Comment on Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London) by Ickle Pickle.

The food looks delicious and I love the look of the restaurant. I have never tried Korean food. Kaz x

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5 Top Gifts Ideas for Pre-Teen or Tween Girls
Great suggestions – I have two daughters aged 17 and 20 and they would have loved all these as pre-teens. Kaz x

The Stable Whitehapel (Restaurant Review)
I just love pizza and my favourite tipple is Cider so this place is made for me! I have never visited one but would love to. Kaz x

Gorgeous Day Dresses from Hobbs for Spring / Summer 2017
I do love dresses for Spring – these are all so lovely. Great choices! Kaz x

New Laws Relating to Using Your Phone When Driving
I really hate people using phones whilst driving. A young woman was killed locally a couple of years ago due to her texting whilst driving. It is terrible. Thank you for sharing the new law on this. Kaz

Holidaying In Europe with Your Pet
I didn’t realise you could take your pet abroad so easily. We don’t have any pets at the moment. Kaz x

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