Comment on Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London) by Jo Carroll.

Love your comment about wearing the expandable clothing…you don’t hear that too much on Masterchef do you? 😉

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Royal Coffee Coconut Scrub
That Mother Nature…she does produce the most wonderful products 😉 x

Preventing Head Lice
Great tip about the eucalyptus and tea tree oil…have to remember that one. x

Coconut Ice Cream
It’s really interesting reading how different fats burn calories faster than others. It makes me wonder how little understanding we all have regarding food science. Does your homemade ice-cream keep well when frozen or is all gone too quickly to worry about it? 😉

The Fellow (Pub) – King’s Cross
The food there really looks good – huge portions though. Out of interest do you believe in ever asking for doggie bags when you do your reviews…just to see if they oblige. It’s sad to see food that isn’t eaten go to waste especially when the portions are so big?

Pinypon Tales House Playset
When my nieces were small we used to make little videos with these types of dolls. Obviously nothing like Wallace & Gromit quality…but it kept their interest in them going for a lot longer.

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