Comment on Kimchee RestaurantĀ Kings Cross (London) by Whatlauraloves.

Oh wow the food here sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE!! When I go to London for work I always go to Kings Cross for the train so the next time Im there I’m going to visit this place. The food is just what I like to eat xxx

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Dads Taxi
My dad used to always refer to himself as a taxi driver and now my husband does… perhaps that says more about me than them! xxx

Lachmacun / Turkish Lamb Pizza
This looks absolutely delicious and since the dough is dairy free, I can enjoy it too! Xxx

Sutton and Sons Islington
Oh wow this place is right up my street! The fish looks so incredibly fresh! xxx

Soothing Chicken Pox
I remember having chicken pox as a kid and it was so incredibly itchy!! I used camomile lotion I think! xxx

Welly Merck – Classic New York Watch in Rose Gold
Oh wow that is the most beautiful rose gold watch! I haven’t heard of Welly merk before but will certainly be checking out their designs now xxx

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