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As a foodie I love to try new flavours.  Of course not everything will work but then if you don’t experiment you will never know.  Now one of my food loves is cheese.  I love a range of cheeses and one that I use most often at home is Parmesan.  Parmesan is an extremely versatile cheese and can be used in a larger range of dishes that one may think and this was demonstrated at a press event I was recently invited to at a restaurant called Brooksby’s Walk located in Hackney, East London.

At the restaurant we were invited to Taste an exclusive menu created by Ferdinand Montoya, Head Chef of Brooksyby’s Walk, that included three different ages of Parmigiano Reggiano.

All invited were treated to a 7 course bespoke menu, which featured different aged Parmigiano Reggiano in new and exciting ways, whilst dining outside on the Brooksby’s Walk roof terrace.  These dishes were paired with specific wines and cocktails by the head bartender, James McMahon.

There to oversee the event and welcoming us at the door was none other than the owner Jim McMarn a friendly chap who made us all a delicious gin and vodka cocktail on arrival to be drunk with the first course:

Welcome Snack

Parmigiano Reggiano cracker (18 month), oyster emulsion and pickled cucumber.

These went well and you could taste the cheese coming though.  The cracker with topping were packed with flavour and very nice.

The restaurant and bar has been set up in a converted 1930’s toilet and as you can see below they have kept some of the original urinals although they are no longer functioning in that way.

Upstairs is a terrace where private functions are held.  It was nice to be able to enjoy a meal outdoors on a lovely summer evening and the staff were very friendly, attentive and chatty.

Chef Ferdinand explained to all about the food and how they used a mixture of rinds from the cheese for the butter and 24 month Parmesan was sprinkled on the rolls.

As we tucked into the bread: Parker rolls and Parmigiano butter we could taste the cheese which was not too strong and the butter had been beautifully whipped to make it gorgeously smooth and light.

The bread and butter and starter were paired with Weinland “Theodora,” Gut Oggau.  This wine has a low sulphur content and aromas of under ripe melon, kiwi and yeasty notes.  It went well with the bread and starter.


Parmigiano Reggiano (18 month) and Mussel Chawanmushi.

This was an interesting dish with a scrambled egg consistency.  There were nice sized pieces of mushroom and whole mussels hidden away within.  The flavour was very light, not excessively fishy.  I thought it was passable flavour and texture wise but a smaller serving would have worked better.  It’s not something I would choose of the menu myself.


Saddle of Rabbit, Dumplings and carrots with 30 month Parmigiano Reggiano

I was unsure at first as I have pet rabbits and hadn’t eaten rabbit before but when it arrived and looks and smelt really appetising I sheepishly tried it.  The dish was full of flavour.  The various components worked well and made the dish interesting and the flavours all complemented each other.

This was served with Radikon Slatnik 2015. Chardonnay which was little like a cider and very easy to drink with its peach and apricot flavours.

Palette Cleanser

Frozen Lime and 24 month Parmigiano Reggiano Mousse

Paired with a Pine Gin and Sweet Lime Gimlet

The mousse was not something I would have personally included in the menu.  If I wanted a palette cleanser a simple portion of lime sorbet would have worked better.  On the other hand the drink was delicious and was served in a chilled glass.  This was lovely and I wouldn’t let the staff take my glass until I had finished the whole thing which took a while.


Honey and Thyme Ice Cream, 24 month Parmigiano Reggiano Panna Cotta and Chocolate Textures

Paired with Homemade Green Walnut Liqueur

This was delicious.  I barely made a sound whilst eating this so as not to take from the enjoyment of the dish.  It was lovely and if by this stage I was not pretty stuffed I could have gladly eaten another.  The ice cream was lovely, who knew those flavours would work so well.

The liqueur was also nice.  It was as one would expect sweet and reminded me of my herbal medicine tinctures.  The restaurant make this themselves and I must say they did a good job.

Amuse Bouche

Parmigiano Reggiano (30 month) and Balsamic Canele

Paired with a Citrus Pisco Foam

The amuse bouche was a little chewy and not really necessary.  On the other hand the foam was divine.  It was full of flavour and nice and citrusy and of course very light so a nice way to cleanse the palette and end the meal.

Overall I enjoyed the tasting experience and was pleased to have tried some great new flavours.  I was impressed how well they had worked the various aged Parmigiano Reggiano into the dishes as it worked well.

How much do you like cheese?  Would you try a 7 course tasting menu featuring Parmigiano Reggiano?

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70 thoughts on “Brooksby’s Walk 7 Course Bespoke Menu Featuring Parmigianno Reggiano”

  1. What an amazing menu…I love cooking with parmesan and this has given me lots of new ideas! Much more exciting and innovative than my standard fall-back lasagne.

  2. Oh wow that does sound amazing! I always think the mousse is a bit weird too, I think you’re right and a sorbet would have worked better. It all looks delicious though!

    1. It was yummy. We all have different taste but the mousse although light and delicate in flavour would have been better as a fresh fruity sorbet in my opinion.

  3. Oh you lucky thing that all looks amazing! I’m a huge lover of parmesan – love it on poached eggs, but I really want all those things you tried!

  4. You would love cheesy switzerland! They are look delicious just hope they didnt taste the same of the same cheese!😂

  5. Oh wow what an amazing looking place to go for a meal and what a menu! It sounds like you had the most amazing time there as well as a delicious meal.

  6. I am a huge fan of cheese so I am down for any menu where it is heavily featured and I love that the butter was freshly whipped as well. I love that it was a seven course menu and that desert looked to die for x

  7. Oh I love parmesan and can’t believe you had it in a dessert, that’s so cool. Love the different drinks too!

  8. I’m not a super huge fan of cheese, I like it in moderation. I love that dessert you had, panna cotta is one of my favorites. Looks yummy!

  9. My husband, however, loves cheese! This would be right up his alley for him! The food looks gorgeous and I would love to have tried it!

  10. We’re huge cheese lovers at our house too and Parmesan is one we always have in the fridge. A few of my favorite ways to use it? Lately, I’ve been making a Parmesan broth with kale and white beans (yum!) and also something as simple as sprinkling it on my morning eggs. It’s the best! x

  11. What a fab menu and experience! The restaurant looks an amazing place and the presentation is great!

  12. Parmigiano reggiano can be such a strong flavour but used right it really makes a dish something special. I love the look of that rabbit dish! A 7 course meal sounds daunting but delicious nonetheless!

  13. I would love to have tried this. It sounds like a great experience even if somethings weren’t quite to your liking

    1. It was an interesting experience. I did think the food was great on the whole and it is nice to try new dishes. Also I do think it is important to be honest with readers and give my opinion of the dishes.

  14. Oh my god this looks amazing, I’m so jealous. The dessert looks especially delicious, I’m definitely drooling on my laptop right now

  15. What an amazing menu! I am sold with the welcome snack they offered. I don’t usually take risks with my food but I agree you won’t know unless you try

  16. oh my this looks amazing and tasty. Menu looks unreal . I love parmesan and can it eat on anything. Great new ideas. definitely drooling

  17. I haven’t known the differences between aged cheeses before. And I didn’t know there were pairings for cheese and wine but it totally makes sense!

  18. What an incredible menu! I would have LOVED this before I had to go dairy free. The combination of ingredients sounds delicious xxx

  19. I genuinely didn’t realise there were different Parmesans! I love it though, so would be really happy to try a 7 course meal! All of the food sounds put of this world! Xx

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