Comment on Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London) by Ashleigh.

Wow, it looks great here. Love the look and sound of the spicy calamari!

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Thai Square Covent Garden
I haven’t heard of Thai Square before, but I’ll definitely have to visit some time soon! Their food looks amazing.

Give Your Children That Competitive Edge
A perfect guide for someone to help their children as best as possible. I saw kids on the train eating chocolate for breakfast recently! 🙁

Chorizo and Cheese Scrambled Eggs
Yummy! I’ll definitely give this a go at the weekend!

Don’t Let Bills Get You Down
Great tips here to make yourself feel a bit better about horrible bills!

How to Create a Neutral Look at Home Without Redecorating
I was looking at some new lighting for my bedroom the other day. I have such a small room, so need a white light!

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