Comment on Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London) by Ana De- Jesus.

I love that there are meat and vegetarian options available, Tofu udon would be a choice for me. The desert looks lush x

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Are Supermarket Own Brands Always Cheaper?
I thought I was the only one that realized! These super markets really are sneaky promoting their products as ‘cheaper’ when in reality they are usually not!

Bunny Jump from University Games
Bunny Jump is making my inner child scream with delight!Oh how I would love to give this to my foster sister x

Dobell Tuxedos and Suits for Children and Adults
It does! I always think that anyone can rock a tux regardless of age or gender, that is the beauty of fashion x

The Stable Whitehapel (Restaurant Review)
I live near whitechapel so I will have to check The Stable out. The £10 deal is amazing , especially because of how much you get for that price x

Daywear Holiday Wish List
Ooh so many choices but I am living for those cat eye sunnies and the second rattan style floppy hat. So darn cute! xx