Comment on Kimchee RestaurantĀ Kings Cross (London) by Sarah Bailey.

Kimchee really seems to have been a wonderful experience and all of the food sounds like it was fantastic other than the pear in your friend’s desert dish. Your udon main sounds like something I would really enjoy. This sounds like a great place to have a wonderful meal.

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Pairfum Reed Diffuser – Innocent Vanilla
I do enjoy diffusers but I was not aware of all of the health implications that could result from the use of them. I wasn’t even aware there were VOCs in the fragrances as I assumed they were only in products that were sprayed. Now I know and it’s wonderful that Pairfum London has found a way to make a VOC safe.

Bunny Jump from University Games
Aww, this game is so cute and it looks like such a fun one to play with a big range of ages. I can see why it is is so popular in your house and it’s just too bad Daddy can’t release his inner child enough to enjoy playing as well.

Skinn Collagenesis Collection
The entire Skinn Collagenesis collection sounds really fab, especially for older skin. The deal they are offering for their birthday celebration is amazing! I would really like to try this collection x

Michael Kors Spring Birthday Party Outfit Wishlist 2017
So many gorgeous items here, I am hard pressed not to buy everything! The black evening length gown is stunning and the High Woods V-neck is beautiful though it might be a bit on the short side for me. I’m loving the flats you picked out as well!

Pure Potions, Natural Products for Dry Skin and Skin Conditions
I really do using the most natural products that I can. This line sounds wonderful and when a medical herbalist like yourself can say that they are good products, that is a good recommendation for me x