Balsamic onion, parma ham and rocket pizza
I love the topping combination! I bet it tasted amazing .

Introducing EvoShave
Sounds like a nifty tool for the bathroom! I’m forever cutting my legs to shreds with disposable razors!

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