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Henry’s Cafe Bar Piccadilly

Just across the road from Green Park station you will find Henry’s Cafe Bar.  An evening out with a friend led to us visiting there for the very first time.


At the door we were very warmly greeted and shown to our pre booked table.  The clientele varied in age but consisted mainly of local office staff and people on dates.  The atmosphere was lively, relaxed and pop music was playing in the background.  The appearance was more like that of a nice pub rather than a cafe but then I was there for the food and was feeling rather hungry so got to studying the menu straight away.  I notice that they offer healthy alternatives if required such as swapping a side dish from a main menu item for an alternative or for a side salad.  It’s nice to see a company so openly giving clients an option to tailor the meal that they want to suit their taste.


The menu covers a range of cuisines from British, Italian, Spanish, Indian and more but how well do they pull it off?

Henrys Food Menu

We both fancied a burger so selected the Prime Beef Burger and added the crispy pancetta and Emmental cheese topping although on hind site we probably should have ordered different dishes and shared both.  We ordered a Meat Mezze to share as a starter.


The mezze platter did not take long to arrive and we quickly tucked into our meal.  The pulled pork was melt in the mouth it was very tender and came in a delicious smoky barbecue sauce.  The chorizo had a great flavour and was not riddled with fat.  The slice of ham was large and had only a tiny amount of fat around one side.  If preparing something similar at home I would have personally used a Parma ham or something else along those sort of lines although I will admit the ham did vanish very fast.  The tempura chicken, OMG in a word, delicious!  Not greasy, not overcooked with the perfect crispy texture to the tempura coating, this was to be eaten with the sweet chilli sauce that came on the platter.  I could literally have eaten a whole plate of this I enjoyed it so much.  There were 2 types of bread served with the food 1 crunchy and the other soft and fluffy and divine with the butter.  I used this to make sure I didn’t waste any of the barbecue sauce from pulled pork, good idea I thought!  Garnished with celery, apple and a slice of watermelon I did rather enjoy this platter and could quite easily have enjoyed a whole one on my own.

The burgers looked quite large and when we first saw them we were concerned that we wouldn’t manage to eat them all.  Look at these, yummmmmmmyyyyyy!:

P1120912   P1120914

I thought a nice close up would really show off that the food is fresh.  I’m sure many of you will be feeling hungry by now and just to rub it in this is what we thought of the burgers.  They were a nice sized with a lovely large and thick burger topped with plenty of lettuce, a slice of Emmental cheese, crispy Pancetta, pickles, mayonnaise a seeded bun and a side of chips and burger relish.  The menu gave us the option to change the chips for salad, not today thanks guys.  The burger was full of flavour and nice and juicy, it had a slight pinkness to the centre which was perfect for my friend, I personally could have done with a slightly more medium rare burger but hadn’t thought to ask and obviously that’s just personal preference rather than a fault with the restaurant.  The Pancetta was delicious but I think again personally they might have been better off replacing the Emmental with a cheese with more of a kick like a mature cheddar.  The burger was delicious though and I managed to eat most of it, some of the bread managed to escape me as I was feeling rather full.  The chips were nice and chunky, cooked in fresh oil and not greasy.  The burger relish had a great tang to it and I found myself alternating dipping the chips in it and spooning some onto my burger.

Almost set to pop we decided to have a look at the dessert menu.  Well it had to be done with my sweet tooth.  I was very pleased that they had predicted that clients might be a bit full by this stage and as well as the full size desserts they had mini ones on offer too.  how cute are these!!!


The Mini Lemon and Lime Mousse and Mini Opera totally finished us off and gave us that little bit of sweetness that we had craved.  The small portion option also means that you can mix and match to try a variety rather than one, great idea guys.

P1120921  P1120927

Stuffed to the brim we sat and chatted.  We had both thoroughly enjoyed our meal and are looking forward to visiting again although possibly with a larger group.

This meal was complementary as it was for review purposes but all opinions are my own view and obviously experiences will vary.

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  1. This place looks amazing
    The menu is do appetising
    The lime and lemon mouse looks devine
    I’ll look this place up

    1. It is really great there with a fun atmosphere.

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