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No problem, I plan to feature many more London restaurants for you all so there is a great selection of food for all tastes.

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Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London)
Enjoy the food Mel it really is yummy and make sure you try the cocktails!!!

Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London)
It can help when waiters have tried the dish especially if some of them are new to you.

Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London)
Good idea, enjoy your meal.

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Ahhh thanks so much Marina. I think loads of children are they are brilliant cartoons!

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Lol, it is a great cartoon isn’t it and always super fun.

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Me too I do love trying new products.

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Lol, me too, I sit with the kiddies to watch it on the tv 😉

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It sure is. Yes that pudding was really good I’m glad they put so much care into all their dishes.

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