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Gilt Bar

Looking for a good quality, trendy restaurant with a classy feel?  Look no further.  Let me introduce you to Gilt Bar.  The entrance was on a side road so I will admit we walked past the road the first time but then I used google maps on my phone how useful was that and we found our way there in a matter of minutes.

Staff are warm and welcoming, the room is quite open and booths and tables are spaced out nicely.  The menu is well thought out offering a range of meals to suit all tastes.  Dishes vary incorporating a taste of different nationalities depending on the dish.  My friend and I sat down and had a look through the lunch menu, ordered and waited in anticipation.

P1130709  P1130710

We began with a mix of warm breads and olives.  We had 2 varieties, Sundried Tomato and Walnut.  Both tasted fresh and were absolutely delicious.


We had a look around the room while waiting for the starters.  The atmosphere is was relaxed yet lively when dinners started to arrive (we arrived quite early).  Tv screens allow the city type diners to keep up to date with current events, music plays in the background for the rest of us.

Scallops served with crispy Ham Hock and Spiced Apple Puree

The Scallops are tender and juicy, cooked to perfection.  The Ham Hock was soft inside with a fabulously crunchy coating.  The Spiced Apple Puree was infused with predominantely cinnamon and the combination of flavours and texture of the whole dish really works well to excite the taste buds and get the digestive juices flowing!  It was beautifully presented and it was clear to see why this is such a popular restaurant with the dining room was virtually fully by 12.45 lunch time.


The Mains

28 Day 8oz Sirloin Steak with Mushrooms, tomato, chips and 2 shell on King Prawns


This was requested by my friend who had asked for the Steak to be well done.  Still nice and pink in the centre it was a good piece of meat that was not full of fatty pieces unlike some restaurants I have been too.  That was all I managed to taste as he devoured it exceptionally fast.  It all looked good, the prawns appeared like they had been cooked properly and not overcooked, the batter for the onion rings crunched as he bit into them and he exclaimed that he thoroughly enjoyed his meal.


Grilled black and white Wasabi Tuna Steak burger topped with Asian Slaw served with Chips


The slaw had an amazing fresh flavour with a nice chili kick from the pieces of red and green pepper, don’t be put off if you don’t like hot food it wasn’t very hot and the flavour of the whole burger combined was delicious, yes I managed to squish it down (nice technical word there) and bite through the different layers of flavour.

P1130572The tuna steak, where do I start!  The sides have a poppy seed, sesame seed and black pepper crust the flavour of which is not overpowering but complements the dish.  The tuna is succulent and moist and as you can see below it was still a touch pink on the inside.  I can safely say that this by far is the best tuna steak I have ever eaten at a restaurant and all others previous restaurants mediocre offerings pale in comparison.

P1130579The portion sizes are generous and I struggled to finish the burger, I did put in a heroic effort but was finally defeated by the bun and fries even the friend I was with struggled to finish his fries.  Almost ready to pop the plates were cleared and the dessert menu presented.  OMG!!!  I wasn’t sure if I would manage anything else but fortunately the lady serving persuaded us to sample the ice cream.  I wasn’t sure whether to choose the rum and raisin or mint choc chip but then deciding on the one scoop of rum and raisin I placed my order.  Our very sweet waitress unaware of the purpose of my visit had added an extra scoop of ice cream for each of us so we could try both flavours.  It was a miracle, I finished everything!  This ice cream reminded me of some that I had tried at The Venetian in Las Vegas.  Both the Rum and Raisin and Mint Choc Chip were absolutely superb, the freshness is literally in the flavour.  Gorgeous, freshly and locally made ice cream, we were so pleased that the waitress had convinced us to order dessert.


Mood lighting is used in the evening and looks lovely.  These show the lounge bar, which looks great, and a great place to meet with friends for drinks and a gorgeous meal.

P1130712 P1130589

This restaurant is truly a gem and not to try it really would mean you are missing out.  Prices are already reasonable for the quality of the food.  Enjoy!

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  1. That looked so delicious I am so hungry now

  2. Wow, I am so hungry after reading this lol, the lighting looks fab, I would definitely consider a trip here! The food looks amazing. I went to a place that this reminds me of in Southhampton called the Bravarada, its sadly gone now, but it was the first ever place that I have found where the food came out so hot, I almost burnt myself, I love that! lol.

  3. I really like the look of the tuna burger but I’d have to have it without the wasabi 🙂

  4. Wow being 36 weeks pregnant I could eat all that to myself haha. But the burger looks delicious

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