Comment on Brooksby’s Walk 7 Course Bespoke Menu Featuring Parmigianno Reggiano by Zena’s Suitcase.

I would love to have tried this. It sounds like a great experience even if somethings weren’t quite to your liking

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Sutton and Sons Islington
The calamari looks amazing, and it sounds like they cooked it just right. The dessert looks too tempting for words

Welly Merck – Classic New York Watch in Rose Gold
It’s a beautiful watch. Rose gold is my favourite and I love the width of the strap. It’s big enough for my hands but still delicate

Coconut Ice Cream
I have to admit, coconut is one of my favourite flavours. This recipe sounds gorgeous, especially with malibu in the mix

7 in 1 Beauty Care Massager
This sounds like a great product. I think for the price I would definitely try it out

Did you Cut your Spending this Christmas?
I do try and seek out bargains especially at Christmas. I also try and pick up a few things in the sale for the next year. If you try you can save money, and sites like this are helpful too

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