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Kerb Camden Market A Foodies Paradise

Call me obsessed I really couldn’t care but I must say that I don’t eat to live, I live to eat.  An obsession borne out of the pure need for foods that are flavourful and not just to fill the stomach but ones that add excitement to ones tastebuds and make life worth living.  My obsession has led to many opportunities including an invitation to the preview night at KERB Camden Market.  With over 35 stalls selling a varied mix of street food with flavours from all over the world the best-known and most innovative traders offer all visitors a uniquely enjoyable foodie experience in an iconic canal-side location.  As I approached the entrance I spotted Crispy Squid with the most gorgeous crispy squid which was slightly salted, nicely battered and soft on the inside crispy on the outside.


I made it to the stall and asked for a regular portion not large as there were so many dishes to try and I couldn’t fill up with my first dish now could I.


Having discovered that the dishes themselves were quite filling I did start asking for children’s size portions and also sampled my plus ones dishes as there was no way I would manage to try all the goodies from every single stall without falling into a food coma.

Mother Clucker was a stall I had wanted to try on seeing the press details and this was delicious the chicken was nice and juicy and the portion was good and the batter was well seasoned.  I asked for less chips and just one piece of chicken to sample so portions are normally larger than that seen below.

DSC00650 DSC00656

The place was packed with other food fans who were all excited about trying the various samples available.



Their wraps were superb, full of flavour and stuffed with salad and chicken.  I had a half and shared this as it was early and there was still food to be tried!

DSC00643 DSC00647 DSC00648

Oh My Dog

I didn’t get to try these as one alone would had been enough for  a meal they were enormous.


The Soda Bar had the most fabulous, refreshing natural sodas that really did hit the spot especially after a spicy dish.  the guy there was also very sweet and super helpful.


Club Mexicana

These guys did some gorgeous nachos with fresh salsa, guacamole and beans. The dish was lovely and this was not full size, its the smallest he could manage.  I swear he must be part Greek as we are incapable of giving small portions lol.

DSC00663 DSC00664


There was no sign of Sponge Bob or Patrick here but the food looked and tasted divine.  The batter was crispy and the salad was gorgeously healthy and tasty.  One of my favourites.  I did go naked (bun free) to save exploding and also removed a little of the batter as I was concerned about my calorie intake by this stage.


Check out the other dishes people ordered!  How yummy do they look???

DSC00672 DSC00676 DSC00680


There were so many more food traders there than those shown here but one can only handle so much even with lots of help.  I managed to take some snap of some other visitors dishes just to make sure you leave my site drooling!!!

DSC00692 DSC00695 DSC00721 DSC00685

Feeling hungry yet?  This was a fabulous event for any foodie and is now open to the public so head on down guys and sample their delicious food.  Have you been to KERB Camden Market yet?

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  1. This looks and sounds absolutely amazing!! I want all the foods… literally drooling at the photo’s

    1. Honestly it was amazing I want to go again!!!!!

  2. I adore Camden Market – whenever we head to London I always try and head over for lunch. Did you see the old scooters that have been transformed into a seating area? x

    1. No I think we missed those there were so many people there though, it was a busy event. I will look out for them on my next visit 😉

  3. Wow! I can’t believe these are samples because the portions are absolutely humongous glad you enjoyed it!

    1. They did get a little excited with the portions, I had some smaller ones but many got the full versions. I doubt they managed to try many. It really was fantastic!

  4. Wow, it looks just amazing, I would be so confused as to what to try first x

    1. I know I didn’t know where to start when I arrived so we had a little wonder around first x

  5. The food looks amazing! My mummy used to love going to Camden Market back in the 90’s but it’s filled with hipsters and tourists now 😉 xx My Aunty lives from around there x

    1. It’s worth visiting for the food, it was really good x

  6. This looks amazing, I would like to visit. There looks like a good selection and most likely something for everyone!

    1. They have a lovely range there I wish I could have tried more 😉

  7. I’m drooling!!! It looks amazing, I’ll have to make sure I visit!

    1. It was great to try some of the food and it was all lovely 😉

  8. I love this part of camden market, I was actually there last weekend and I had the best mac and cheese x

    1. I saw that stall but didn’t get a chance to try it, next time!!!

  9. Oh man, I’d be so pumped to try these places. This seems like the coolest market!

    1. It’s my idea of a market for sure it was fabulous 😉

  10. I am so hungry now – gimme all the food asap!!

    1. Lol it makes me hungry just looking at the post too x

  11. I haven’t been to Camden market in a couple of years, but it really is an awesome foodie destination.

    1. It sure is there is such a good choice of great food.

  12. This looks absolutely LUSH!! I love the mexican style meals and I really lvoe the look of those wraps too xxx

    1. They all looked great and don’t forget most here are smaller than the actual portion sizes too.

  13. Omg so hungry now! It looks amazing. I’m so envious x

    1. It was lovey, I’d love to would go again with some foodie friends hopefully soon 😉

  14. Wow some of these food choices look absolutely gorgeous. Wishing I lived closer to Camden now!

    1. It’s worth going to if you also fancy a spot of shopping.

  15. This definitely looks like my kind of heaven! I am gonig to a food festival for the first time ever in september and cannot wait! Will be checking this one out next time its one

    1. This one is open all year around it’s a permanent fixture.

  16. Went to a similar food stall near Waterloo Station. I loved the international feel and the food was cheap and SO delicious!

    1. The food was reasonably priced for the area and really good.

  17. Everything looks so yummy, I would love to visit

    1. There is a lovely selection of foods.

  18. Lot’s of yummy looking food!! love the look of those wraps! And those hot dogs look massive!

    1. That hot dog did look big. I didn’t get to try one as it would have filled me up so I wouldn’t have been able to try anything else.

  19. The pictures are making me hungry! I went to a food festival before, and the only thing that would put me off going to another one was all the different food smells together became quite overwhelming after a while and actually put me off eating!

    1. This one was great as there are only 35 stall but the food smells fantastic.

  20. This all looks amazing, I don’t know how I’d choose which meals to go for!

    1. There are loads of great meals there it can be hard to choose.

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