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Pizza Express is so much better than the other pizza chains I know of – it’s great you got to take your food home with you afterwards too!

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Fig, mozzarella, Balsamic onion, parma ham and rocket pizza
I love the topping combination! I bet it tasted amazing .

Introducing EvoShave
Sounds like a nifty tool for the bathroom! I’m forever cutting my legs to shreds with disposable razors!

Green Queen Olives with Oregano, Sweet Pepper and Feta
Olives and feta are a match made in heaven. I like mine with fresh bread soaked in olive oil and balsamic!

Cooking Fajitas with Santa Maria
That looks like such a tasty feast! I’ve never made my own guacamole before and I can’t believe how easy it is, must give it a whirl sometime!

For the Love of Dresses
I loved wearing dresses when I was younger, and still do 🙂 they can look far better than a simple pair of jeans and a top!

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