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Watermelon, Black Forest Berry and Red Pepper Smoothie

I know it sounds odd but I felt like having something red to eat / drink the other day and when the urge takes me its best to just stand back and let me do my thing.  I used to be very in tune with what my body needed nutritionally prior to the constant exhaustion that came with having 3 mini people.  I am trying to tune back into myself so to speak and it seems to be happening, slowly.

My creation sounded a bit odd to me but I followed my instincts and hey presto I had a red smoothie.  Interestingly enough this actually tasted really good.  Of course I need to tell you a little about the nutritional benefit before I give you the recipe because well that’s what I do!

Watermelon is of course delicious when ripe as well as very refreshing.  It’s a great way to add water and nutrients to a smoothie.  It contains vitamins A, B6 and C and also interesting to know lots of lycopene so has anti ageing effects.

The red pepper contains vitamin C and has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

The berries are full of vitamin C, fibre, and have been said to help reduce mental decline with age when eaten regularly.  My grandmother had Alzheimer’s so naturally this is a concern and anything that helps reduce the onset is great in my books.

I got to take my nutribullet that I got off a great site called etefy.co.uk for a spin which was great.  This smoothie is tasty, super fast and easy to make.




2 small slices of watermelon

Half a red pepper

100g Black Forest Berries, frozen (one of the premixed and frozen ones as it make life easier)


Slice the pepper, chop the water melon and throw into a small nutribullet cup.

Blitz, then add in the frozen berries and serve.

See what did I tell you it’s so easy, enjoy!


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  1. This sounds as though it’ll be nice, I love a good smoothie or juice – there’s so many benefits it’s unreal. Thanks for sharing x

    1. No problem, enjoy 😉

  2. Oh, I keep meaning to get a Nutri Bullet. My blender broke. My mini food processor broke. And all I use them for is smoothies, so I may as well just get the Nutri Bullet. Your recipe sounds great too and full of goodness.

    1. Oh no, sounds like you d need a nutri bullet 😉

  3. I NEED to get my smoothie maker down from the cupboard and start using it regularly! This sounds weird but looks really good!

    1. I know, it really does but it actually works well.

  4. My mum has been talking my ears off about the Nutri-bullet, but I still don’t understand why she’s raving about it 😉 It’s just me really. But that black forest berry smoothie looks fab! 🙂

    1. It is brilliant, so easy to use.

  5. I love having watermelon in a smoothie, it makes it really refreshing! The smoothie you’ve made here sounds really good xx

    1. Try it, it’s very tasty and healthy.

  6. OOh now this does sound like a really interesting combination!

    1. I know, it’s a bit different but worked very well.

  7. Oh yum! I have a nutribullet and I never know what combinations to make…I just tend to chuck everything left over in the fridge. But my kids love watermelon so perhaps they actually like this rather than just endure it! 😀

    1. I hope they like my recipe Jess.

  8. It does sound like a strange mix but I’ve learnt with smoothies that anything is worth a try! It certainly looks appealing. They are such a great way to get some of your 5 a day

    1. It is a good way to bulk up on vitamins and minerals.

  9. Wow a combination I wouldn’t of really thought to go for. I need a nutri bullet so I can do stuff like this!

    1. It worked really well. I loved it.

  10. I am loving the colour of this smoothie! Anything with berries is good with me.

    1. I have another you will love coming up.

  11. Oh wow Mel, that sounds amazing – would never think to add a red pepper though!

    1. I know, it’s nice to be different. This does taste good.

  12. I love watermelon smoothies and was drinking them for a month when I was in Thailand! I’d never considered adding a red pepper to a smoothie.. that is interesting!

    1. I had the urge and gave it a go and it worked very well.

  13. That sounds delicious, I love watermelon but it can be bland, guessing the red pepper would address that.

    1. I only use ripe watermelon, it’s nice and sweet and tasty 😉

  14. I dont usually drink smoothie but like the sound of this one.

    1. This one is yummy, I have more on the way.

  15. Oh wow I would try this! I love how the red pepper had great health benefits!

    1. It is great for you. I do love red pepper.

  16. Now this sounds like my idea of heaven…..shall be making this for sure

    1. This is really yummy, I’m glad I got creative on that day.

  17. Oh wow! This sounds absolutely delicious! I could almost drink anything if it has watermelon in it 🙂

    1. It is delicious, enjoy!

  18. Ooh, I’m definitely curious about these flavors. I’d love to give this a try.

    1. Enjoy Liz 😉

  19. What an amazing combination! We love watermelon and Black Forest gateau in this house, so this is a healthy version of our favourite cake! 😉

    1. It is, I have another yummy similar recipe for breakfast coming up soon!

  20. Oh some interesting flavours in this but it looks amazing x

    1. It tasted pretty good!

  21. Hi Melanie,

    I love eating and drinking things which is good for my health. The color of this smoothie is quite attractive and I just want to drink it quickly. I love smoothie so much.

    Watermelon is one of my favorite fruit and I have tried many recipe made with watermelon and here I found the smoothie of it. I have noted down the method and I’ll try it in day. It is easy but more interesting to make and drink it. I haven’t seen the smoothie made with red pepper. I am so excited about that.

    Thanks for sharing it.
    – Ravi.

    1. Glad you liked my recipe Ravi. I hope yo like the smoothie when you make it.

  22. Love the sound of this smoothie and the colour of it is so pretty!

    1. It is a lovely rich colour. Tastes pretty good too!

  23. Looks good will have to try,I love a good smoothie or juice.

    1. Smoothies are great as you also get the fibre from the fruit and veg.

  24. I’m a big fan of smoothies but I’ve never tried this combination before but it sounds lovely

    1. I was pleased it worked so well. Enjoy!

  25. I really must invest in a Nutribullet as I keep seeing all these recipes I want to try.

    1. It’s so easy to use, you will find it’s a great gadget.

  26. What a combination and a must try. Love mixing for smoothies.

    1. I love trying different smoothies and this is yummy.

  27. I wasn’t sure about the red pepper when I first read your title, but it looks absolutely delicious. Kaz x

    1. It’s tastes pretty good too!

  28. It sounds really nice. I am currently experimenting with smoothies too xx

  29. This sounds delicious – I love anything with watermelon in it

  30. This sounds yummy! I love smoothies with fruit and vegetables but I have never tried peppers, need to experiment now 🙂

  31. I’d be lost without my nutribullet!! This sounds like a really delicious combination! x

    1. I am loving mine loads! It’s great isn’t it x

  32. Isn’t it funny how your body tells you what you want? Smoothie looks delish too! x

  33. Wow this sounds great I love a good smoothie recipe.

  34. Oh my goodness yes please, this sounds absolutely delicious – I do love a good smoothie. x

    1. Me too, it’s super tasty 😉

  35. I love smoothies but had never thought to put red pepper in one – I’m guessing the berries mask the taste?

    1. The combination of the flavours work well together and there isn’t that much pepper 😉

  36. An interesting combination, bet it tastes really good.

    1. It is a lovely smoothie.

  37. What a strange and wonderful creation! I’d never have thought of it, but I bet it really works, with the wateriness of the melon and pepper and the sharpness of the berries to pull it together.

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