Comment on Pizza Express Summer 2017 Menu by Becca Talbot.

Your pizza looks great Melanie – though think I would have succumbbed and ordered it with some kind of meat on it (probably proscuitto!). Looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves though x

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Creating Gorgeous Wedding Photos That Look Great On Social Media
I’m not married myself, but some of my friends who’ve recently got married have had some amazing photos on Facebook. The weddings abroad always look fantastic x

Thinking of Upgrading Your Phone?  Here Are Best New Phones Available
O’m a big fan of Samsung phones for their cameras, and use an S6 edge for all my photos on my blog. However I still use an iPhone 6 for the day-to-day texting, messaging, calls and social media. I just can’t get myself to completely switch over to Android for everything! x

Fun Feminine Dresses (Above the Knee)
I LOVE the pink dress at the end, because I like the long sleeves for hiding untoned arms. But your pic link isn’t working, so I can’t click through to buy it 🙁 x

Long Maxi Dresses for Summer 2017
I wish I could pull off maxi dresses, I really do – I think they look gorgeous, all long and floaty. But being only 5’1 it’s a bit difficult lol! x

Dads Aren’t Just for Father’s Day!
I love Bayliss and Harding products, especially the body lotions 🙂 nice that the kids gave dad a treat x

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