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The Foodies Guide to a Millionaires Christmas Feast

Every year I do Christmas at mine for part of the family.  I initially offered to do this because I enjoy cooking but also I am an extremely fussy eater so to have burnt offerings served to me on a plate simply won’t do.  Yes I am a food snob in some cases but I really can’t help if I am a lover of tasty, well made, not overly cooked or greasy food.  My only way to avoid this was by offering to make the food and having tasted my food before not a single person argued (fortunately for me).

 After making a whole turkey for a few years and the subsequent years just the crown (thanks to fussy eaters other than myself, I would just eat the veg and pigs in blankets) I began to find the making of Christmas dinner a tedious task with the same meal being made year, after year, after year, after year, after year (you get the idea).  Naturally I got fed up of this so decided to spice it up a bit so one year we had lamb, another beef and I continued to mix it up a little here and there.  This year I have been inspired by a book ‘Oh Come Al Ye Tasteful – The Foodie’s Guide to a Millionaires Christmas Feast’ by Ian Flitcroft.

With the promise that the book would help me to “create a Christmas dinner that will so wildly impressive that even the most curmudgeonly great aunt will swoon” I was curious to see what delights would be hidden among the pages.  A mix of unusual recipes from this enthusiastic foodie intermingled with an amusing commentary makes it an interesting read.  Dishes such as Reindeer Nibbles (no it doesn’t consist of reindeer) and Turkey a la Perigord will get those taste buds tingling.  Cocktails to wash the food down including The Goldfinger Babe and Myrrhtini and don’t forget the most important part of any meal the dessert!!!!!  The Christmas plum and chocolate bomb sounds divine and combines the traditional with something a bit new and different.

Why not give these After-Eight flavoured turkish delight a go!

turkish delightOr these pigeon and venison medieval mince pies.

mince pies

This is a well written, witty recipe book albeit not extremely large, then again who wants a book stuffed full of mediocre recipes when you have a good basis of good recipes that are guaranteed to impress.  If I had written it myself I would probably have added in just a few more recipe options.  Just a quick warning, if you opt to make the Jerusalem artichoke recipe which does sound rather tasty (and as an added bonus it’s super simple to make) as Ian himself states there is a reason these are sometimes called “fartichokes” (lol).  Well worth a read it is available in hardback from amazon for £6.99, the kindle edition is £4.79.

Want to try some of the recipes featured in the book?  You have a chance to win a copy of the book plus £25 worth of supermarket vouchers for the supermarket of your choice.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. Fantastic Giveaway! x

    1. Thanks Gemma it’s lovely to get positive feedback. Good luck with the competition.

  2. im cooking xmas dinner this year,so this would come in handy x

    1. There are some nice recipes in there to try.

  3. I love the sound of the pigeon amd venison medieval mince pies what a creative idea x

    1. It’s something that little bit different.

  4. great giveaway!

  5. You’ve joined the dark side, a. stepford wife, ha, the recipes am impressed x

    1. Lol Anita, these do look good don’t they.

  6. Fab would love to win thanks

    1. Good luck 😉

  7. The After-Eight flavoured turkish look delicious. Great blog post, thanks for sharing x

    1. It does doesn’t it, I may give that a try!

  8. Great blogs and fab recipes

    1. Thanks Chris, we aim to please.

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