Comment on Kimchee RestaurantĀ Kings Cross (London) by Helen Costello.

ooh this food looks just my sort of thing. We dine in London a fair bit and are always looking for recommendations. That passion fruit frose sounds just up my street too!

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5 Habits You SHOULD Introduce into Your Daily Routine
Yes yes yes to more water – I cannot believe how little some people drink. I easily get my 2L per day but some people barely manage a glass full. Thanks for the reminder to wear sun screen in winter.

Black Forest Fruits Eaton Mess
Your Eaton Mess looks wonderful and is the perfect dessert for Christmas Day. I often think I could have done better myself when I eat shop made desserts now.

The Espon EcoTank ET-3600
We are so desperate for a new printer – our is a shadow of its former self. I rather like the refill aspect of the inks!

Royal China Restaurant (Bayswater)
Oh I adore lobster – I don’t think I’ve ever had it in a chinese restaurant. The food looks incredible here.

Save This Christmas and Enjoy a Happy New Year
Every year I plan to send the letter to Santa for the free reply and forget – thanks for the reminder. We stopped getting a turkey a few years ago and got individual steaks – sounds more extravagant but actually stopped wastage and ensured that we were eating exactly what we wanted. Takes shorter time to cook too which cuts down on costs.