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Dozo Restaurant

I was on a mission to find a restaurant the other day to visit before going to the theatre (Prince Edward Theatre) and discovered that there was a restaurant called Dozo literally 2 doors away that looked great when I looked up its website.


Well of course the only way to find out if it was as good as it looked was to go along and try it, so being a foodie, I did!  Accompanied by a friend, my notebook and camera I walked what must have been no more than 5-6 minutes from Leicester Square Station to the restaurant in heels I might add, yaaaaaaayyyyyyy me.

Seriously, you really couldn’t have gotten much closer to the theatre if you tried!


The restaurant Dozo Sushi Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant has two sites Soho and South Kensington and it was the Soho site that we visited on this July evening.  As we entered we were greeted warmly and guided into the restaurant to authentic Japanese style seating.

DSC00797These were the lovely guys that prepared our dishes.

DSC00799Naturally you can’t visit a Sushi restaurant and not have Edamame and this was served freshly made and hot with a generous dusting of sea salt flakes.  Seriously moreish it is literally a case of once you pop you can’t stop.

DSC00805Having had a long day with the children I opted for a caffeine laden coke but my friend tried the fresh lemonade with mint which she thoroughly enjoyed and said it was very refreshing and easy to drink.

DSC00807The first dish to arrive was the Sashimi.

DSC00808The presentation was lovely and the fish looked extremely fresh, just look at the deep red colour of the tuna.

DSC00846The sashimi was expertly cut and presented on a bed of ice to ensure that it remained cool until it had all been eaten.

DSC00880Next was the Spider Maki.

DSC00819This comprises of soft shell crab which if you haven’t tried you really should, avocado, sesame seeds, tobiko (flying fish roe), rice and a sprinkling of tempura around the sides.  Another beautiful dish which tasted just as amazing as it looked.  I have had soft shell crab at some other restaurants and not everyone seems to get it right but these guys had it perfectly crispy and it was wonderfully fresh.

DSC00836The Spider Maki was followed by Hamachi Salad.

DSC00821Yellow tail fish rolls full of freshly cut herbs and coated in the most divine garlic and truffle sauce.  If you were eating this in the privacy of your own home you would use a spoon so as not to let all the delicious flavours in the sauce left in the dish go to waste.  The freshness of the ingredients as well as the actual ingredients, make this not only delicious but also super healthy.  I think that I might have to pop down one day for a cookery lesson by the chef as I was very impressed.

Last but not least was Robata Yaki which is a mix of grilled meat, fish and vegetables.  You can select whichever you like from the menu.

DSC00827We had the Chicken thigh with spring onion which had a wonderfully flavourful yakitori sauce and the chicken was nice and lean.  The grilled shitake mushroom which vanished very fast as it was yummy.  I got to try Enoki for the first time which is golden mushroom, this was wrapped in a juicy thick piece of bacon which was nicely salted.

DSC00859The salmon with asparagus was lovely and perfectly cooked and finally the pork belly which melts in the mouth and has the most amazing flavour you’d wish you had another 5 or so pieces to follow.

DSC00863What can I say except that this meal was superb!  Each mouthful echoes the freshness of the ingredients and the natural flavours of the ingredients; you really couldn’t fault the restaurant in any way.  There are so many more tasty treats on the menu to choose from including Dozo Bento boxes.  I managed to get a sneaky photo of some of them.

DSC00851DSC00850I am already planning who to invite along with me on my next visit which I really do hope will be soon.  Don’t let appearances be deceiving either it might look small but there is also another floor with more tables.

With its ideal location and amazing food this truly is a gem in the heart of the city that everyone whether they live in London or are just visiting really should try for themselves.  Make sure you book in advance, (to guarantee your table at your desired time) the day before should suffice.  As with all good restaurants this place gets busy and I noticed whilst we ate there was a steady stream of people coming in.

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  1. Oh, you have made me feel so hungry, I love Japanese food and don’t often get the chance to indulge down here in Devon. Might have to invent a reason for a trip to London 🙂

    1. It tastes just as wonderful as it looks! 😉

  2. Oh wow this place looks amazing – everything looks so tasty and fresh and perfect before going to see a show.

    Laura x

    1. I was amazed at how fresh their food was, you can see and taste it, it’s gorgeous 😉

  3. It looks great, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of sushi, but love Tempura prawns and California rolls.


    1. You will find so many other lovely items on the menu that this could very soon be your favourite restaurant.

  4. Oh you have made me so hungry! I could eat this all right now!! I need to head down south pretty soon I think xx

    1. This restaurant is amazing, you really can’t fault it. Ok, maybe the only fault is it isn’t literally next door to my house lol.

    1. I hope you got to try them Stella their food is superb.

  5. oooh I am hungry now!

    1. I hope you get to try them their food is really really good 😉

  6. Oh god this looks so yummy!! I LOVE Japanese food but am never sure what places to go to so I usually resort to itsu… Will definitely have to try this place out when I’m back in London!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

    1. That’s great Laura, I can recommend everything that you can see on the blog post I am hoping to try more of their dishes soon. Enjoy!

  7. This place looks fantastic! I love the food you photographed so much!

    1. I couldn’t help myself it was so good I had to show you all!

  8. oh how lovely

    1. Thanks Heather, I love this outfit.

  9. I have never tried sushi before – always mean to but never got round to it! Great photos!

    1. Thanks Ashleigh, this was really good quality and well made.

  10. I love finding little places near the city’s attractions and entertainments like this one.

  11. Everything looks so yummy, i have to take my daughter there, we both are crazy about sushi! Thank you for sharing

  12. Looks very colourful and fresh

  13. I’ve never really fancied eating sushi, but with all the other options on the menu, it looks worth a visit!

  14. Wow! This looks amazing. Haha . Long day caffeine is the only way. That tuna looks so fresh 💖 yum

  15. The Dozo Restaurant looks wonderful, I love the designs on the wall. The staff look friendly, I love that 🙂 And wow the food looks delicious, it has been years since I have had Japanese food. you have so many beautiful restaurants down your way, We only have a small selection of hotels in our rural area.

  16. Everything look really yummy. I love seafood, my husband hates it!

  17. This looks like a real find. I’m a huge fan of Japanese food and it looks like their’s was really good.

  18. Looks great for those who eat sushi

  19. all looked very yummy 🙂

  20. Most of it looks lovely I don’t think I’d like the sushi , I don’t mind shop sushi because it’s cooked 😂😂

  21. The restaurant looks amazing, i wish it was closer to me

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